Thursday, January 17, 2013


Are you like me...  and dream of living in a little old rose~covered cottage?...  I just read my sweet friend Amy's post at My Shabby Bungalow and how she loves little houses...  me too!...  the butterflies in my garden love their little cottage in the roses in the Summertime... it's small... and cosy... surrounded by Fairy roses...  what could be more enchanting...

Jack and I built our darling little farmhouse in the 80's and lived there for thirteen years...  we sold it when greedy developers bought up all of the surrounding countryside and put in cookie~cutter look alike houses, churches and schools...  forever taking away our country atmosphere... we didn't want to live in a subdivision...  we loved things the way they were when we built out in the middle of nowhere...  here's my little farmhouse... before everything changed...  I still miss it...

The home we live in now is nice...  I have called it a "farmhouse" or "cottage" although it is not on a farm like my one above was... it's not a big house... and it's only 5 years old...  but we have made it old~fashioned...  Jack and I could actually live in  a smaller house for just the three of us (Tessy too of course!)... our home is full of "farmhouse~cottage" things from the past thirty years or so...  and I love them... lately I am seeing so many beautiful old farmhouses in magazines and blogs, actual working farms...  I love them too...  but I don't think I would want to work a farm again...  we did not have farm animals at our little farm, but I had HUGE gardens...  every kind of flower and vegetable you could imagine...  orchards, a vineyard, berries,  herb gardens...  it was ALOT of work...  I enjoyed it then...  but now, I want something on a much smaller scale...   my cottage gardens I have now are just right for me...  I must have roses...  especially pink ones...  wherever we live...

Pink roses in my garden last Summer

And I love old~fashioned front porches...  the kind you sit out on on cool Summer evenings... watching the fireflies and wishing on a star...  I do that now... perhaps I will just add a few more old~fashioned touches to our own porch this year...

A cosy corner on my front porch several Summers ago

There are two sweet little cottages just down the lane and around the bend from us where we take our Nature walks each day... we love both of them and would love to live in either one...  well...  neither one is for sale right now...  but we are keeping our eye on them... you never know...  plus, our little town is full of charming quaint little cottages nestled in amongst farmhouses and open fields...  like my friend Amy, I love the really old, small cosy homes... ones with wonderful little nooks and crannies...  leaded glass windows...  gingerbread on the front porch and a screen door that slams... I have no desire to own a mansion on a hill... I'm no fancy nancy...  and I would rather have roses than diamonds...   looking around my home this morning... in the early morning light,   it said cosy... and welcome...  and cottage to me...  and if we never move from here, I am content... for, like so many things...  it is a way of life as much as anything... my bedroom (below) is full of family photos and flowers and special gifts from family and friends...  I love that Amy keeps pictures her children have drawn for her all over her fridge...  these are the precious things that make a house a home...  

These are some of my most favorite books... they show a number of different homes...  some farmhouse looking, some cabin looking...  some even ranch styles...  but according to The Cottage Book,  they all have several things in common that makes them a cottage...  "simple, cosy, intimate, personal and relaxed... they counter the trend to the bigger is better school of modern life"...

Which do you prefer...  a bigger house...  or a cosy little cottage?...  we all have our own style...  mine just happens to be a cosy little cottage...  hmmm... my home does seem plenty cosy... and comfy... and full of things I love...  maybe just some re~arranging of things and some fresh flowers to brighten up these cold and snowy winter days...

 My front porch last Summer

Soon it will be Spring... and my roses will be clamboring up all around my front porch... and my old~fashioned cottage gardens will be in full bloom... and besides...  home really is where your heart is... and right now...  my heart is here...  also,  I want to thank all of you once again who have left me such wonderful comments and sent me emails about my blog being featured in the February issue of Romantic Homes magazine...  I am still over the moon about that...  and I adore you all!...  xoxo  Julie Marie 


  1. Cute made me smile. Bigger is not better. And I like roses, but this farm gal loves her daises and sunflowers. Simple pleasures are the best.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  2. Lovely post and photos ! I love the English cottages in the countryside in England .This farm house is an old farm house one of the originals of the village built in 1895 it was a school house before. It is a small farm house but we love it , the land that the other houses around us are on belonged to this farm house but now we have an acre of the original land the houses have fairly large property's . Have a good day !

  3. Since of two houses vastly different in size and age I know what I like. Our very old 150 plus year old house has 13 foot ceilings and is enormous. I cannot keep it clean and it costs the earth to maintain it so we have stopped. The yellow house is newer and much smaller. It has small rooms, low ceilings, a field stone fireplace, a wood stove, and a flower garden and yard I adore. For me the smaller yellow house is far better. It is somewhat cottage like and we like that. The yard and gardens with my roses bring me more joy than I can ever express. Our neighbors are wonderful too.

    The house that you and Jack had in the country was lovely. That garden is quite beautiful.

  4. I would love to live in a big old farmhouse with a barn, some chickens and a goat (to keep the grass down!). It would have to be updated and in good repair as I live in an old house now and something is always falling apart. If I can dream, I want to be specific! lol!

    What a shame you had to leave your farmhouse. The town I grew up in and the surrounding farms have all been taken over by a big expressway, shopping, hotels, restaurants...I don't even recognize it any more.

    I love your pretty little bird cottage. I actually saw some sparrows go into one of my birdhouses yesterday. It's much too early for that! Keeping warm maybe?


  5. I'm definitely a cottage girl. I was always in love with the grey ones you'd find on the OR coast. White trim, peeling gingerbread, surrounded by rose bushes and rhododendrons a mile high. I dream about them all the time!

  6. Hi Julie, Im so happy my post inspired you! Your farmhouse looks almost identical to bunny rose cottage!! I miss that house so much. There is nothing like a small cozy cottage to come home to. You should take some outside pics of your house now! I dont even know what kind it is :)
    Love and hugs,

  7. The cottage you built in the 80's is adorable! You have such a knack for making everything beautiful. Thanks for sharing. El

  8. Hi Julie Marie, Well I love this post. Yes, I love a cottage and being surrounded by roses. We have over 60 rose bushes here now and it keeps growing.
    Your farmhouse is darling and I love the gardens in front. What a perfect spot. It's sad the developers had to come and change things.
    Your bedroom is gorgeous and I know you are carved out your farmhouse to be cozy and inviting.
    I love a house that does not look like every one on the road. That's what makes ours special. We searched over 50 homes to find it and finally we did. No grand staircase in the entry, no grand open floor plans, just old time rooms and the stairs in the back of the house. Rocks and roses all about and it's just perfect. Not too big or too small. Just a story and a half cottage in the west.

    Lovely post about the love of cottages. Much love, Celestina Marie

  9. Hi again Julie, I just love your new pretty photo. XO CM

  10. What a beautiful little cozy home! I would love to have a little farmhouse one day out on a small bit of land for chickens and more room for a garden. Love your pictures.

  11. Beautiful, Julie Marie! I love our home now...a larger than we've ever had, but not too big. And we designed & built it, which I love. But the gardens--that's just about my favorite part. I think I feel the same way you do about roses & diamonds--although I DO love diamonds!

    I see the same thing happening in our area--all the beautiful farmland disappearing for "improvements". Just so very happy that all the lovely farmland immediately around is seems here to stay--at least for a long time to come. And the gorgeous hills that fill our view behind us are all permanent grazing land--green & lovely & covered with cows. We love it!

    Your poem is in the mail, dear friend--hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


  12. I am amazed at the many diverse housing senarios and people who blog from mansions and cottages.

    My next "retirement" home will be a cottage for sure!

  13. Dear Julie Marie
    What a beautiful heart warming post! I love the love that your home shares with us. My home is old and not large either but it is filled with love. Thank you for writing the beauty of whats inside!!


  14. I love cozy cottages, too! Not too small, not too big! Your home is so pretty and inviting. Love the roses, I wish I could grow them!

  15. Love your post,it just put me in a good mood, so warm and cozy. I too love cottage style homes and pink roses,roses of all colors. This is my first visit to your blog but will visit again.

    Have a tea-lightful-day!