Friday, February 8, 2013

My "Fairytale Easter" Vintage Coffeepot for Spring...

I recently showed you a pretty little vintage enamelware coffee pot beautifully decorated for Spring I saw in "Fairytale Easter", the new book I got, that I wanted to make one like with my own vintage enamelware coffeepot... sooo...  here is my version...

Theirs had tiny real Violets planted in it...  since my own violets are still deep under mounds of snow, and our greenhouses and nurseries did not have any yet, I used silk flowers for mine for now...  as soon as the garden centers get them, I will replace my silk flowers with some pretty little Heartsease (Johnny~jump~ups)  planted in the nest...

(Fairytale Easter Jeanne d'Arc Living)

A flowery twig wreath around the top, a tiny  little moss~lined nest rests inside... and inside the little nest are three sweet little eggs...

I already had most everything I needed to make this...  only the flower wreath around the top is new...  I love creating pretty crafts out of things I already own... so I came right home and made it that day... 

When I was at JoAnn's Crafts that day buying my wreath, I also picked up some little craft supplies to help Filly and Ellie with a little birdcage they are decorating for Spring...  we were going to do it this morning, but had to change our plans for another day...  we'll get together next week for sure girls!...  I also found this darling little birdhouse plaque...  "Live life simply"... I think this says it all...  xoxo...  Julie Marie   PS  Thank you all so much for my sweet Tessy's birthday wishes on my previous post...  I read each and every comment to her and she wagged her tail and sends you all BIG doggie kisses!...


  1. Dear Julie Marie,
    Oh I love your creation better then the magazine. It turned out so pretty and so perfect for your springtime home. I also love the sweet plaque you found at JoAnn's. The words say it all.

    Enjoy the day and have a great weekend.
    Love, Celestina Marie

  2. Awww, Julie, it is so cute and spring-y! Just what is needed with all these storms! I am going to be working on some spring things too soon.
    Happy birthday to sweet Tessy, give her a kiss and a squeeze from me :)
    Love and hugs,

  3. Julie-- I have a coffee pot just like this setting in my attic!! Guess I'll be dragging it out-- I simply love your beautiful arrangement! Gorgeous pictures-- so spring!!


  4. Oh, I love it Julie Marie! It's a "simple" little touch of spring...just like you wanted! You may have just inspired me to make one too! Hugs, Penny

  5. That is so pretty. You did a great job. I must have missed your post about Tessy's birthday! Give her a big old farmhouse hug from me,

  6. Wonderful ! So pretty ! Thanks for sharing ! Still snowing and blowing here has been since last night coming to the tail end of it now thank goodness now the east coast is going to get hit with the storm ! Have a good day and thanks for sharing !

  7. oh Julie, so sweet!! I love the old enamel coffeepots. now you're inspiring me to do something Spring-y with mine!!

  8. Lovely! I like yours better than the books. EL

  9. Hi Julie Marie !!

    Ooohhh this turned out BEAUTIFUL !!! I WANT one !!! This is just PERFECT !!! How wonderful that you had everything already to use !! It doesn't EVEN look like fake flowers !! You are good girlie !!

    Are you loving that book !! Sooo BEAUTIFUL !! Again, hats off to darling Amy, for the heads up on that one !! Such wonderful bloggy friends !!

    Have a happy week-end sweet one, and keep creating pretty !!

    Hugs as always ~TeA~

  10. This is so sweet and pretty! I love that you are bringing spring into your home...I know it means so much to you! I have a little enamel pitcher, I wonder if I could pull something like this off. I, too, have been thinking of spring with lent coming up and Easter so early this year (March 31), Easter speaks "spring" to me among other things. That's when the bunnies, real and faux, come out to play! ;-D


  11. Oh Julie Marie, your little coffee pot is absolutely the sweetest thing ever. I love it. It turned out beautifully :-) Oh, and we are so sorry we missed Tessy's special day. Please give her tons of doggie birthday kisses from me and her bestie Cookie :-) Wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend.

    Much love,

  12. Julie-Marie, the vintage coffee pot is beautiful. I love the wee nest in it especially. I hope you are having a terrific weekend, olive

  13. So pretty! A little touch of spring that we so badly need right now. Mimi

  14. Hi Julie Marie,
    This is darling!! I am ready for a pop of spring, thanks for the nspiration!

  15. I like your pot better than the one in the book. Great idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh my Julie. What a beautiful creation. This is just stunning and pretty to look at. I agree with the others, yours is better than the magazine's.


    Please stop by and visit when you get a chance.

  17. Hello Julie!!!
    Newest follower here - came by to congratulate you on the feature from Coastal Charm ( I was featured for the San Francisco house tour )
    Would love a follow back when you have the time.
    LOVE your coffee pot and flowers!!!

  18. Thanks Suzan... I am not Coastal Charm though!... my blog is Idyllhours... thanks for your visit and your comment!... xoxo Julie Marie