Sunday, January 20, 2013

Keeping a Garden Journal...

Do you keep a garden journal?...  I have kept one for the past thirty years... as I fill the pages in one, I start a new one...  sketching out my gardens...  jotting down little notes...  making my wish~list of new plants and flowers come Spring... my gardens are not really big, like I used to have at our little farm I have posted about...  but I fill every single inch with blooms... and my wish~list seems to get bigger each year...  I simply must have flowers...  everywhere!...  do you?... and I don't always follow gardening do's and don'ts...  many plants that say they will not grow here actually do just fine...  and then there are those that are supposed to do well here and don't...  I rely on my own gardening knowledge...  passed down to me from my mama, my grandmother and my great~grandmother from the time I was a little girl...  did you love gardens as a child?...  I did...  most times, I could be found in our gardens...  and that still holds true today...

There is just something so soothing to the soul to sit and make plans for my gardens this time of year... seed catalogs have already begun to arrive...  and I linger over them for hours... I browse through my favorite gardening books and always see something I want to try this year that I haven't planted before...  I plan and dream...  plot and scheme...  making lists of flowers for my containers for our front porch... and for my hanging baskets... keeping in mind which flowers will bring more butterflies and hummingbirds to my gardens...  I don't use sprays or pesticides...  and our yard is certified a Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation... I noticed the little garden center down the lane and around the bend from me is already bustling with activity in their greenhouses...  they won't open until mid~to late March...  but I am usually their first customer... I can hardly wait until I see their sign out that reads "Pansies"...  for then...  Spring has surely arrived...  but for now...  I will finish sketching the rest of my gardens...  and look back over last years notes... smiling as I read on a warm Spring day that my Bleeding Hearts were in bloom...  xoxo...  Julie Marie

"The kiss of the sun for pardon
the song of the birds for mirth
One is nearer God's heart in a garden
than anywhere else on earth"
 ~ Dorothy Frances Gurney


  1. Lovely post ! I have started a garden journal a few years ago and do the same as you just plant what I like and let mother nature take its coarse of whether they are to grow in our zone or not and usually they do well ! I just received my spring seed catalogs and am so looking forward to planning my gardens ! Have a good evening !

  2. I am so ready for Spring and a beautiful garden, I haven't done mine for almost 3 years. Thanks for sharing

  3. I started a garden journal years ago, but it seems so hard to keep up on it. I love the idea of it though, and will continue to TRY keeping a garden journal..

  4. I got my appreciation and love for plants and gardening from my dad. You have totally inspired me to plant more and have more flowers this year. I have tried to simplify my yard since we are busy with little ones, etc. but I think It's time to garden with them like my dad did with me. Lucie would love it! I love the idea of a journal too!

  5. Like you, Julie Marie, I kick the bucket of conventional and garden as I'd like, never minding those who say, "it won't grow here." But, they have grown here : ) I love your sweetie Tessy. So glad you rescued her!

  6. Such a wonderful thing to do, Julie Marie...I've kept one in the past, but haven't for some time. I think I'd better give it a go again!

    I love the poem you used at the end of your post--one of my favorites...

    Wishing you a perfect garden-dreaming day, dear friend...


  7. What a wonderful thing to do and I am sure it's always a joy to look back at previous journals :) I do love flowers - they always bring a smile to my face. I don't keep a journal, but you have inspired me to maybe start one this Spring. It's a lovely idea!

    Thanks for sharing and have a sweet week.


  8. Good Morning Julie-Marie, I started a garden journal last spring at your suggestion, I believe. I have not always been faithful to write everything down but I do have the flower garden sketched out. That is helpful and I do remember to write new plantings most of the time. xo, olive

  9. I don't keep a garden journal but I did start a photo album of the plants that I plant to keep up with them and how to care for them. I love flowers but as I get older I do mostly hanging baskets and potted plants, they are just easier for me to take care of.

  10. Hi Julie, Such a precious thought. I will try the journal idea this spring, because I love gardening and also it will help me remember what the names of plants and flowers are! Thanks for the wonderful idea!!! xOxO Pam

  11. Hi Julie, you have such a beautiful blog. I especially love the rose bouquet in your last post! My name is Delisa and I am 49 years old and live in a rural town in south Georgia. In recent years because of some health conditions I haven't physically been able to go out and garden the way I did in years past. I used to keep a garden journal and had beds filled with flowers. I do miss it. Something that I have been doing recently is making a garden "wall" in my studio/sewing room. I have collected hundreds of beautiful photos of gardens, and roses and I am making a collage, covering the three walls in an upstairs, alcove window, seating area. It is so cozy. I love to sit in my chair and gaze at them. My current favorite flowers are pink roses, especially large cabbage roses! I also love to knit and crochet, write and take afternoon tea. :) I hope you have a lovely evening ahead. Delisa :)

  12. Just saw your feature in Romantic Homes Magazine over at proud for you! Your photo's were gorgeous...hugs, Penny

  13. I love your garden journal! I used to keep one, and still get great pleasure in looking at it. It's so fun to plan the flowerbeds ahead of time, when it's still cold, isn't it? Thanks so much for your visit, I'm so very happy to hear that you are still enjoying the little rose bowl you bought from FrenchGardenHouse each that! xo Lidy

  14. Hi Julie Marie, I just love this post and make me dream of the springtime and gardens to come. Yours is always so well planned and taken care of by your loving hands and knowledge.
    Love your journal. I do keep one and it has evolved over time with many changes because it is so hot here. It's trial and error most of the time before you develop what works growing and what does not.

    Our pansies are doing well right now and will thrive till about late May or June when it will be too hot for them here.

    Inspired by your post my friend and looking forward to springtime too.
    Thank you also for your sweet comment on my GYB post. You are very special to me and I am blessed by your friendship.
    Love, Celestina Marie
    p.s. thank you for the sweet little note. Made going to the mailbox extra special. XO

  15. My dear Julie Marie,
    My grandmother (my dad's mom) was an excellent gardener and my sweet Mami is an excellent gardener...unfortunately I think the gardening gene skipped me :-( I do wish I was better at it. I love how much you love your garden and how every year you anxiously look forward to gardening. Spring will we here before you know it :-) Sending you a great big hug. Oh, and Briana says thank you for your birthday wishes.


  16. How lovely that you journal your gardens. I want to journal so many things and yet once I start, I can't seem to keep with it. Winter is our growing season as during the summer it is way too hot for anything to grow. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Tammy

  17. A post that brings me such delight Julie Marie. I too am dreaming of Spring. I have wanted to keep a garden journal and have never done it. Can you believe that? On my to do list this year for sure. I sketched out what I wanted to do in the garden when we moved here, but just on a piece of paper. Can't wait to see and share our gardens and photos this year!