Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nature's Program...

I've collected alot of treasures over the years, but I have to say some of my most precious ones are my vintage books, especially my vintage Nature books...  today, I want to share what is probably my most favorite one with you...

It is called "Nature's Program"... it takes you through each month of the year... one month at a time...  through the eyes of Nature... what birds are migrating back, what flowers are beginning to appear, which of God's precious little creatures are coming out of their long winter's nap...

My copy is from 1926... so very long ago...  yet, everything is still so very relevant today...  Jack and I take a Nature walk every single day...  I love that the book reminds you "not to think that you must always walk in a new direction... go often to the same fields, the same woods and become very familiar with them... you may not see so much the first time, but each succeeding walk will show you so many things you missed before... when you get to know every fence corner, every stump, every pile of stones, you will find a hundred interesting things that you never dreamed were there on your first visit"...

I just stated reading the chapter on March again...  here is a little excerpt from it: 

"March, the Wakening or Crow Moon...
The Indians, to whom Nature's program of the year was an open book, named each month for the most striking event taking place in it.  So March, with it's first stirrings of flowers, trees and animals from winter sleep was
the Wakening Moon"...

"For the Nature lover, March is truly the dawn of the year.  Even in its first days, when patches of snow still cover the ground in the woods, you will quite likely come upon the very first blossom of the Spring.  You may even find it in the first week of this month, piercing the melting snow in a boggy spot"...

"During the bright days in late March you may even see one or two kinds of butterflies on the wing, in open glades of the woods"...

"Nature in March, the Wakening Month" is so full of interest and excitement for the Nature lover" (like ME!)...

Nature is such a huge part of my everyday life... so many wonderful things in store for us, each and every day...  I have studied and loved Nature ever since I was a little girl... I cannot imagine a day without stopping to listen to the singing of the birds, or linger over the early morning sunrise...  or notice even the teensiest bud just beginning to swell on a's just my nature...  I was born with this passionate love I have for all of God's precious little creatures and flowers and life...  I hope you share this love as well... xoxo...  Julie Marie 


  1. What a treasure that is - I have never seen it! thanks for sharing it. Also, your lidded cup and saucer is really precious!

  2. Oh, Julie Marie. That is the most precious, precious picture of your Dad. Imagine him at 5 years old with his whole life before him.....
    I love that book and have never seen it before-or even heard of it, for that matter.
    There some wonderful drawings and images in it. Have a wonderful afternoon/evening. We have more snow coming- UGH- xo Diana

  3. Old books have so much to offer, and are often full of information that might be overlooked in a more modern text.
    I learned my flowers and grasses from my Nanna, on many long walks in the Welsh countryside; my knowledge of fish and birds comes to me from my Daddy.
    I love that I can walk the same paths day after day, which I have done for too many years to say, yet I never tire of them, for there is always something new to see.
    If more people shared our love of nature and showed her a little more respect, then the world would be a better place.

  4. Love your book ... my favourite page is the Sparrows ♥
    And what a sweet tribute to your dear Dad. The photo of him feeding the squirrel is adorable!

  5. It was lovely to take a walk through nature with you in our Awaking Month of March. I will be so happy when it arrives. Hugs Judy

  6. Wonderful post and photos ! Those books are priceless ! Nature is also a big part of my everyday life here as well ! I learn't all from the farm I was raised on thanks to my mum and dad for being farmers and nature lovers ! Have a good evening !

  7. What a great book, you have precious memories of your dad, the picture of him is priceless.

  8. Beautiful Julie Marie! Books have a way to open endless treasures, do they not?
    Thank you for sharing that precious snapshot too! A treasure in itself!

  9. That is a marvelous book. It has wonderful illustrations too. Thank you for your kind and insightful comment today about our sweet Clovis. We will not be the same here. Love, Olive

  10. Oh how beautiful, my fried! I love the picture of your dad - too precious! I used to have a pet chipmunk...he injured his leg and I nursed him (Lucky) back to health and then off he went back into the woods. He loved to sleep in my shirt on his back :)

    Wonderful post and such a great book!


  11. Oh how I love that picture of your daddy-fabulous. I also love you shared this fabulous book-what a treasure sweetie.
    Sending you a princess Tessy a big hug

  12. Julie Marie, I always love your posts. Your book is magnificent and I adore that sweet photo of your father. I got my love for nature and gardening from my dad too. I miss him too. :)

  13. Such a sweet book with lovely illustrations... It's hard to beat the beauty of nature. Sweet thoughts of your father too ...

  14. Hi Julie Marie, That is wonderful picture of your dad to get so close to a squirrel!I think all animals love children they feel no harm only sort of a friendship- beautiful keepsake! This book looks awesome, I always wanted to do a nature book maybe one day. Have a great week Sincerely Jonny