Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter's Beautiful Secrets...

Don't you just love the quiet glow of a wintry night?...  I know I said I am not a winter person...  and I still prefer Spring, Summer and Fall...  but when I walked around our home last evening, turning on our trees and lamps...  I loved the soft winter's glow on my desk in our bedroom...  casting shadows that danced about on the walls like beautiful ballerinas...  maybe even the Sugarplum Fairy from the Nutcracker this time of year... I felt so cozy and warm in my little quiet corner...  perhaps I do like winter afterall???...  I sat down and wrote in my gratitude journal for the day, then jotted down my list of things to do...  all in good time...  no hurries...  just enjoying the moment in my secret winter's glow...  I love secrets, do you?... Tessy and I share secrets all day long...  I call alot of things in my life "secrets"...  as I feel like they are something special...  a precious gift just for me...  but then, I cannot ever  keep a secret... can you?...  see, I had to share my secret winter's glow with you...  but that's okay... because, you see... I know you love secrets as much as I do...

Do you have a special place that is yours alone?...  a place to write, to read...  to daydream?...  we all need such a place...  surrounded with things we love...  precious photos and little trinkets...  pretty paper to write on  and a favorite teacup for a soothing bedtime cup of tea...  a place to let our cares drift away and let the wintry glow fill our hearts with only good thoughts...  I cherish this time of mine in quiet solitude...  life can get so hectic and overwhelming at times...  taking the time to sit quietly...  sorting out what is important in life... and what is not...  what really matters...  and counting my blessings seems to make everything right with the world for me...  a little time spent in quiet solitude surely must be a secret to a happy life as well...  yesterday afternoon, in trying to keep my promise to myself to simplify this year, I decided not to buy yet another tree for my vintage pink ornaments I showed you in my previous post...  but they were so dreamy I wanted them out...  I looked through my secret stash of things I already have and decided on a large apothecary jar of mine to put some of them in...  I tossed some of my dried pink roses and petals from my garden in the bottom...  a cushion of sorts...  as many pink ornaments as would fit...  then an angels kiss and a wish... sprinkled with another handful of roses for good measure...  some vintage lace around the top...  to  me it is simple yet  beautiful...  and it didn't cost me a penny... I am proud of myself for not buying anything more... and promised myself that next year I would simplify even more so...  a little at a time... I scattered the rest of these pale pink beauties here and there around our home... tucking them in vintage china teacups or placing them on pretty vintage silver trays...

This morning, I awoke early as always... while  Tessy and Jack were still fast asleep... I slipped on my favorite old robe...  you know the kind... even though you have a nicer newer one, you always reach for your older shabby cozy one...  mine is lavender colored and lovingly worn...  it's my favorite of all...  made my morning cup of coffee and slipped quietly outside with it to greet the morning...  what beautiful secrets does the early December dawn hold for me...  I didn't have to look far... there in my cottage garden...  that just several weeks ago was covered with almost three feet of snow...  were the teensiest tinest ittiest bittiest of my sweet violets blooming...  just for me... I snipped a little bouquet...   I couldn't wait to put my little secret violets in a pretty tiny vintage parfum bottle for a vase...  and of course...  I had to share my secret with you...

Tessy has a winter's secret today too... ( besides her pretty new hot pink neckwarmer)...   can you tell how much I love this dog...  our precious little abandoned stray that was a gift from God to us last year... my little shadow and best friend... she knows who the winner in our giveaway is...  and she is like me... she wants to share her secret too...  she says the winner is beautiful Patti at Ivy and Elephants...  Patti...  please send me your mailing address and I will get your package out priority mail today!... 

Thank you all so much for entering my giveaway...  for  your visits, your lovely comments... and for our special friendships...  wishing you all many beautiful special wintry "secrets" today too...  xoxo...  Julie Marie



  1. Tessy is so precious! I love when you put her picture up :) Your pink ornaments look perfect in the glass dish - I love it! I think my spot to be alone, think and daydream would be my craft room. There are pictures of dear family and friends hanging on the wall, books I love to read, and all my girly crafts and decorations :) I love to just sit in there with coffee and soft music playing.
    Have a wonderful Monday, my friend!


  2. What a sweet girl Tessy is! I too love the pretty winter glow that Christmas lights cast on this time of year-so magical! Have a wonderful week!


  3. Tess looks so cute in her pink winter warmer ♥
    Congratulations to Patti!

  4. I'm so glad you found a place for those vintage ornaments! They look so pretty! And Tessy does, too, in her pink scarf! It's so nice that you found some blooms outside your door...that's truly magical! Maybe your paperwhites are next! :)


  5. You showcased your pretty pinks in such a lovely way. Congrats to the winner and give Tessy a hug from me. She makes me smile!

  6. Hi dear one, I love seeing all your special touches in your home. I also love your sweet Tessy-her scarf is wonderful and you sound just like me when describing your devoted pup.
    Happy Holidays to you, the Lord's blessings on your family.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Hi Julie-Marie, the pink ornaments in glass are gorgeous. I think my flower garden is my little place. Joe is tasked to go there sometimes but usually it is me and the cat toiling away and enjoying every minute of it. Speaking of the cat he has shredded my robe. Tessy is darling of course. Oh, and Shelley decided to bathe in a swamp yesterday. That was a bonified mess. xo, olive

  8. OMG!!!! Julie I'm jumping up and down and bouncing all around, I can barely contain myself!!!! I won!!!! I am beside myself with joy, you and Tessy are the dearest, and I can't begin to thank you enough. I know just what I want to do when I receive my treasure. (A little secret that I'll share later).
    I love the gorgeous display featuring your vintage pink ornaments, the glass adds the perfect amount of sparkle without detracting from their beauty.
    Big hugs and many thank you!

  9. I can't believe you found sweet violets blooming just a couple of weeks ago!
    Everything is looking beautiful, Julie. I, too, decided not to buy more this year- I hope to get simpler and simpler each year. I say that but do I mean it?;>
    I have a front sitting room that is my "escape" place and I am doing a post on it this week-
    Blessings to you. xo Diana

  10. Thanks for visiting Diana... actually the snow was two weeks ago... I found my pretty little violets blooming just this morning!

  11. Hi Julie Marie, Your beautiful violets are so pretty and this time of the year it is a little unusual, but not impossible with the crazy weather we have been having. My favorite place is my front room in a big chair. I usually have my embroidering there beside me and have the tv on even though I may not be watching it. It is basically for company. I really enjoyed reading your blog this evening. Have a beautiful week. Your Missouri Friend.

  12. Such pretty photos and I'm in love with Tessy. She is so cute!!! p.s. I love the top you are wearing in your sidebar photo!!!

  13. I bumped into your post and I just loved it! I, too, have a small secretary where I dream, write and read. I love it so much. Your words were a breathe of fresh air today, really needed that!
    Your pup is adorable, my Kim sends puppy kisses.
    P.S I see several of my blog friends here ;)

  14. Hi Julie Marie,Your Tessie is the cutest dog with that pink warmer around her neck. I don't know what I'd do without our Lab, Maggie. She's my best companion and knows all my secrets too! I really enjoyed this post. I love your style of writing, it's so inspirational. Congratulations to your winner, Patti! By the way, did you receive the ring? Hope all is well with you and have a wonderful week!


  15. Hey Julie Marie! What an absolutely adorable pic of Tessy! She looks all cute and shabby chic in her new pink collar. :) I love the way you styled your pretty ornaments with the rose petals, too. What a beautiful idea! Hope you are doing well, sweetie! Sounds like you are truly enjoying the December snow. :) We're still waiting (though not breathlessly lol!) for some down here.


    xoxo laurie

  16. Hi Julie Marie, Congrats to the winner of your giveaway.
    I love the winter glow of home too and also enjoy my special corner to write, read and dream away. In fact I have several and like to visit each one from time to time.
    Love your jar filled with ornaments. Tessy is a little doll in her pink scarf. So precious!

    I had to smile about the robe. I have a soft lavender old robe too, and I grab it before others. It's the comfy one and like an old friend.

    Enjoy the evening and sending hugs your way.
    XO Celestina Marie
    p.s. how wonderful to have blooming violets! So pretty!

  17. The winter glow,How sweet is that.It sounds so beautiful.I wish it would snow just a little down here.Right now it israiny and warm.But thats Ok.nature is nature.
    Tess looks so lovely in her pink scarf.You take such wonderful pics of her.I am so happy you found each other.
    Merry Christmas Julie Marie,
    Marie Antionette

  18. Hi Julie!

    Love your sweet post about "secrets" (we all have them) and the Christmas mood you have created in your home - Beautiful! Your photography is so good Julie, are you a professional? If not you should be.
    Tessy looks so cozy and loved. Hugs to her from far away!

    Big hugs to you Julie! Sherry

  19. My goodness! You have lots of secrets! But, I'm so glad you shared them--even though I'll have to watch you closely not to give mine away! lol
    Christmas Blessings,