Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcoming February... and rites of Spring...

Hurray!...  it's February...  just turning my calender page over to this beautiful new month makes me smile!...  and saying bye~bye to this past January was easy for me to do...  bye~bye record setting amounts of snow, cold, ice storms and yucky weather!... hellooo sunshine, longer days, melting snow, teensie little plants trying their hardest to emerge beneath that snow... they too are dreaming of Spring... and growing into big beautiful plants with Heavenly blooms... hellooo birdies and nests and soon bunnies and Easter eggs...  hellooo long long Nature walks once more!...

My Susan Branch "Days" journal

Hellooo Groundhog Day, Tessy's birthday, Valentines Day, family members and friends birthdays this month... a special month for me and  those I love...

I am officially putting winter "to sleep" for another year...  and getting out anything and everything I have with flowers on much of what I own is covered with flowers... especially roses... it's no coincidence...  they make my heart sing!...  even my new Spring purse has sweet little roses on it!...

This first day of a beautiful most promising month deserves an equally beautiful treat to celebrate with!... mini eclairs and creampuffs from our favorite bakery...

Life is sweet as honey...

My beautiful Delphiniums and little friend last Spring

 Spring is on it's way... "bee happy"!...  xoxo...  Julie Marie


  1. You sound so happy , that's nice . I like February too, feels like spring is almost here!

  2. I love my little bees in my garden. I keep hoping spring is just around the corner as I'm bundled up against the cold today.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  3. Beautifully put my dearest friend. Sounds like your are as excited about February as I am...Yay February! Wishing you a love, flower, happiness filled month.

    Love you,

  4. Oh such pretty pictures...I, too, can't wait for spring! :)

  5. I love your SB journal! I received a Mary Engelbreit calendar book for Christmas so I would stop leaving scraps of paper all around as I am told! Now the book holds all the scraps! lol!

    Sweet post! :)


  6. I can't wait for Spring, Julie Marie-this has been a long,hard winter and getting worse by the moment -or so it seems. I am so jealous that you have a Cath Kidston purse!!!!! xo Diana

  7. Oh, hearing your happy voice and picturing all those sweet little plants popping up through the wet earth soon just makes my heart sing, Julie! Thank you for making me smile through the "snowglobe" I'm living in right now. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  8. That is what is so sweet about a promise...It is coming my friend....Spring is coming. I love your new purse.

    xo Danielle

  9. Hi Julie Marie,
    I can tell that spring fever is upon us! Soon the garden will once again be your haven. For now you have done a great job surrounding yourself with flowers and the hope of spring!
    Hugs to you,

  10. Thank you so much for your sweet post. Seeing all the new decor styles and loving them, but I just couldn't get past not displaying the things that I have loved for years. I too have things that we first started our marriage with over 26 years ago. I guess in this world where many people discard the old, there are a few beautiful people like us that love to hold onto the lovely past. You brought a bright spot to my day. Thanks!

  11. Hi Julie Marie,

    I found you through my daughter's blog, The Enchanting Rose.

    Your blog is lovely as are your pictures.
    I enjoy reading your comments to my daughter. You sound like a wonderful blog friend.


  12. Bonjour mde Julie Marie

    je voulais vous partagé la place ou je vais quand je veux voir plein de fleurs le jardin botanique de Montréal au Québec. nous en somme tres tres fiere
    j espere que vous allé aime faire un tour virtuel . bonne découverte

    Carole de jonquiere,Qc.

  13. Bonjour Carole!... fleurs d'amour i... bisous... Julie Marie

  14. Dear Julie Marie,
    So inspiring to catch up with your today. I love your post and dreams of springtime and I am so ready too.
    Love your indoor potting shed and love the counter top on your washer and dryer too.
    February is always a special month for me and my family. I look forward to better days ahead.

    Thank you for the well wishes. I am somewhat better since the flu but now I have pleurisy in my lungs and not fun at all. It is just going to take time and rest. I am very weak.

    Love your spring purse. I can't wait to be better enough to shop for one too.

    Hugs, XO Celestina Marie

  15. Sweet, love your beautiful flowers! I too am anxious for Spring. The other day, before the big snow hit I was out gathering up extension cords from our Christmas lights. I saw new green coming up from my Pasque flower. Yes, Spring is on it's way. I so enjoy your beautiful garden pics! I too love the month of February. My youngest son was born on Valentines Day. His name is Dalan and calls it Dalantines Day. lol! His 2 year old son, Jack was born on the 16th.

  16. Hello Julie Marie, Your photos are truly beautiful. Yes, Spring will soon be here, me hope. vbg I really loved the photo of your butterfly bush and the butterfly. Just lovely. Hugs Judy

  17. I am beeeeeeing happy and I'm so glad you are too! I love February! Brandon's b-day was yesterday...Valentine's Day, In-Love's Anniversary and so much more.

    Hope you are well girlfriend. I'm plugging along and getting better by the day. Soooo glad.

    Love you~