Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Fairytale Easter"...

I love Easter...  and I love fairytales...  put the two together... and it's pure enchantment for me!...  I had seen this book "Fairytale Easter" on several blogs and wanted it...  I actually did not know it was a book, I thought it was a magazine by Jeanne d'Arc Living and the price seemed awfully steep... I debated about ordering it, but decided from what I had seen of it, that it would be something I would love to look at over and over again... so, I placed my order...   I was so surprised today when it arrived and I found out it is a beautiful hardbound book, not a magazine...  I couldn't wait to start looking through it...  but I knew I wanted to take my time...  to linger... as each page is just breathtaking!...  (I ordered my little bunny with handpainted pink roses from my friend Rebecca at A Gathering Place several years ago... sooo sweet!)...

I was mesmerized right away with the gorgeous Spring photos of flowers in the chapter "Dreams in Bloom"...  how could you not be mesmerized with a title like that...  the book is full of inspiring ideas on beautiful things to create for Easter...  right away I knew I wanted to make some of these eggs with pressed flowers on them...

I press tons of my own flowers from my gardens each year, so I began gathering some Pansies and Violets from my little stash I pressed last Spring...  I have three flower presses, but you can always press them in a book which I do as well when my presses are full... I decided this year I want to do alot more crafting, and making something beautiful  with treasures from Nature always makes me happy...

The next thing I saw that I knew I simply had to make, is this darling birdnest in a vintage enamelware coffeepot...

I already have the perfect vintage coffeepot...  and I have an entire craftsroom full of birdnests, eggs, moss... dried flowers...  everything I will need, except for the live flowers to put in the nest...  one of our local nurseries will have something pretty in their greenhouses already...  I can't wait to see what they have!...

I have so much fun seeing what you all create...  now I am going to spend the next few days creating something pretty and Springlike myself!...  I don't have alot of Valentines decorations, but I do love to decorate everywhere for Easter and Spring...  I have barely begun looking through my new book and already I am excited to begin...

Spring and Easter are such beautiful times...  Easter is the last Sunday in March this year, so I have plenty of time to create...  I'm not sure if this book is sold out or not, but I love it already and it's a keeper I will treasure for years!... xoxo...  Julie Marie


  1. What a beautiful book! I love the enamel coffee pot bird nest too, and can't wait to see yours! Easter is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for ...I love bunnies! Hugs, Penny

  2. This book is already inspiring you to make pretty things, and it is a work of art itself. Love the little white bunny from our blog friend.

  3. Such a beautiful book ! Such inspiration ! I love the ideas and think you will have fun with them . Love your bunny with the roses , looking forward to your creations ! Have a lovely day !

  4. Oh girly...you make me soo happy! I forgot about that wee little bunny! Everything looks beautiful. It is sooo gorgeous here in Oklahoma but we sooo need rain. I wish it would come.

    You are sooo inspiring!

    Love you~


  5. LOVE the bird nest and plant in the old coffe pot! That book sure puts me in the mood for Spring. I'm ready!!


  6. this book is so gorgeous, Julie, where did you find it? I'm REALLY looking forward to Spring!! xoxo

  7. Hi Julie, What a wonderful book you share. Oh I just love how perfect it is for you. The coffee pot nest is darling and yours will be gorgeous when finished.
    Love your pics and Rebecca's sweet little bunny.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment about my RH blog feature. You are so sweet.
    Wishing you fun creating and looking forward to your inspiring creations.
    Love you, Celestina Marie

  8. I can't wait to decorate for spring. That book is so inspiring.

  9. Beautiful book...just like your pictures!

  10. Fairytale Easter looks like a gorgeous book filled with inspiration! I love the enamel coffee pot (especially with little chips) ♥

  11. Cute idea! I collect enamelware coffeepots. I don't drink coffee, I just love the look of them. What fun to decorate one. Be sure to share.
    Farmhouse hugs,