Monday, March 3, 2014

Prairie kitchen... and a giveaway of Fifi's new magazine!...

I am so proud of myself!...  I vowed that I would go through every single thing in our home and pare down some... getting rid of things I no longer need or use... only then would I allow myself to buy anything new...  I started working on this a couple of months ago, and really went crazy these past few weeks...  much of it went to family and friends, much of it went to St. Olaf's Center of Hope where it is given to the needy...  and I have my SUV filled to the brim with more donations to take to them this Saturday...  I didn't part with any of my family heirlooms or collections, just things I had gathered here and there, or clothes that I no longer wanted... things like that...  it's such a great feeling!... and also feels good to know that someone less fortunate than I will receive something that is still beautiful and useful...  sooo...  I rewarded my good deeds with a few new treasures to replace some of those I parted with...  I started by shopping at home first, then adding a couple new pieces where needed...  I wanted a new centerpiece for our kitchen table, so I put together this little Prairie basket... 

An old wooden carrier filled with pip berries and a battery operated candle I tied some homespun fabric around...  love these battery candles!... and it's just the look I wanted for my table...  also, I had been using some old wooden trays as tables in my kitchen nook window to hold plants and such...  those are all going to St. Olaf's Saturday and I had been looking for some kind of a farmhouse style table or bench to go there instead...  after looking at all of the little local shops here, I found the perfect one at Target...

Very simple, little farmstyle table... the top of it looks like old barnwood...

I just wanted a few things on it...  an old basket, a China Doll plant in an old clay country pot, and a vintage pottery plate with old recipes cards...  all things I already had...

On the bottom shelf, I put a couple of my vintage fruit baskets... and a couple of my Bauer bowls from my collection...  simple... I love it...

On top of my corner hutch, which we have had for over 25 years, I added a primitive style bunny I bought almost 25 years ago at a little local crafts fair...  still love her with her baby bunny and little watering can full of dried straw flowers... she sits next to a couple of Amish baskets Jack gave me for my birthday some years back... 

So, that's it...  loving it all, and hardly spent anything for these things...  I am happy with my home all pared down, Spring~cleaned and looking just the way I want it to!...  and now, I am excited to do a new giveaway!...  have you heard about Fifi's latest project?...  Country Sampler is putting out her "Prairie Style" magazine soon...  it actually won't be on the stands until May, but I have pre~ordered one for me... and another for one of you when they arrive!...

Just wish it was coming out sooner, I can hardly wait for it!...  but it's always fun knowing something wonderful is coming in the mail... and I will mail the winners copy out as soon as I receive them in a month or so...    as always on my giveaways...  there are no rules!...  yay!...  all you need to do to enter is leave me a comment on this post only.  You have until midnight (mountain time, our time) on this Friday, March 7th to comment and enter... if you do not have a blog, please leave me an email to get in touch with you if your name is drawn... and yes, I will mail it anywhere in the world!...  and as always, I will have Jack draw the winning name and post it Saturday, March 8th...  good luck!...  xoxo...  Julie Marie


  1. I really need to do just that-clean and get rid of so much stuff. I love the bowls, they are my favorite color and make that little area just perfect!


  2. I also have been de cluttering! I love it. Always enjoy your posts.

  3. Hi dear Julie Marie....
    I have also been on a mission and purging stuff around my home ;-) and I agree it feels wonderful ;-)
    I have been wanting to write a post but for some reason my post won't publish :-(
    Any who your table centerpiece is beautiful.

    Hugs to you sweetie~

  4. Lovely table and center pieces ! Isn't it nice to be simple and all spring cleaned ? I am still working on the spring cleaning lol ! Thanks for sharing , wonderful photos ! Have a good day !

  5. I am constantly de-cluttering and giving to our local closet for the needy. It feels so good to live with less and to give. Your kitchen is lovely.

    What a kind Giveaway. I would love to win because I do not plan on ordering it. In my frugality I only purchase one magazine and that is is my only treat to myself.

  6. Hi Julie,
    LOVING EVERYTHING you are doing ..... it's so YOU !!! How wonderful that you have saved so many treasures from the past !!! You are just the sweetest person ... so in touch with all your feelings, and, you just go with it !! What an inspiration !!
    I just saw Fifi sharing this magazine as well !! I can't wait for it to come out !! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my magazines, and Fifi just rocks ..... love her !!
    Have a restful evening my friend, and thanks for sharing xo
    Hugs ~Tanza~

  7. You have such a sweet way of creating a warm and cozy feeling in your home, Julie Marie! Love that new little side table you bought. It looks just perfect there in with the sunlight pouring over the top of it. :) I'd love to win Fifi's soon to be released magazine! Thanks for the chance to win, sweetie!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  8. something about heading into spring that always makes me want to do the same thing & I've been putting together a box to drop off at our local animal shelter shop.
    love your wood carrier ...and battery candles - they are the best when you have pets and grandbabies :-D
    your farmhouse style kitchen looks so inviting & Prairie style sounds wonderful ~ thank you for this generous giveaway xo

  9. Love the pip berries in the wood basket centerpiece, very cheerful and Springy!! Ah, yes, it feels good to de clutter and re organize.....would love that magazine!!! hugs....

  10. Hi Julie,
    Love your prairie look and your centerpiece is gorgeous. I love the faux candles too and have the timer style all through our house. So nice to walk through to candle light.
    The table you found at Target is darling. Just perfect in that spot with your baskets and bowls.
    It feels so great to donate and de clutter our homes. I have been on a mission this winter and have accomplished the same thing all through the house. Even painted closets for a fresh new look.

    What a wonderful giveaway Julie. I would love to enter too. I will also have to sign up to receive this mag as well.
    Enjoy the day and your pretty home.

  11. So wonderful to freshen everything up and donate what we don't use anymore. I just went through the large armoire and all my art supplies and donated a bundle.

    Love the recipe cards with ribbons and buttons, Julie Marie. Such a sweet touch.

    I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. I love everything Fifi does!
    Have a great week!

  12. Hello Sweetness,
    it's been awhile I know, but things could not be helped.
    Your blog post is just lovely and I love the ne w additions. What is a China Doll plant.It looks so pretty. I have to look into that. The whole look is just gorgeous. Don't you just love the battery candles? Yours just set off the new look. I also love your old bunny. She is so sweet. I know you will never part with her. I also went though some things and sending what ever my daughter don't the Good Will. There are so many in need right now. Call me when you can.
    may God Bless you,
    Marie Antoinette

  13. Dear Julie Marie. The basket on your kitchen table is gorgeous. I can feel the spring just looking at it.

    Hugs from here

  14. Hello, I love your sweet blog, thank you for popping on over to mine. Now I am enjoying yours and a new follower. the Header picture, great watering can. Blessings Francine.

  15. Less is more...
    Thank´s for your sweet comment on my blog, I´m so happy!

  16. Keeping my fingers crossed -- this magazine looks fantastic!

  17. Julie Marie, Love what you're doing, spring cleaning.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  18. Love how you bundled the recipes in the bowl. Love FiFi's style... Thanks for the chance to win. Have a great weekend.

  19. Hi Julie-Marie, You know I am stopping by to say hello and not for the gift. I have been away cleaning trees out of the yard which is still not complete. I wish I had one tenth of your resolve and energy to pare down. Love the center piece on the table. blessings, olive

  20. I guess lots of us are in the mood to clean out excessive goodies from our houses. I have been doing the same thing
    I can't believe you got that table at Target, I need to go back and look again at target usually my target just has painted furniture
    I have never seen one of FiFi magazines

  21. Hi Julie-Marie, just discovered your blog & enjoy it so much. I saw your Susan Branch post on the side. What's the date of the blog that your sweet Tess appeared in. I so enjoy Susan's blogs, books, & just everything.

  22. Julie,

    I have missed so many precious posts, but I zoomed in on that wonderful heirloom rocker and handmade doll. I truly envy you for all of the heirlooms you have that remind you of your precious mother and father. And I believe you can make dolls of your own if you put your mind o it! Perhaps you could get patterns online?

    I love the changes you have made in your home. They are so fitting for the beautiful country/mountain area you are so fortunate to live in. The basket on your table is so pretty, not sure what pips are...some sort of berry? And your farmhouse table! Sometimes things are right under our noses! It's so perfect in front of your window. It won't be long until you fall in love with a little plant and rescue it to sit in the sun there! :)

    I was wondering what happened to Fifi's magazine. I'm thrilled we will soon be able to have it in our little hands!! Thanks for a great give away, I would love to be included in it! And hey, by the way, I noticed on your sidebar that you have almost 500 followers. You rock!! :)


  23. Hi Cynthia... and thanks so much for your visit and comment... I tried to email you, but could not find a blog or an email... if you click on the photo of my Princess Tess it will take you right to Susan Branch's post that she is featured on!... xoxo Julie Marie

  24. Hi Julie Marie, I sent a email earlier about trying to click on Tess's pic from the Susan Branch blog on my mac, instead of the ipad...But sadly it still doesn't send me to Susan's. Comes up as not there on your blog. If you know when it was on Susan's I might be able to find it in her archives. I was just envying your roses today.....Spring can not get here soon enough.

  25. Hi Cynthia... not sure why the link did not work but it does now if you want to try again!... xoxo Julie Marie