Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some of my best friends are books...

I have posted before about how as a child, I was painfully shy... my sister was of course my best friend...  she still is...  as a little girl, many of my friends were books...  I loved reading fairytales and make~believe, especially when many of the characters were little animals... all of God's real life precious little creatures were also my friends...   maybe that's why I feel such a kinship with author Beatrix Potter... I have read and loved her Tales my entire lifetime... I already knew alot about the lady, but wanted to know more...  today, these two beautiful books I ordered arrived... they couldn't have come at a better time...  I have had a nasty cold since right after Christmas, and been nesting inside in my jammies with a cup of tea by my side...  this morning our temperature was 7 degrees...  brrrr.... can't wait to get in bed tonight and start reading these...

Don't you just love that cover photo of her home...  sigh...  I could sooo live there!...  the photos inside look just as enticing, and the other book is sub~titled "A Life in Nature"...  can't wait to learn more about this incredible lady I have adored for so many years...  in a previous post here, I showed you some of my little vintage Beatrix Potter porcelain figurines...  I told you that on Christmas morning, I put a bid in on Jemima Puddleduck for $9.95 never in my wildest dreams thinking I would win the bid...  well, I did!... for $9.95 and was elated!... I have seen them going from anywhere from $125 to $200...  she is Beswick England from 1948 and in mint condition...

Another of my new ones is Hunca Munca Mouse, Royal Doulton England 1951... isn't she adorable with all her little babies!...

Here is Peter Rabbit himself, Beswick England 1948...

And the adorable Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail... Beswick England 1954...

Yes, I am still a little girl...  and not ashamed to say so... books, Nature and all of God's precious little creatures have always been such a huge part of my life...  and always will be...  and besides...  they make me smile...  okay...  I am off to bed to read...  nite nite!...  xoxo...  Julie Marie   Linking this post with "Be Inspired Friday" with my friend Debra at Common Ground...


  1. I really love getting new books and then having some quiet time to savor them. This will help pass the time while you are under the weather. I love your figurines! What a very sweet collection!


  2. Those are precious, I love the Beatrix Potter stories...
    Hope you feel better soon...stay cozy

  3. Lovely post . My best friends were our farm animals , pets and wild life when I was a kid , books and sketch paper as well . Now my best friends are Miggs , Harley , books wild life & blogs . Hope you feel better soon .

  4. Oh and I cant forget my camera that is also my best friend ! lol

  5. I love those stories too. Hoping you are feeling better soon.

  6. Oh- I love them, too, Julie Marie- They have always been some of my very favorite characters. I have a couple of their figurines and I will have to post them. I also have a small anniversary piece....I was going to say 100 years but that can't be is a small Peter rabbit with a little sign. I will have to look.

    I hope you enjoy your books- I am also a book lover- xo Diana

  7. "There is no frigate like a book" . . they are my best friends too, and I often revisit those magical books from my childhood, such as Heidi, Little Women, Anne of Avonlea and so on. There are times I don't like starting a new book because I'm still sharing the lives in the book I just finished; it can be quite a shock to the system.
    I knew those are Beswick as soon as I saw them, they have their own recognisable and unmistakable qualities that set them apart.
    Feel better soonest! DebC♥

  8. Books are my gift to myself every Christmas. Nothing is more special than having the opportunity to sit, read, and enjoy.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  9. Susan Wittig Albert has written a series of books based on Beatrix Potter and her animal friends. I ordered them from Amazon and loved them all especially the talking animals. I love your figurines.

  10. precious! And the figurines are adorable :)

    Hugs to you,

  11. Gorgeous collection of Beatrix Potter figurines! We have a little collection of B.P. books from the 80's. Each week a new book was introduced at the gas station, and with a required amount of gas purchased, you could buy a collectible book. My daughter was very young at the time, and of course, I wanted to introduce her to the wonderful world of Beatrix Potter ♥

  12. Love your collection! I hope all is going well with you in the new year. El

  13. Hi Julie Marie,
    Oh I am so excited for you and your new books. They look so wondeful to curl up with and read. Love your newest treasures too. What a wonderful collection.

    So hope you are feeling better with your cold. take good care and have a nice weekend. Stay warm.
    Love you, Celestina Marie

  14. Julie Marie! Wanted to come over and wish you a happy new to you! xoxo, tracie

  15. Oh my so lovely! I just love B. Potter. I will have to look into those books. Cold and sunny here. :) Kit

  16. I am so glad these came at a perfect time for you. Sorry you are not feeling well, though. I hope you enjoyed them all curled up tonight! Isn't it fun to get packages in the mails?! Feel better!

  17. Oh my friend, how I love Beatrix Potter also. Her drawings are just so magical. I'm sure you've seen the movie about her. Darn, can't think of the name right now. The first time I saw it I just wanted to climb right in and live there. I painted some wooden figures years ago. I need to pull them out again. So happy that you won the bid. And what a fantastic price. Both books look like such a fun read!

  18. I love her, too! Just ordered the larger of the books a few months ago & love it so much! I'll have to get the other, as well...

    Love your sweet characters--perfect! Still being a little girl myself, I understand perfectly...

    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, dear friend...


  19. You have some precious things. Lucky you winning the bid!


  20. Julie Marie dear cousin,

    You should ALWAYS be a child-at-heart.

    I too love Beatrix and have been working on a book about her for children.

    I have the Lear book, but not the other one. Must get it. I loved spending days at her beautiful Hill Top in Near Sawrey. A dream come true.

    Get well dear and do send us your real mailing address so Jeff can ship my bird book to you.



  21. Oooh my! I am loving your Peter Rabbit collectibles. I too have a fondness for Beatrix Potter.

  22. Hello Julie Marie,

    Oh, how I love to see posting about Beatrix Potter. I have the DVD Movie called Beatrix Potter and it takes me back to such a very lovely era. I also have At Home with Beatrix Potter and Beatrix Potter A Journal. I really really love this one. BUT I have not lovely treasures of Beatrix Potter "Friends" I will have to see if I can find some treasures too.

    Hope you are feeling better. I just discovered your blog today. So very lovely Hugs Judy