Monday, December 10, 2012

Vintage Ice Skates Tell a Beautiful Story...

Several years ago, I did a post here about the yard sale I almost didn't go to...  it was a treasure hunters dream...  mine... but it was real...  everything there was 25 cents...  nothing more... the family of the vintage man who had passed away were all there... along with fifty plus years of a lifetime of beautiful treasures...  I came home with my SUV packed to the brim...  everything from a Roseville cookie jar to Bavarian china to a Red Wing pottery bowl...  for real...  25 cents a piece...  I told the family these things were all very valuable and they should think carefully before  parting with them... especially for those prices...   they thanked me and said they had each taken all they wanted and wanted these things to go to good homes... so...  many of them did...  mine...  among the boxes and boxes of goodies, I found two beautiful vintage pair of ice skates...  one was a tiny child's size and the other a ladies pair...  they were white and in immaculate condition...

My dear friend Celeste of Celestina Marie Designs paints vintage ice skates...  and I knew I wanted her to paint something for me...  I sent her both pair of skates...  gifting her with the small child's pair for herself and asking if she might paint mine when she got a chance... no hurry...  the Summer passed quickly...  then Autumn came and went that year... and before I knew it, it was almost Christmas time... I had actually forgotten that I had sent Celeste the skates that past Summer...  then,  a box arrived for me in the mail... and inside...  were my beautiful vintage skates...  coming home to me...  a gift from Celeste...  with her magic touch on them...  she knows how much I love my beautiful surrounding countryside... and "my" barn which is just down the lane and around the bend... Jack and I walk past it every day...  in winter...  it is like something from Currier and Ives... I stop to photograph it every time we walk past it...

So, Celeste fashioned my ice skates after my beautiful barn...  putting her magical touches on them as only she can do...

She could tell from the fur inside of them and the type of blades, etc that they were from the 40's, my favorite era... she painted the small ones for herself with her signature pink roses... and they are just stunning too!...  the blades on mine now glisten with sparkly glitter and she added faux fur around the tops...  they are much too precious to me to put outside or even on our door...  so they sit nestled on a little shelf in my hall tree just inside our entryway...  the first thing everyone sees as they enter my home...

You know my vintage treasures all have a story to tell...  whispers from the past, I call them... and these beautiful skates are no different... close your eyes...  and listen closely...  for they are whispering of Christmases long ago...  and a beautiful lady and her little girl... another time...  another place...  skating across a frozen pond...  giggling and laughing...  the air frosty and delightful... giddy with anticipation as Christmas Day nears... Believe in the magic of Christmas!...  xoxo...  Julie Marie  Linking this post with Patti and Paula at Ivy and Elephants for What's It Wednesdays, Jann at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson for Vintage Christmas and Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Fridays Vintage Christmas...

This picture has absolutely nothing at all to do with this post... but  it's cold and snowing hard here today...  so Tessy wanted to show you all her pink and beige sweater, pink neckwarmer and stocking cap she's wearing to go walk down the trail today!... I love my little girly girl sugarplum!... she makes me smile...   


  1. They are precious. Celeste does beautiful work.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  2. i was going to say they look from the 40's . How beautiful of a job Celeste did . We have country crafter's here in the area that do the same thing on just about any surface and have a shop in town, it is a remarkable craft . Lovely photos and post . Have a good day !

  3. Oh, I love your stories Julie Marie, especially this one! That family wanted their treasures to go to wonderful homes...and their skates did! I won a giveaway at Celeste's and now have some of her beautiful hand painted ornaments on my Santa loves the Ballet tree. Hugs, Penny

  4. I love all your posts Julie Marie, but this was one of my favourites!
    Your painted skates are a real treasure ~ and look amazing with the sweet painted scene. Celeste did a fantastic job.
    And your gorgeous barn ♥ And then, of course, adorable Miss Tess!

    Have a wonderful Monday ♥

  5. What a wonderful and heart warming story. Celeste captured your passion in that painting.

    I can't believe you found those pieces for a quarter, but the family wanted it that way and they shared their bounty.

    What I really love about this story is that YOU cautioned them that their things were valuable treasures. Not many people would do that.

    Sending love,


  6. I'm sorry but if I ever come to visit you this time of year you will have to check my coat on the way out- pat me down if you must because those skates will surely have gone missing. Those are the sweetest skates I have ever seen. "Your" barn has never looked better! I love that Celeste- she is so talented and as nice as can be to boot....those things don't always go hand in hand. Blesings. xo Diana

  7. Oh My Sweet Friend, What a surprise to come visit and read this post. You know, I actually forgot about these skates. I do that you know, once something leaves me to live in another home, I don't think of it again. How kind of you to feature them today and your kind words. I am so glad you enjoy these precious skates from the 40's. They were a joy to paint and looking at them now, the scene looks so cold and wintry. No wonder sweet Tessy has her coat on!! LOL
    I also have displayed the tiny pair from you that I kept for my pink and white shabby room. I think of you when I look at them kept out all winter long. They remind me of my first skates growing up in the north. I guess I always wanted a pink pair, and now that I paint, that dream came true.

    Thank you for stopping by and your visits today. I was at a holiday lunch with Ann. I am home now and catching up.
    Thank you for sharing your skates.
    Much Love~
    Merry Christmas, Celestina Marie

  8. Oh my gosh...the skates are more than divine! I'm speechless. Truly beautiful my friend and you are right...straight out of currier and ives. BEAUTIFUL!

    I love Miss T's outfit. :) She makes me SMILE!

    Love to you~


  9. Those stakes are just amazing! Your friend Celeste did a beautiful job!! I had a pair of light blue stakes with faux fur on the top when I was a kid, I wish I still had them. Thanks so much for stopping by, Laura

  10. Hi, What a beautiful job Celeste did on your skates-yum is all I can say!!! I also love Tessy neck warmer and hat-so adorable! I would love one for Hunter, I did put on his fleece today when we walked because it was so cold out. Have a wonderful day my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. Hi Julie Marie
    The ice skates and the love behind them is my favorite part. What beauty in it all. And your sweet Tessy well she is a doll as well. Hope you are having a wonderful week my sweet friend

    hugs to you

  12. Julie Marie, these are absolutely precious! Love every little detail!! The added fur makes them so warm and cozy. I can see why these would not be put outdoors. What a fantastic sale. I have never heard of such a thing as everything 25 cents. So glad that you went. I would love if you linked this to my Vintage Christmas decor party on the 13th.

  13. Oh Julie Marie,
    The skates turned out beautifully. What a talented lady Celestina truly is. And how cute is Tessy!!! Just adorable. Thank you for being a sweet friend.

    Much love,

  14. I think those skates were waiting for you (and Celeste) to make them into something magical. The story, the gorgeous art. . .all so beautiful! Love them.

  15. Julie-- I have never seen vintage skates that have been painted before- these are absolutely stunning!! I have several pair in my attic--- hmmmmm-- I wonder if your friend might like to paint on mine????

    A truly lovely story and your photos are gorgeous!!
    Happy Holidays sweet friend--

  16. I just love your story... Your friend did a gorgeous job on your skates. What a treasure!

  17. Your story is just wonderful. I would have been beside myself with joy at the 25 cent yardsale...amazing. Their things couldn't have gone to a better home. Beautiful post.

  18. Oh those skates are gorgeous! Wow she did a fantastic job. You are one lucky girl! Kit

  19. I love your skates. What a great idea. I love your beautiful barn, blessed you.
    Merry Christmas.

  20. Hi Julie Marie, I am featuring your precious ice skates on Share Your Cup later today.

  21. Hi Julie Marie, Fimally got a chance to visit I enjoyed reading your posts, love those white cowboy boots those are sharp! The artist did such a gorgeous painting on your skates, their beautiful! I love that photograph you took --it would be so pretty framed and it would make such nice cards, Tessy looks sweet in her sweater!!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!!