Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yes... I am daydreaming of Spring...

Another Christmas has come and gone...  I hope yours was beautiful... ours was just right... could not have been any better... the snow started Christmas Eve day and is continuing as I write...  I know we have alot of winter ahead of us...  but once Christmas is over...  my thoughts turn to Spring... I know I am not the only one...  my sweet friend Amy at My Shabby Bungalow  feels the same way I do...  we love flowers and bunnies... and birdies and nests...  and woodland critters... and the warmth of the sun on our face...and Valentines and Easter... and the sweet smell of blossoms... 

I just can't help it... I know somewhere out in my garden underneath all of this snow, my sweet little violets are shivering and shaking...  like me...  wishing for a nice, warm sunny Spring day...

No...  I do not want to wish the time away... and I treasure each and every moment of every day...  but... I  really don't like cold and snow except for Christmas... it happens this way every year at this time... I am anxious to be in my gardens once more... so, today I will be putting away all of my Christmas decorations, and doing some cleaning house...  I love to get a "fresh start" with every room dusted and vacuumed...  and some little touches here and there of the Spring to come...  Santas and elves will be replaced with birdnests and dried roses in jars... just little touches really...  but they make my heart sing...  stacks of garden books and seed catalogs are placed by my favorite chair next to my fireplace...  ready to linger over with my garden journal in hand and a nice hot cup of Lady Grey at my side... Tessy is playing with her new toys and Jack is reading some of his new books he received... a nice, warm cosy day inside...  spent relaxing after the hustle and bustle of Christmas...  the calendar may say it is winter...  but my thoughts are swirling with beautiful images of Spring...  xoxo...  Julie Marie


  1. I feel the same way! We had snow here in New Mexico for Christmas was beautiful....but, I'm ready for spring too! Hugs, Penny

  2. Enjoy your cleaning and refreshing my friend. None of that is going on here. Glad you had a relaxing Christmas. hugs, olive

  3. Oh, Julie Marie I'm so envious of you. I am too pooped to lift a finger. My tree may have to change to hearts and flowers before it comes down! But oh how I'd love to have that fresh clean start, too.
    Wishing you a happy and blessed new year.
    Big hugs,

  4. Although I live in a warm state, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who "spring cleans" the day after Christmas! My tree is down, decorations being boxed up and things are being put back to normal...for me, once the day is over, it's over!

    Enjoy your cleaning!

  5. Querida amiga espero lo hayas pasado super, que estas fiestas te llenen de creatividad tus manos y de paz, amor y esperanza tu vida, recibe mi cariƱoso abrazo.Besos.Olga.

  6. Hi honey! Glad you had a nice Christmas! Yes, I am sooo ready for spring, especially since we are getting a ton of snow right now, lol. I cant wait to see baby bunnies, and all the flowers and such that come with the rebirth of spring! Like you, I will have spring inside my house until I can enjoy it outside :) As soon as we have our Christmas Sunday, I will take down all of my Christmas decor. It is funny how tired of it I get by the time Christmas is over, lol. I am glad I have you to share my love of spring with :)
    Love you lots sweetie pie!

  7. Hi Julie Marie! We are getting lots of snow here... and it is very pretty. BUT> I too, am dreaming of spring. Give Tessy hugs for Gracie and me and tell her to enjoy playing with those new Christmas toys.. she is so lucky to have you!

  8. I start thinking of Spring right after winter, too, Julie Marie. I went over and met your friend and signed up to follow her blog.

    I can't undo Christmas because we have one more get-togethers with the girls so I will do it after that...but I would be happy to start taking stuff down today....or tomorrow- I am beat today!;>) Blessings to you- xo Diana

  9. Lovely post. I am also dreaming of spring. I love Christmas...but once it is is total spring for me.


  10. I am so with you! Just walked home from the bus in sleet. Not a winter wonderland. How soon can spring come!

  11. Oh....I am so glad that I'm not alone in my pining right now, Julie Marie. :) Even though I absolutely loved my Christmas decor this year, I'm soooo ready to embrace spring and not look outside at the snow until I hear the first robin chirp.

    I pray that the new year bring you joy, peace, and an early spring for all of us. ♥ Hugs to you, sweetie! I'm so glad I met you here in blogland.

    xoxo laurie

  12. I am also looking forward to spring and a milder time of year. Right now we don't have snow here, but it will come, I'm sure. The Christmas tree is still here, but before New Year all the Christmas "stuff" will be put away, so we can make a clean start on a fresh year... :-) Happy New Year!