Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sugarplums... and Angels... and Family... and Friends...

What a beautiful...  enchanting... magical time of year... happy thoughts filled my mind today as I drove to meet my sister and the girls...  the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy softly playing in my car as I drove along the little back roads...   first we hugged then talked and  laughed and giggled as we sipped coffee and ate breakfast at a favorite little cafe...  then we were off to shop for our special adopted angels for Christmas...  we each had two angels from the Salvation Army's Angel tree... visions of sugarplums surely fill these sweet little angels heads this time of year too...  and we all think all little children need to know they are loved... especially at Christmas... our family has been so blessed all of our lives and nothing can compare to the feeling in our hearts knowing maybe...  just maybe...  these precious little angels will feel blessed at Christmas as well... before we went to shop, I gave my sister and  all of the girls these little Sugarplum Fairies I made for them...

I started calling my little adopted angels "sugarplums" as I do not know their names...  just their ages... gender...  and the few little special gifts they are hoping for...  my angels are a little 2 year old girl and a little five year old boy...  we all had so much fun shopping for our little ones...  I will post what I bought for my sugarplums in several days... then give them to the girls to turn in for Christmas...

As I drove back home, I played my cd over and over of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy...  picturing in my mind two precious little children excited with their gifts from "Santa" Christmas morning...  I also thought of a very special friend of mine...  her name is Amy Arnaz...  she is a beautiful ballerina and she and her husband Desi own the Boulder City Ballet Company and the historic Boulder City Theater in Boulder City, Nevada...

Beautiful Amy
 (I snatched this from your blog Amy!)...

Every December, her ballet company performs the Nutcracker at their theater...  this year however, Amy was not able to choreograph everything as she had a knee replaced this past summer...  so they will not perform it this year...  I called Amy to chat with her for just a bit today...  she has a beautiful blog called Insights From the Magic Tutu,  however has not posted for a bit as she is still recovering... so Amy sweet lady... this post is for you...  full of love and sugarplums and all things happy!...  Several years ago, Amy gifted me with this beautiful little ballerina...  my very own Sugar Plum Fairy...  she sits out year round with another beautiful ballerina she sent me... and at Christmas time... I do believe she comes to life as sounds of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy softly drift through our home...  and dear Amy...  my wish is that you too will be dancing again very soon... as I know how much you love your ballet...  and all of your precious ballerinas...    

So my day was filled with beautiful things...  family and friends...  happiness and love... angels and sugarplums...  tonight, I shall make a cup of my favorite tea this time of year...  can you guess what it is???...

Sending happy thoughts and visions of sugarplums to you too... and always...  always...  believe in the magic of Christmas... xoxo...  Julie Marie

"He who has not Christmas in his heart
will never find it under a tree" ~Roy L. Smith


  1. Hi Julie Marie
    I love love this sweet post. How precious it is. Wishing you the best holiday season filled with love and friendship more than your heart can hold


  2. Those are so sweet...I should make one for my grand daughter..she has been in ballet for about 9 years, and loves everything ballet! Hugs, Penny

  3. Oh my tender hearted friend what a totally magical post, leave it to you to make me feel all warm inside....

    Big hugs~

  4. A sugarplum of a post! I remember the Salvation Army's appeal from my much loved time living in America. Not having my own wee ones to buy for I adopted several angels.
    I will never forget driving 65k's over snow covered lava fields in Iceland to attend a Christmas concert because they were playing excerpts from both the Nutcracker and Swan Lake, then driving home in a near blizzard along the North Atlantic Ocean coast road. Angels were guiding me that dark night!
    Celestial Seasonings tea was one of my favourites too! The art work on their boxes told you something magical awaited inside!
    Your posts just keep getting better.
    Nadolig Llawen!
    Deb C♥

  5. Thank you Julie Marie!
    Your Sugar Plum blog post is wonderful. My knee is healing just fine but I'm still not graceful and that bothers me. I hobble a little bit. Our theatre is lonely this year without our dancers rehearsing and presenting The Nutcracker. Thank you for thinking of me and using my photo in your post. Sending you hugs & love & my best wishes for a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.
    xoxo Amy

  6. Julie-- such beautiful pictures!! YOU are the angel my friend-- for your generous giving to the children. I can't wait to see what you bought!! The pictures of the sugarplum fairies are gorgeous!!