Monday, March 11, 2013

Our majestic Eagles...

From about November through late March, our beautiful Bald Eagles spend the winter here at the Farmington Bay Bird Refuge at the Great Salt Lake,  a mere ten minutes away from my home... these majestic birds literally take my breath away!... so regal and beautiful... no wonder they are our Nation's symbol...I love this shot I took of them...  in their "favorite snag"... an old dead tree, left from the massive floods we had here in 1983 when the Great Salt Lake rose way above ground and flooded our entire area... I also love our gorgeous snow~covered Ochre Mountains in the background to the west, and the marshes in the front...

On our Nature walk yesterday, Jack and I counted over twenty of these beauties soaring above us...  catching a current... and just enjoying a beautiful but still chilly  Spring~like day...  in Native American lore, the Eagle represents power and strength...  all birds are messengers to the Divine, with the Eagle being the most powerful of all... perhaps they will carry a message to Him for me...  thank you God for the beautiful countryside I live in... and all of the precious creatures who share their place on this earth with us as well...  wishing you a day filled with the beauty of Nature... xoxo... Julie Marie


  1. I so agree that they are so beautiful. You are fortunate to have so many of them nearby.

  2. Beautiful photo ! WOW ! I would love to get a photo of that many in one spot ! Nice to hear from you and hope all is going well in your neck of the woods ! Spring has for the most part sprung here ! Hope spring is there to ! Have a good day and take care !

  3. They are so beautiful. We live right next door to a place called The Eagle's Nest so there are several of them around here, too. I am so glad to see you back posting your beautiful pictures! xoxo Diana

  4. Gorgeous. I cannot believe you got that many in one shot. So happy to see you here. love ya, olive

  5. This photo is breathtaking Julie Marie! What a gorgeous corner of the world you live in ~ Thank you for sharing the beauty you see on your daily Nature walks ♥

  6. Oh Julie Marie,
    This is just breathtaking ;)
    Sure makes me wish I was there to share it with you...
    But your gorgeous pic did the trick, it sure took my breath away....


  7. Pure magic and wonder of nature! I must confess, I am slightly envious of you. You and I both live in beautiful parts of our world, but you have eagles! Lucky, lucky you! No wonder you enjoy your daily walks. Deborah C♥ xo

  8. Dear Julie Marie,
    Just thought I would check in - - just in case - - and BLESS YOU! , there you were. You are such a good writer, and I love reading all your writings about nature. Sometimes we really need to stop and
    think “What am I doing?”, and get back to what we enjoy. And, speaking of that, I’m leaving for northern California tomorrow to spend two weeks in painting seminars with friends who fly in from
    all over the world. Many of us have been painting together for several years (once a year).
    I get back Saturday evening before Easter and hope
    Spring is here!! ☺ Hugs for Tessy and Happy Easter to you and your family.
    Will catch up with you later. Lots of warm hugs, Ruthie

  9. What a blessing to see all of these majestic birds. We have a few eagles nest near our lake. It is always a thrill to see them. Thanks for sharing.

  10. A picture perfect postcard Julie Marie. Outstanding beauty!! Our country and this beautiful bird I am so thankful for.

  11. This is an amazing shot! I've never seen an eagle and I totally get excited when I see a hawk! It must be wonderful to look out your window and see the beautiful mountains and sorts of animals and nature. You really are blessed!


  12. Wow dear Cous,

    And I love the quail with the sky blue chicory in the background.

    I wanted to write you beforehand to let you know of the new book, but I had to keep it quiet until it was all tied up and on the way. This means that my Beatrix book is on indefinite vacation.

    Sending love,


  13. Beautiful photo. Yes, eagles make my heart soar, too. -- Jan

  14. What an incredible photo! I don't even remember the last time I saw a bald eagel...I think it was when we were in Arizona two years ago...


  15. Julie Marie-- eagles are so grand. I can't believe you counted so many on your walk!! I love that magestic mountain photo--

  16. Amazing place that you live and I adore your nature posts!

  17. so majestic and beautiful!! xoxo chris