Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paperwhites and Jeanne D'Arc Crocus...

Remember my little paperwhites I showed you here  just a little over ten days ago?...  they are the ones in the little vintage teacups...  the vintage sugar bowl and little tin planter contain Jeanne D'Arc crocus and mixed crocus...

Well... here they are today... can you believe how fast these pretties grow...  mine have buds on them already...  I have had them in my windowsill in our breakfast nook...  lovin' the sunshine warming them... I put them back in my bedroom chair for their photo op today...

The little Jeanne D'Arc crocus and the mixed crocus are just beginning to poke their little heads up...  I can hardly wait!...  pure bliss for us gardeners who already miss our flowers!...  xoxo... Julie Marie


  1. I agree, pure bliss. I am watching my amaryllis, healthy green leaves, no stalks yet.

  2. Beautiful Julie-Marie. I did not get any paper whites but I did pick up a pink amaryllis and potted it over the weekend.

  3. My gosh- That is crazy how fast they are growing! They are beautiful- xo Diana

  4. I love paper whites. They are so delicate and pretty. Enjoy your little winter garden and I hope you post photos of them once they bloom.


  5. Oh my how they have grown ! I cant wait to see them in bloom how lovely ! Have a nice day !

  6. More than bliss...


    For me...I'm just enjoying my Mr. AGPMan HOME and PRESENT with NO SCHOOL. I feel like I got my life back!

    Love you~R

  7. Wow! They sure grow fast.

    Puppy Chow is made with Chex Rice Cereal, Peanut Butter, Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips and Powdered Sugar. It is a wonderful treat that is a big hit with the kiddos and adults alike.

    Have a great week.

  8. Julie Marie
    i love how beautiful this post is. You always inspire my heart, so very lovely. Have a blessed week dear friend.


  9. I so enjoy seeing your Tessie all dressed up in her pretties! We have two rescue pups (a westie and a belgian malinois) and they are my best buddies! I am a passionate gardener as well here in Colorado so I think we probably have a lot in common....I have yet to get my paperwhites potted for this season. I try to stagger potting times so I have them coming along through the winter.

    I have enjoyed your posts so much - it is obvious that you are a nature girl!

  10. They are looking very good! It's so nice to bring a little of the outdoors in!


  11. I have yet to grow paper whites. Yours doing so well is exciting. I'm a great gardener outdoors, but a little challenged indoors.

  12. Purely Bliss Julie, They are such fast growers. Love them and the darling photo vignette.
    XO Celestina Marie