Monday, November 12, 2012

The Heart of the Home...

Do you know Susan Branch?...  I have known her for years...  not personally, mind you, in the literal sense of the word...  I have known her through her books and calendars, stickers and cards... her newsletter and blog...  but she is one of those ladies who you just feel like you have been best of friends with your whole life... even with all of her fame,  she is down to earth... and real...  I love her  home...  she lives on Martha's Vineyard and it is there she writes, paints, gardens, crafts, cooks, loves animals, keeps her home beautiful, irons, hangs laundry out to dry...  every day, ordinary things...  but with her extra~ordinary zest for life...   her kitchen is sooo cute and cozy and inviting... especially with her sweet kitty Jack waiting to greet you...

 Photo courtesy of Susan Branch

I love that her kitchen is real, just like her... with utensils sitting out, ready to use... pots hanging from a rack... and her stove...  oooh what I wouldn't give to have a stove like hers...  her kitchen is not staged...  this is how it looks all the time...  homey and wonderful!...  I love a red and white kitchen, with alot of other favorite colors mixed in as well...  as I read her blog, I see alot of things she and I have in common...  my kitchen is red and white too... and like Susan, I love my vintage dishtowels and potholders...

  Photo courtesy of Susan Branch

I also love that traditions are such a huge part of Susan's life... (mine too!)...  every year at Thanksgiving, she makes her grandmothers stuffing... in her big yellow vintage bowl...

 Photo courtesy of Susan Branch 

Every year, I make Jack's Nana's dressing in my big yellow vintage Bauer bowl...

Photo by me

Her collection of china is just beautiful!...  I love that she mixes and matches all sorts of colors and patterns...  favorite flea market finds for the most part...

 Photo courtesy of Susan Branch

I especially love her little vintage  elephant creamer...

Photo courtesy of Susan Branch

I have it's little sister kitty creamer in my kitchen... (they are both Shawnee)...

Photo by me

Her beautiful vintage dish towels hanging out to dry in the breeze...

Photo courtesy of Susan Branch

I wish I could say I had a clothesline like she does... but I don't...  I do have a vintage wooden clothes  rack I hang mine out on... so,  for now, I will dream about a real clothesline... I enjoy her blog so much, I wanted to share some of it with you...  all of her photos are marked as such and are used with written permission from Susan, as well as her permission to do my post about her...  I hope you will visit her...  if it is your first visit to her blog after reading my post, please tell her Julie Marie sent you!... thank you Susan... for your inspiration and kindness... and for sharing your charming way of life with all of us!...  xoxo...  Julie Marie


  1. I love Susan Branch's blog and have loved her stuff for years. I bought a boxed collection of her greeting cards and sparingly sent them to friends over the year because I loved them so dearly.

    I LOVE hanging clothes on a line- xo Diana

  2. Hi Julie, I have always been a fan of Susan Branch too. She is such an inspiration.
    Everywhere I have lived my dear hubby has made us a clothes line in the yard. Sadly this house there is not a place, but he said recently he had an idea. I am excited and look forward to that next spring.
    Nothing better then clothes on the line.
    Thank you for sharing Susan's pics.

    XO Celestina Marie

  3. I haven't been to her blog. I'll have to check it out. Hey, we have the same kitty creamer. My grandmother gave me the set that includes the salt and pepper shakers and the cookie jar. I like the creamer the best.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  4. I to love her blog and follower her . I also love her Willard e-mail newsletter . Susan's art is amazing and beautiful as is she ! Have a good day !

  5. I just love her and visit her every day. And I have her books and her calendar. She is awesome and I can't wait for her England book. :) Kit

  6. I love Susan's blog, too, and sometimes I see your comments! She really is SO sweet and has come to my blog to comment a few times. As a young wife I started collecting her cookbooks and have tried a zillion of her recipes When we were in Martha's Vineyard years ago we ate at her boyfriend Joe's restaurant and I bought his cookbook as well, along with some T shirts. I am so looking forward to her new book coming out!

    Thanks for a great post and pictures!


  7. Hi Julie Marie
    I love how you share your love for Susan. Its so wonderful to see others bloggers who truly love the talent of another and share their inspiration with us! I wish I had a clothes line!

    Have a wonderful week!

  8. How fun! Thanks for sharing. That photo of the clothesline makes me happy on this cold day.

  9. Hi Dear Julie Marie!
    I have missed you, too! I'm glad to be back, and you blow me away with that gorgeous clock on your header. OMG!!! You know it is a weakness of mine.
    What a sweet post, I am definitely going to stop in a visit her blog.
    Her work is amazing!
    Big hugs to you,