Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wishing on a star, Beatrix Potter, Daydreams, Foxy Whiskered Gentlemen... and more...

January is almost here... a new beginning...  full of beauty and promises of delightfully enchanting things to come... the Long Nights Moon was beautiful... the next  morning, it was still full as it hung high in the sky above the Great Salt Lake just to the west of us...  the weather has been terribly cold and snowy here in my little town... so much so that our Nature walks have been shorter than usual... it started snowing Christmas Eve Day and been pretty much constant ever since...  almost two and a half feet now...  but just getting out and walking down the lane is so very intoxicating to me...  Jack and I try to identify little footprints in the snow...  which critter is it...  a squirrel?...  a mouse?...  the snow has blown until it is hard to tell...  the deer had a party in our back yard last night...  from the looks of their hoofprints in the snow, they surely must have been running around playing tag!... there are treats out for them...  apples and oranges... and they must be sneaking into the birdfeeders as well... for seed is scattered about everywhere!...  but that's okay...  our little family of Quail will come later and nibble it all up...

My Fairy Rose

I have tried really hard this year to like winter... but I must admit, it has been very hard... so...  I have been doing alot of things to keep busy until our beloved Springtime arrives...  it won't be too awfully long now...  maybe...  I hope...  there are Valentines in the stores now...  and most of the magazine covers speak  of Spring... looking out my window at the mounds of snow...  I do wonder if it really will come... but of course it will!... I must be more patient than I am...  I am not a patient person waiting for Spring...  are you?... I have been doing alot of reading these days...  I love to read...  and my choices vary...  I post often that many days, I am still that 10 year old little girl...  so on those days, I get out my treasured copies of my favorite books from my childhood... I printed out a copy of my beautiful Fairy Rose above and made it into a bookmark for me... little things help remind me of my gardens that too are anxious for sunshine and warmth... what are your favorite children's books?...  Beatrix Potter has got to be at the top of my list...  her stories are so sweet and simple... and I love everything having to do with England, her home... I think she and I would have been best of friends...  what with my love of Nature and all of God's precious little creatures, you know... and ever since I was a little girl I have always named all the little critters too... and I am English on my mama's side of the family... I have posted often about being French on my daddy's side of the family, and I am equally proud of my English heritage on my mama's side... and all of my ancestors from "across the pond"...   how fun to let my thoughts drift away... imagining some of my ancestors actually knew Beatrix Potter...  and visited her at her home, Hill Top in the Lake District... and they sipped tea together whilst she sketched little critters for her books...  sigh...  I love to daydream... do you?...

Beatrix Potter's Home Hill Top
 Photo Google Images

My love of her Tales lead me to another love...   precious little vintage porcelain figurines of her famous storybook characters...  I have a small collection... and am saving up for more... most of them are very old...  let me introduce you to some of them... that's one of my collection of her books in the background...  a teeny miniature set of twelve of her Tales...  first, here is "Foxy Whiskered Gentleman"... Beswick, England 1954...

Next, "Mrs. Tiggy Winkle"... Beswick, England 1948...

"Mrs. Rabbit"... Beswick, England 1951...

And "Little Black Rabbit"...  Royal Albert, England 1989... I bought several new (old) ones actually on Christmas Day on Ebay but they have not arrived yet...  I placed an opening bid on Jemima Puddleduck for $9.95... mint condition...   never in the world thinking I would win the bid, as they go for close to $200...  I forgot all about it until I came home from my sisters on Christmas Day and yikes!...  I won it for the $9.95!...  most people are not like me and looking at Ebay on Christmas morning I guess...  I am a "lucky duck"...  tee hee hee... 

Ooh,  the kettle is whistling, so it must be time for my tea...  wishing you all a beautiful beginning to a brand new year next week...  I don't make resolutions...  but I do make plans...  and wishes... and daydreams... do you?...  let the child in you come out...  my favorite saying is posted on my sidebar...  it has been since the beginning of my blog...

"You aren't just the age you are
you are all the ages you ever have been" ~Anon

Me age 1~2

Life is too short to not be happy... laugh every day, even at yourself... giggle even... be silly... keep a picture out of when you were a child... then be that little girl once more...  often...  take time to notice the smallest of things... a furry little squirrel in the snow, a glorious sunrise... a full moon at night... make plans... write them down... do something you love...  I love to sketch Nature and carry my little sketchbook on my Nature walks with me...  I also  plan on writing a childrens book this year...  I have always wanted to...  and since 13 is my lucky number, perhaps 2013 will be just the year to do so...  wish upon a star... then blow kisses to the wind ... wherever your daydreams may  take you this year...  I hope it is a most happy place... like mine... xoxo...  Julie Marie  Linking this post with "Be Inspired Friday" at Debra's place Common Ground...


  1. What a lovely post. I live in Stoke-on-Trent and funnily enough have just been to town today. Beswick's potbank was in my town but the original factory was demolished a few years back. We still have some of the bottle oven kilns dotted around.

    I have a few of the figurines and I also love Brambley Hedge too. Its nice to know people still appreciate the china my relatives would of helped to make all those years back.

  2. This is such a sweet post...Your books and figurines are precious. I still have some of these little books and some dishes from when the girls were little. We adored Beatrix Potter. She is timeless.

    I do hope you write that children's book, I think it will be magical!


  3. Do you have the biography of Beatrix Potter? I have read it several times. Her life is terribly interesting. She loved nature and animals just as you do.

  4. What a sweet post with all the promise of spring, oh so near. Good luck with your have a way with words.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  5. I love this post! It made my eyes tear up:( I'm English but we emigrated when I was only 8, so I find myself longing for things from my childhood...Beatrix Potter being one of them. Mrs. Tiggy Winkle was my favorite! I just loved her cozy little home and pictured myself stumbling upon it:)

  6. A lovely post . I love winter walks in the snow as it is falling . I like to see all the little critter foot prints as well and figure out who's they are . My mum was a collector of Beatrice Potter to now my sister has it all lots are from England from relatives . I was raised on our farm with all these types of fairytale as my parents were British . I like taking winter photos when it is mild out and walking in the woods with Miggs . I try to keep myself busy in the winter by reading, blogging, watching movies going for walks and watching my birds in the back yard or planning my gardens for the spring . Have a wonderful day !

  7. Oh my what a great deal you got! What did we do before Ebay?? I love your collection. Stay warm! Kit

  8. Oh! Look! How! Cute! You! Are! You were just an adorable child, Julie Marie. I love all your sweet musings today. I am with you- waiting for Spring while enduring Winter.

    I have the whole Beatrix Potter collection of little books. I read them to my kids every night when they were little. I had several figurines, too, and a few of them got broken during a move. How sad is that?!

    Blessings to you and Happy New Year- xo Diana

  9. Amiga, deseo para tu vida mil bendiciones, mucho amor y lo principal salud.Que en el año nuevo tus proyectos se concreten, que tus sueños se cumplan que la esperanza te llene y que la fe sea tu bastión, que lo pases divino, una gran idea lo de escribir un libro, si lo haces te deseo mucho éxito.Besos.Olga.
    I wish you lots of blessings, love and health.I want you to make true all your aspirations with faith and hope. It is a great idea to write a book. Good luck! Hugs. Olga

  10. I just adore you, Julie Marie...such a wonderful idea. I have never thought of having a picture of myself as a child out. I really want to do this. I love your quote and remember reading it when I first found your blog!! I am so glad you got the winning bid. You really deserve it! If you get impatient and feel restless, I remember watching a whole PBS mini-series, maybe a Masterpiece theatre special, based on the life of Beatrice Potter. It was years ago. I loved it. Spring will be here shortly!!

  11. How cute are you! And a little poser just like Tessy. p.s. I am in love with that fox collectible! Love the colors in it!