Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Softer Side of Christmas...

The decorating is all done... honestly it  took me several weeks to do it all...  and I will admit it...  I am tired!...  but it is a good tired...  a feeling of accomplishment... and  everything really does look beautiful... a winter wonderland inside for sure...  elves and Santas from Christmases past mingle with angels and reindeer from Christmas present... sooo...  I took my own little "holiday home tour" last night...  but there was just one home on the tour...  ours... and just one person on the tour...  moi...  well...  one sweet little doggie took the tour with me... hoping there would be refreshments at the end of the tour!...  Jack has already taken the tour...  about fifty times I think...  every time I do something he hasn't seen...  he must take the tour all over again... tee hee hee!...  

 You know me...  I love it all... the trees, the ornaments, the elves and Santas...  the memories... especially the memories...  soon...  Christmas will be here... with cookies and spiced cider...  and pumpkin pie and Christmas candy... and children's laughter... and glittery lights on all of the homes...  I want to savor every single moment of it... I want to linger by the flickering fire... I want to sing Christmas carols... I want to walk up to the old~fashioned tree lot just down the lane one more time and breathe in the Heavenly smell of fresh cut pines... and gather more boughs...  the nice man who owns it is the same one who has his veggie stand there all Summer along with his flowers and plants he sells...  he lets me take the boughs he has trimmed off of the trees when someone wants one shaped up a bit...  how fun it is to carry an armful home with me...  back down the lane...  around the bend... as my home comes into view...  I can't wait to find the perfect spot to arrange these beautiful finds...   I must take him a little box of my homemade brownies as a thank~you...  I love kind people!...

The girls turned in our Angel Tree gifts yesterday...  sorry...  I did not get a chance to photograph what I bought my two "sugarplums" as I didn't think we were turning them in until next week...  cute little outfits for both the little boy and little girl... a pink rose covered tea set and Barbie for my little angel girl and a truck and an Army set for my little angel boy...  a pink cupcake fleece blanket for little girl...  a red snowman blanket for little boy...  plush reindeer stuffed animals for both...  and Christmas candy for each... must have candy at Christmas time...  I hope my little "sugarplums" have a Merry Christmas too... 

I do believe I have shown you all of my decorations... I know I have done many posts...  seems I always do this time of year...  but my beautiful vintage soft pink ornaments nestled in a jar filled with dried pink roses and petals  from my garden seemed to reflect the mood I feel right now...  the softer side of Christmas...  angels and snowflakes... Bing crooning White Christmas...  sugar cookies covered in pastel sprinkles... cozy flowery jammies... a warm cup of tea in a vintage chintz teacup...  and a feeling and prayer for Peace on Earth... wishing you all of these beautiful feelings as well...  xoxo... Julie Marie


  1. Julie Marie, I know what you mean about wanted to savor the season, I feel that way too. The light pink ornaments are so pretty... Have a festive weekend.
    Ciao for now...

  2. Julie Marie, your jar full of pink pretties is just that - pretty! Love the roses and touch of lace. I too love the smell of fresh pines. Every year hubby and I head down to his dads to give his pines a good trimming. I fill every thing I can on the porch. Love that smell! Wishing you a very wonderful holiday!
    p.s. Wish I could have joined you ant the cute pooch on that tour.

  3. Julie Marie- I am so happy to come here and hear your sweet stories and see all your soft and pretty decorations. I always feel soothed and comforted coming here- Blessings to you- xo Diana

  4. I just love your posts... so heartfelt and such a joy to read! What a beautiful way to display your Christmas balls in with your dried roses. Gorgeous!

  5. Julie your words are so soothing as they paint a beautiful picture of all that Christmas should be.
    I love it.

  6. Hi Julie,
    You are making everyday a treasure and memory to cherish. I love this post and the reminder how peaceful it is to stay calm, enjoy the moments and receive a blessing.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Christmas Love, Celestina Marie