Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bunnies and chicks and more rites of Spring...

I LOVE Easter... and Spring... and bunnies and nests...  and chicks and eggs... and lambs and Easter candy...  foil wrapped eggs...  pale pink and lavender Peeps... jelly bunnies...  oooh, what a happy time of year it is!...  Easter is early this year, March 31st, and it always comes and goes sooo fast...  so, I like to decorate early...

Do you know how it is determined when Easter is each year?...  of course you know I am going to tell you!...  Easter is always the first Sunday following the Paschal full moon, which is the full moon that falls on or after the Spring equinox...  got it?... I learned this long, long ago as I am a curious kind of lady who always wants to know "why"... about most things in life... the Spring equinox is on the 20th of March, although I grew up with it always being on the 21st of March...  not sure who or why it was changed?...  nevertheless, the Paschal full moon is on the 27th of March... Paschal is derived from a transliteration of the Greek word "Pascha" meaning Passover...  here is a photo I took last year of the Paschal Full Moon...

The sun is shining here today and the sky is blue...  a perfect day for some of the bunnies to come out to play!... I purchased these darling little whimsical bunnies and chicks from my sweet friend Amy at My Shabby Bungalow from her Etsy shop over the past several years...  I love the detail she puts into each and every piece...   vintage bunnies and vintage millinery flowers...  aren't they precious!...

Not sure if she has any in her shop this year yet, but you may want to check with her... they are all sooo sweet!...   here is a pretty little sign I have had for years... and like everything else... it comes out to celebrate Easter...

This is my little Annalee "gardener" bunny...  she presides over my little "potting shed" in my laundry room...

Sweet little chicks roost on top of kitchen canisters...

I know how this chick feels...  some days my hair goes just like this!...

Pretty pale pink polish says Spring to me...  yes, gardeners have short nails...my favorite silver leaf ring my niece Liz gave me... inside it is inscribed "Live Simply"...

And some yummy Easter candies sitting out in pretty Springy flowery Cath Kidston bowls...

Lots more bunnies to come out still...  you know how those little guys multiply!...  and I am still working on my crafts from my "Fairytale Easter" book...  can't wait to show you my eggs with the pressed flowers on them!...  also, my niece Filly had a little birdcage she wanted me to fufu up for her...  she already had the flowers, so I just put it all together for her...

I added a little nest with eggs, two sweet little Goldfinches... some peatpots filled with moss... and some vintage lace and silk ribbons dangling from the top...  I was happy with how it turned out and she loved it!...

And I made a pretty arrangement in my vintage French enamel pitcher with faux Forsythia and Pussy Willow branches...  it will be awhile before our real ones are out...

Wishing you all a beautiful, sunshiny, blue skies,  blissful, starting to look like Spring kinda day!...  xoxo  Julie Marie


  1. Hello Julie Marie, OH, how I love Easter too. It is My Very Most Favorite Holiday. When I take down my Christmas Stuff I put up My Easter Decoration so I can admire them for Months. LOL I love all your beautiful photos of Bunny, Chicks and birdies. Bring on Spring. Hugs Judy

  2. Julie, what a happy sweet post!! Thank you so much for the info about when Easter is determined. I never knew that! I was always used to the first day of spring being the 21st too! THANK YOU so much for showing the Easter pieces you have purchased from me! That was so sweet of you and I am thrilled they live in your beautiful woodland, spring filled home! I love that plaque, the image is adorable :) I too am working on some eggs from Fairytale Easter! I just finished painting 24 egg sized eggs last night, lol. Now the fun part of embellishing begins :) I cant wait to see what you do with yours. I know they will be beautiful. You put ypur heart into everything you do, just like that birdcage! It is beautiful and I LOVE the yellow!! It is the happiest color and one of the first we see in the spring with forsythia and daffodils :) Thos chicks are super cute too, I love how you displayed them :) And your Annalee gardener bunny made me smile :)
    Thank you so so much again sweet Julie! Love you,

  3. You have so many pretty things in your post, I forgot to say how pretty your nails look!! Love that color :) :)

  4. Such sweet Easter decorations! I like to put my Easter out early too so I can enjoy it as long as possible. I love all the things that you bought from Shabby Bungalow..I am headed over there now to drool and maybe do a little shopping! Hugs, Penny

  5. Pretty, pretty post!
    Love all the bunnies, chicks and birdies!
    Yesterday I went to a big sale at our local flea market and picked up several vintage Easter goodies. I am so in the mood for pastels, spring blooms and Easter!
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Will visit again soon.

  6. Julie Marie- I always leave here smiling I love all your sweet spots of Spring. Those little bunnies and chicks are just adorable. MY hair looks like that some days, too!;>) Your nails look beautiful. You would never believe a spot of dirt darkened your skin! xo Diana

  7. Now I am really looking forward to spring and Easter will be here soon.

  8. Hi there, I loved seeing all your Easter decorations today. I just started putting out my St. Patty's Day pieces because the day after I will begin putting out all my Easter things. Hope you have a wonderful afternoon.

  9. Your bunnies and chicks are just so adorable! And I never knew that's how they calculated when Easter will be. I'll have to share with my sons - one of whom is in his first year of religious classes.


  10. Your bunnies and chicks are just to cut. I just love the sign with the bunnies in the midst of the hydrangeas. So darn cute.

  11. Oh Julie Marie all your sweet little Easter/Spring decorations just warm my heart right up. It's been cold and rainy all day and your post just warmed me right up :-) Thank you.

    Much love,

  12. Julie Marie, Love all your wonderful Easter decorations. Your bunnies, chicks and are so sweet! You're inspiring me for Easter!


  13. Such a lovely post Julie Marie...full of pretties. Can't wait for spring!

  14. Julie-- your Easter decorations are just out of this world!! You do holidays better than anyone I know. If anyone can bring spring to life-- it's you!! I always love to see your latest decorations--- and I love your beautiful blog header!

  15. Hi Julie,
    Oh I just love your decor for spring and Easter. Amy's designs are perfect. She is one talented girl and I love her creations.
    I knew about the dates for Easter. Such good info and thank you for sharing it.
    I too love Easter and the freshness of the spring season.
    Love your pretty ring and that gorgeous shade of nail polish. Your pics are beautiful and very inspiring. I can't wait to start adding my Easter and spring decor. We have family house guests coming for a week to ten days.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Much Love, Celestina Marie

  16. Love your pastel decorations!!! So adorable.