Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Winter Blues...

I've got a case of the winter blues...  today is day 15 of my cold...  or is it day 16?...  I have lost track... but it has definitely given me a bad case of the "winter blues"... my friend Diana told me she had it...  it is called a Super Cold and can last a month...  yikes!... I am already not a fan of winter...  but being cooped up inside for so long really gets me down...  I've rested, I've read, I've crocheted, I've eaten chicken soup, I've tied a sock around my neck (Susan Branch told me to do that! it did make my throat feel nice and warm)...  I've drank orange juice and tea... I have some Apricot Brandy in the cupboard I think I will sip tonight...  since I am not one to sit around,  I thought I would take a stroll in my garden...  care to join me?... our temps have been in the single digits for days now...  but you won't be cold...  we are taking a tour of my gardens from last Spring and Summer right here...  right now...  through my post...  C'mon!...  I don't mind the "Summer Blues" at all... infact, most of my flowers are in the family of blues... like these pretty little Heartsease...

 My gorgeous "Get Mee" Campanula behind my Bleeding Hearts...

  Purple Nemesia and Nierembergia...


Dames Rocket and Fireworks Clematis...


Sweet peas... here...  I picked some just for you...

I think these Spring and Summer Blues are chasing away my winter blues...  hope you are all enjoying the beginning of a beautiful new year... and looking forward to a glorious Spring...  like me...  oooh, time for more tea and my cough syrup...  chat with you all soon!...  xoxo...  Julie Marie


  1. Oh I do hope you get better soon ! I am counting down spring on my blog now as I await and plan for it this year . I am planing what I want in my flower gardens and planing our raised veggie garden Papa will be building and what we want to grow in it ! The weather here is mild and will be getting a bit warmer and rain by weekend , I can see the green grass now as the snow is melting ! Fill your house with blooms of all kinds that may help with the winter blahs! Have a good day !

  2. Those flowers are so gorgeous! I wish I could box up some sunshine and send it to you:) I would keep chugging orange juice and getting lots of rest. Feel better soon!

  3. Hi Julie, Im so sorry you have been so sick :( Dave has had that really long cold too and I was up half the night with Savannah being sick with a fever and stuffy nose :( Im sure Im next!! I hope you feel much better soon!! I too have the winter blues. I always do after Christmas. Im trying to fill my home with signs of spring as well as look at lots of spring pics and ideas on pinterest, lol.
    Love you sweetie and your garden pics were gorgeous and sure lifted my spiris on this dreary, grey cold day!

  4. So pretty. I hope you feel better. Drink fluids, wash your hands, rest. You are doing it all right my friend. xo, olive

  5. Dear Julie Marie

    Praying for you to feel better soon. Get lots of rest and thank you for leaving our hearts with such a beautiful post my sweet friend. Wish I too could send you someof my California sunshine

    big hugs

  6. Sorry that you aren't feeling well, I'm sure it will pass soon. Your garden flowers are beautiful ! Take care...

  7. I know these pictures from last summer must have been a pick me up for you. Having lots of houseplants help me along with the winter doldrums. I know you will feel better once the cold is gone for good. Then get out, go somewhere fun so you can look forward to coming back home to a cozy little house! :)


  8. I am so sorry that you still have that cold dragging you down, Julie Marie. However, it is wonderful to take a walk in your garden where everything is blooming and lovely. I wonder if your Heartsease is the same thing as my Johnny-Jump-ups? They look similar.
    My girls just left for home-There are going to be three tired little school girls tomorrow. They are usually tucked in and sound asleep by 8:30 our time.
    I hope you got some good rest today- I am coughing all over AGAIN tonight- after 3 or 4 days respite. Crazy-this "bug". xo Diana

  9. My dear Julie Marie,

    I am so sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. I do hope you get to feeling better very soon.

    Your pictures were a delight to look at - thanks for sharing :)

    Hugs to you,

  10. Oh dear me! If you have had this cold for more than ten days then it is not a cold but an infection of sorts. As we shiver, I am thinking of my antipodean cousins in NSW, faced with temperatures of over 125*F!!! Looking ahead, with your beautiful photos to Spring . . can it be so far away now?
    Do feel better soonest, and if no improvement is felt, then do see someone about it, you might need antibiotics.
    Deb C♥

  11. Just gorgeous! Those images from your garden are fantastic. What beautiful flowers. Do most of them serve the winder and lie dormant? I love lilacs. I once had a row of lilacs (while renting a place in France when Lucas was a baby) Oh, there was nothing like them. That perfume. Thanks for sharing! Sorry I laugh about the sock ;) I did hear that Vics Vapor rub on your feet wit socks is soothing too! Feel better! Enjoy your Brandy!

  12. I'm so sad that you haven't felt well. This has been such a rough winter. Love all your pretty photos! Hope to see you soon!

  13. So pretty! Hope you are feeling better. Take care and keep warm. Kit