Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sharing my love of Nature...


I took this photo below at our home previous to where we now live, and after we sold our little farm... I planted a Butterfly Bush and couldn't take enough photos of the beautiful visitors I had each day... this gorgeous Tiger Swallowtail let me get very close to her each time she came for a sip of nectar from the blossoms...

I have been told that animals and Nature love me... I do believe that may be true... I know I certainly love all of these precious creatures God gave us... and I for one believe they can sense that... my beautiful butterfly is actually tickling my finger with her little legs... we would meet at "our" Butterfly bush each day for some "quality" time together...

 This is the real me most days!

When we had our little farm that I posted about previously, after the development came and we had new neighbors right next door, I became friends with an adorable little seven year old daughter they had... Her name was Kassi, and even at her tender, young age of seven, she was indeed a true "Nature lover", like me... whenever she saw me out in my gardens, she came over to the fence and wanted to know everything about what I was doing, the names of my flowers, the birds at my birdbath, would I show her the little tracks the raccoons had made in my garden... her inquisitive little mind just amazed me...she sooo reminded me of another little seven year old girl (moi)... tagging along beside my mother, grandmother and great~grandmother, asking these very same questions, and always getting a loving, patient answer to everything I asked... I talked to Kassi's mother about her genuine interest in Nature, and suggested they join the National Wildlife Federation, one of my favorites... that way, Kassi would also receive their beautiful magazine, full of so much information and beautiful photos.... her mother replied "we can't afford it"... Hmmm... BMW sitting in their driveway, snowmobiles out back... mother gets her hair done once a week, nails done every week, spa treatment every week... yep, too expensive to dish out $15.00 for a year's membership to National Wildlife... ok, I asked her about letting Kassi have a little vegetable garden of her own on their property... "Nope, I don't have time"... was her mother's reply... Hmmm... I guess not... hair appointment, nails done, spa treatment.... nope! No time for a precious little girl's budding little interest in Nature... Silly me!... SO, me being the person I am, MOI, after finishing my National Wildlife magazines I then gave them to Kassi... I also let Kassi have a little row in my big vegetable garden for her own, where she planted radishes and carrots... the only condition was that SHE maintain it herself... and she did! Each morning, I would hear the squeak of our gate opening, and there was little Kassi, sunhat and all, ready to go to work on "her" little garden... her mother showed no interest at all in the fact that Kassi was learning from me how to love and take care of the earth and all of it's precious little creatures as well... when she pulled her first red radish out of the soil, her excitement was contagious and I loved it, and wish I had a picture of her doing that... While sorting more of my "treasures" the other day, I came across this little card Kassi made and brought to me back then...  my goodness... she would be 23 years old now... I  love and miss that little Nature girl...  I just know she must still be that same sweet Kassi with her love for all of Nature... 
I hope you can read all of the things she loved about Nature... the little card was a precious gem to me then... it still is...

I will NEVER tell a child, or anyone else for that matter that I "don't have time" to answer their questions about Nature, or anything else they want to ask me... And the "we can't afford it" excuse... it was just that, an excuse, and a poor one at that... if nothing else, a library card is free and the library opens up so many exciting new worlds... Let's see then, (I am guessing here)... weekly hair appointment $50.00, weekly nail appointment $50.00, weekly spa treatment $100.00... teaching an adorable little girl about the wonders of Nature... priceless!... I hope you will all take the time to share Nature and all of her astounding beauty... as Kassi always said "Natcher is cool"...  xoxo...  Julie Marie



  1. I could say so much but will just state that maybe that is why some of our youth are lonely and feel isolated.

  2. Hi Sweetie,

    This was such a sweet, tender hearted post by you !! Nothing more wonderful then the inquisitive, innocent heart and mind of a child !! My favorite memories of my own children when they were little, were the simple, fun times out in the yard !! My hubby has always grown a fabulous vegetable garden, and we STILL to this day as he turns up the dirt, find, little toys, cars, and doll stuff, that they would have in their sweet little hands, playing in the dirt, following their Daddy around !!

    You are right PRICELESS !! I think as young Mommy and Daddys life gets the BEST of us, and we, really need to slow down, play, dig in the dirt and just be STILL !! Their is Soooo much beauty and wonder that surrounds us daily !! The birds singing ... Love that in the morning ... That's what I LOVE about my mornings, open the wondow and doors, and just the smell, and little birdies singing ... sooo relaxing !! Ooohhh ... with my cup of tea in hand, and my beautiful, inspirational magazines .... pure bliss ....

    Saw on Amys notes, that you were waiting for that beautiful Fairy Tale Easter !! AWESOME !!! I just can't get enough of that !! It's AMAZING, and surely to inspire you to create !! Sooo YoU !! Can't wait to see what you think of it !!

    Poor Amy ... I was making her crazy, helping me to get my little paws on one of those !! Little Cottage Shoppe is the place to go for anything Jeanne d' Arc !! Super Sylvi .. she's a pleasure to do business with ...

    Love to you on this glorious , sunny, California kinda day !! Hope your day is as well xo

    Thanks for always happy xo ~Tanza~

  3. Hi Julie Marie again !!
    HAHAHA !!! I just saw your Susan Branch journal !! LOVE THAT !!! I just LOVE her, and you remind me of her soooo much !!! YIKES !!! Another something to want !!! Adorable tho, just had to tell you !! Was catching up with all your going ons :)
    Love you again ~TeA~ xo

  4. OH Julie Marie, this really touched me.... I am So Happy you were there for that little girl to show her the beauty of nature and what God has given us right outside our door. I believe you have impacted that in her.... I"m sure she will remember you as she grows up appreciating the natural things of life.

    Big HUgs~

  5. What an inspiration you where to her, and I'm sure she's never forgotten it either. Such a blessing for you also!

  6. What I wouldn't give to have my 2 grand-daughters close by to teach them about nature and animals and flowers and bushes and trees and beautiful butterflies. How sweet of you to teach that little girl. I know she will never forget her little vegetable patch.

  7. This is such a bittersweet post. This little girl's mother just did not "get it". How sad. But I'm glad Kassi had someone like you in her life. Kudos to you for being so warmhearted and generous with your time and love.


  8. I'm a former teacher and I will say that this is why our youth are having problems. I did not teach for long, but I took my students outside every chance I could. I am very connected to nature and feel that our youth can learn life's lessons through the world around them. I get on my soap box about this quite often and feel so strongly about it. It amazes when parents 'don't get it'!

  9. Oh how this post hit home with me in so many ways Julie Marie. I too tagged along side my mohter in the garden. My youngest daughter loved nature and wanted a little garden spot of her own. We created one for her. It was right along our back fence. Our neighbor would often see her out there tending to her garden. She would ask, "Smiley Kylee, how does your garden grow?" Kylee remembers this to this day. Her and her sweetie had a wonderful garden at their first home. She was alwyas getting seeds and starts from me to add to her flower beds. They are now on an adventure teaching English in Spain. She often mentions how she misses gardening. I can NOT believe that mother used 'can't afford it' as an excuse. So happy she had you! We also had a young 9 year old girl living next to us when we moved into this home. She developed an atttachment to both hubby and I. She often came over when she saw us in the garden. They have since moved, but she has came back twice for a visit.

  10. I really enjoyed this post. It says a lot about who you are. I would love to have you as my neighbor. I'm more then sure you helped make that little girl's life a happier one. Thanks for sharing! ~Susie~

  11. What a true gift that you gave that precious little girl! I know that being working parents that sometimes it's hard to slow down and make the time. But I know that when we put our garden in and made the time with our kiddos to enjoy planting, pruning, watering, etc... that we have enjoyed so many priceless memories with them.

    Have a great week.