Saturday, February 9, 2013

The fine art of puttering...

"Putter:...  to busy or occupy oneself in a leisurely, casual manner"

Our weather here is certainly not as bad as our friends back east, but we are still getting more  than our fair share of snow and cold...  so, on days like these, I like to stay inside and putter...  over the years, I think I have mastered the fine art of puttering...  it is an art, you know... first... in order to putter properly, one must make herself a warm cup of tea...  I chose Earl Grey this time... as it slowly steeps, I look about our home and decide how I want my puttering to begin...

First...  a photo outside so as to remember why I stayed inside today and puttered...  the hoar frost on the tree outside my kitchen nook window looks beautiful...  but cold... 

The kitchen seemed like a good place to start... remember, a key word in puttering is "leisurely"...  so, I leisurely hand washed my vintage crystal...  it sparkles so now!...

I took my time as I washed each precious piece... remembering where each and every one came from... next, I started sorting my cookbooks...  I have a lifetime of collecting cookbooks...  I keep each and every one... and the old, old ones are still some of my most favorite...  the recipes are still never fail...  I placed many of my favorites on my bakers rack after I cleaned it all off...

Cups, colanders...  everything got a nice washing...

 Cleaned off all my countertops...

(My cute piggy cutting board Jack and Tessy gave me for Christmas)
I don't have room to keep all of my cookbooks out, so many are in my pantry...  with more of my favorites that I use often in a corner on my countertop...

Moved some of my plants onto the little tables by my kitchen nook window...  along with some pretty silk Peonies that make me smile... (if you are puttering properly, you will smile as you are doing so)...

Another cup of tea... then some more puttering...  I had washed my beautiful English Roses quilt so many times over the years...  it barely covered my Queensize bed anymore...  I will have to use it somewhere else now...  so I ordered a pretty tea~stained quilt set that I absolutely love... this time, I bought a King size...  fits great!... when they say fits a  "Full~Queen"...  don't believe them!...

Then, I hung some pretty floral point lace sheers to filter the west sun that comes in this window...

A perfect day spent puttering around my home...  now, it's time to decide on a yummy recipe from one of my favorite books to fix for dinner...  do you love to putter too?...  to me, it's a relaxing way to spend a day... and I love the end results!...  xoxo...  Julie Marie 


  1. I am a putterer also Julie Marie! Love your photos. :)

  2. Lovely photos ! I love puttering . I find I can get a lot done and Papa and I love to putter in our own time and way lol ! It was cold here but sunny . That storm came through here Thursday night and all through Friday dumped about 2 to 3 feet of snow on us ! Stay cozy and have a good evening !

  3. Lately it's all I can do to just clean my house much less putter, but I do love to do that on a lazy day. You have reminded me to have a look at my crystal and organize my counters and cookbooks. You really have a nice collection. I love your pretty plants grouped on that table. Is that an African violet? I have the hardest time getting them to re~bloom. Any advice? I was going to pick one up at Home Depot the other day but they just seem to shrivel up on me although I give them lots of light and water.

    Your new quilt is gorgeous and yes, I always get king size. Hubby has a way of stealing all the blankets so it helps there, too!!

    Stay warm. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  4. I love to putter as well. It gives you a chance to relax and enjoy your home. It's especially fitting for a day as you described...a snowy, cold one.

    Oh, and if you ever get tired of that bird mug w/lid that you showed in your first photo, you can send it my way. :o) Where did you get it?

  5. Janie... that is a Cyclamen... love it!... as for African Violets, I have those too... sounds like maybe you are giving yours TOO much light and water... they like light but NOT direct sunlight... and I always water mine from the bottom, setting them in a saucer and letting them drink up the water from there... let them drink for 1/2 hour then discard any water left in the saucer... I also give mine African Violet plant food on the top of the soil once a month... and never ever touch their leaves!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Sandra... my darling birdie teacup~mug is from Susan Branch's online shop... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. You really do have puttering down to a fine art ♥
    I love your little vignettes & mugs.

  8. Julie, I am a putter also, I'll sit and look at something until I decide how to change it or make it different. Love your bedroom.

  9. I do love to putter! It's my favorite weekend activity. Heck, you can barely get me out of pajamas which drives my husband crazy most of the time. ;) The frost on that tree sure is pretty. Sending warm wishes your way, Tammy

  10. Everything looks fresh and lovely! A perfect thing to do on a cold day. Love your Susan Branch touches. I have a lot of her books too! Have a great week! Kit

  11. I do like to putter, my sweet friend!! I would love to join you for a day of "puttering"!! Since I have retired, I now realize how wonderful life at a leisurely pace is. I always love a glimpse into your pretty home. That you love it is very evident. Hope you stay warm and cozy as we both dream of springtime and pretty roses and other flowers to come. Love to you~Vicki

  12. Hi Julie,
    Oh I love to putter around the house and been doing so it seems all my life. First I started to putter when I was a little girl in my room rearranging and decorating my sweet space. Now I putter the whole house and love the process. Yes, it sure does make one smile and yes you must enjoy a hot cup of tea as you putter. Love your Susan Branch birdie mug and your cookbooks are so special. As always you share wonderful pics.

    I just loved your post and the puttering you enjoyed this day. it was like a spring day here today and it felt good to take a little walk around my garden. I am still so weak, but just had to get out. My Camillia is blooming and I see the hydrangeas sprouting some green.

    Have a wonderful week.
    Much love, Celestina Marie

  13. I too love to putter around the house. Love your crocheted pot holders! Have a great week!

  14. Most folks, I don't think, like to give puttering its due; it's a fine pastime and, when done correctly, an art form!