Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My new (old) primitive country bedroom...

Several posts prior to this one, I showed you a peek at what I was changing in our bedroom...  our home is (and always has been) farmhouse~country style, which I love...  but little by little I started adding some kind of fufu and frilly things to the bedroom over the past few years...  I still think they are pretty...  but decided they took away from the country look I love in there...  sooo...  some of the fufu  went downstairs into my crafts room where it looks nice... and much of it was donated to various places, including St. Olaf's Center of Hope... most of what I have in our bedroom, and almost all of what I added are things I already had... some of them for over twenty five years and we used them at our little farmhouse I have posted about... but I did order a new quilt set... and  I have been anxiously awaiting it...  it's called  "Bingham Star" and it arrived today...  I am in LOVE with it!... 

I ordered it from the nicest lady at Allyson's Place in Missouri...  I found her shop in my Country Sampler magazine... and guess who answered the phone when I called to place my order?...  yes, Allyson herself!...  I love it when I actually get a voice answering the phone when I call a business, rather than an answering machine with fifty options and hippie~doper rap music playing while I wait on hold...  so this was such a pleasant surprise and I knew right away I had called a wonderful place... I felt like I was chatting with an old friend as Allyson took my order, answered all of my questions, made sure everything was in stock (right there in her store, not in a warehouse somewhere)...  I have since ordered a couple more things from her, including a chairpad for my desk chair that matches my new quilt...  it will be here in several days...  if you love country like I do, please be sure to visit Allyson... oh, and if you found her through my post, please let her know!...  thanks Allyson!... here's a look at some more of my bedroom...  like I said, most everything I had already...  my rocking chair was a gift from Jack over 25 years ago... 

I love stars and baskets... and all Americana...

All of these things are from my little farmhouse... I have used them here throughout our home, but moved them into the bedroom...

 My shabby farmhouse tote my sweet friend Amy made for me several years ago...

A simple basket with berries, vintage doilies and an ironstone pitcher on the dresser...

I pared down things on my desk quite a bit, moving alot of things to my other desk in my crafts room...

I love these prints that actually look like oil paintings by Billy Jacobs... you know me and my love of barns!...


These are my old bark candle holders with beeswax candles in them that I have had for 25 years or so...  I just added some pretty homespun fabric ties around them...  I found so many beautiful pieces of fabric I have when I cleaned out my crafts room...

I had so much fun making my rag basket I showed you a while back, I decided to make another one with one of my baskets and this same homespun fabric for the bedroom...

Then I put some of my darling handmade pumpkins I bought from Etsy last Fall in it...  I plan on leaving them there all the time they are so cute...  I also have a gorgeous handmade and handpainted sign coming I also ordered from Etsy...  "Amazing Grace"...  my favorite hymn... it will hang just above the dresser...

Night time is just beginning to fall here...  and it looked so pretty when I turned the lamps on, I just had to take one more photo...

I couldn't be happier with our bedroom now... nite nite...  xoxo...  Julie Marie


  1. What a comfortable bedroom! You have such special touches all around your home.xo Nellie

  2. Hi Julie, LOVE your new room and the gorgeous quilt. How special you got to speak with Allyson herself. I just picked up my new Country Sampler and love it.
    All the special touches in the room are perfect. I can see how cozy it will be year round. Love the stars and the Americana style.
    Your dresser vignette is beautiful. So much charm in this room and Amy's tote is beautiful.
    Really this could be one of the pics in CS. I bet Allyson would love to share it.
    You did a beautiful job of redesigning and it is you!!

  3. I love it,Julie Marie. It looks warm and welcoming and like a place to retreat to after a busy day. That is a wonderful looking quilt and I am glad you were able to speak to the actual owner. How great is that in this day and age?
    You still have bits and pieces of romance in there- the little basket, the crocheted piece-and it all works together beautifully! xo Diana

    ps. LOVE the rocking chair from Jack!

  4. It is all beautiful country living style. I don't know what it looked like when it was frufru...maybe you could share a before pic. It is always best to be ourselves. Our home should reflect our heart since it is where we dwell. I love stars too! I have two big ones like yours in our living room...mine are white and go well with my nordic coastal decor. Your rocking chair is such a treasure. xxo

  5. Hi Sweetie,
    WOW !! What a transformation !! It reminds me of how my first condo was decorated !! I STILL LOVE ALL the Americana Patriotic things !! Your whole room is pulled together soo nicely, and very warm !! That is the way a bedroom should be !! COZY :):)
    Sooo good to be true to your heart, and, that is why I STAY with what I have always loved .... PiNk, whites and creams ...... everything RACHEL forever !!!
    I LOVE everything you share !! Your new comforter set is just beautiful !! She does lovely work my friend .....
    Have a wonderful rest of your week creating PRARIE xoxo ~Tanza~

  6. Very country cozy ! Nice room . I to like a person on the other end of the phone versus a machine to talk to always have . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  7. Love the new quilt, pillows and skirt......very soft, relaxing colors and an easy place to rest!!! All your special touches add so much charm and warmth to your room!! Enjoy!!!

  8. It looks so cozy and warm ~ especially in your last photo, Julie Marie. Doesn't it feel wonderful to freshen everything up?
    Have a beautiful day,

  9. Gorgeous! You have such a good eye for detail, Julie Marie. I simply LOVE your room! I think the basket with the doilies, berries, and pitcher is my favorite :)

    Thanks for sharing with us! Hugs to you!

  10. Perfect fit for a country girl!!! Great job putting your talents to work. El

  11. What a sweet, comfy, cozy space you've created, Julie! The Americana style never ever goes out of style. Yep, I agree with Celeste. Your room could be featured in Country Living magazine, girl! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  12. It is absolutely wonderful! I love your style!

  13. Hi Julie,

    Wow, your bedroom looks amazing!!! Cozy and comfy with so many special touches that you bring into it. Love how you dressed up the wood candles and baskets with fabric to soften them. Everything is just so perfect and I'm especially fond of the simple basket with the twigs, crochet and pitcher. It makes a neat reflection in the mirror. And a very special thank you for mentioning me in your blog. Your kind words are very encouraging and I appreciate more than words can express. Have a wonderful evening and I'm sure we'll talk soon. Many Blessings, Allyson

  14. Thanks so much for your visit Allyson!... I am so loving my new quilt set and the other things I ordered from you... yes, we will chat soon!... xoxo Julie Marie

  15. Julie your bedroom is just beautiful-- so comfortable looking and decorated just perfectly-- this is exactly what I would have imagined for you-- your photos are so inviting:)

  16. I just love all of this, Julie! It's very much how my sister Leslie had her home decorated like for a very long time; The primitives and starts and florals and plaids. You have really transformed your bedroom and how nice that you had saved so much from your farmhouse! The quilt and pillows are beautiful and Allyson sounds so sweet. Hurray for you!


  17. Love your new bedroom! Looks so inviting!

  18. Nice quilt set. Very Americana! Kit

  19. Julie Marie, your bedroom looks so sweet, pretty and comfortable. It seems like a perfect fit for you, and it is obvious that you love it, which is wonderful.
    Have a great week!
    XOXO Mary

  20. What a beautiful bedroom and you have a really good eye for details in your home!
    Best wishes for a great week...
    Love Titti