Thursday, November 1, 2012

November, Nature Jars, Nesting, Vintage Christmas... and other "stuff"...

Somewhere after Halloween has come and gone...  and before the hustle and bustle of Christmas fully begins...  November slips in quietly... a gorgeous month here in my little town of Centerville...  filled with it's own beauty and uniqueness... remember my treasures I gathered from  the trail I showed you here?...  well, here is my Nature jar I made with them...  I love how this one turned out...

I hope you can see all my sweet treasures inside...  it is sooo hard photographing anything in glass!... I pressed a pretty oak leaf from our walk and tied it  on the lid with raffia...

Even this old ladder propped against a 100 year old tree wearing it's Autumn colors is beautiful to me... 

Tress that really are well over one hundred years old stand tall all along the lanes where we take our Nature walks...  silent sentries...  their bowing branches seem to be protecting this rural countryside of mine I so love... and all who walk beneath them..  the crisp leaves crunch as we kick our boots through them...  the smell of woodsmoke and pines and damp leaves fills the morning air...  to me, it is Heavenly... even the crows are happy today...  I love to hear their cawing and watch their antics...

 "My" barn is at her most beautiful right now... I pause every time we walk past it... and take "just one more" picture of it...

On our walk,  we were given three of these beautiful huge sunflower seedheads by a nice neighbor...

I had barely set one out back on a log, when one of my friends arrived for breakfast... so hard to decide which one to eat first...

 This one looks good... yum!...

The Hunter Moon on Monday night was absolutely mesmerizing as it rose above the canyon in the foothills just east of our home...  I could not take my eyes off of it...  the Hunter Moon is the first full moon following the Harvest Moon, which is the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox...

Back at home, I will leave all of my pumpkins and gourds...  Indian corn and such until after Thanksgiving... they still look so pretty... and I want Indian Summer to linger...

Tuesday Jack and I did hang our outdoor Christmas lights while the weather was nice and sunny and warm...  I will begin decorating inside in several weeks...  we always turn our lights on outside and our tree lights on inside on Thanksgiving Day night...  and yes, I will be getting out ALL of my vintage Christmas decorations once more...  it's a tradition... and I say it all the time...  I NEVER break traditions... and I don't... here are just a few of my vintage ornaments waiting to come out again this year...  there are more boxes and boxes of them to come... and yes, I will linger over each precious ornament and daydream about Christmases past...

But today, I will spend nesting inside...  cooking up something tantalizingly delicious for this first day of a month full of blessings and giving thanks... I am making Susan Branch's Pumpkin soup...  have any of you made it before?...  it sounds delish!...

and I will also crochet a bit more on my mufflers I am making...  aren't these Autumn colors of yarn just the yummiest?...

Oh look!...  a sweet little leaf I found on my kitchen floor... Tessy or I must have tracked it in on our feet from our walk down the trail...

It looks just like a little heart...  so special... a tiny gift of Nature left just for me... I shall press it and make it into a sweet little bookmark...  a reminder to keep all of these blissful moments close by in my heart...  wishing you a beautiful beginning to a most blessed month...  xoxo...  Julie Marie  Linking this post to Fabulous Fall Fun at Debra's place, Common Ground...


  1. Hi dear Cous,

    Yes, I had to laugh, you chose the same cottage that I just loved. It sort of looks like YOU!

    Love the photos and your "friend" feasting.

    I'm off to work with all the children.

    Jeff put a Red Cross link onto my blog. We used it last night to donate, but I guess you can't designate exactly where the money goes.

    Sending love,


  2. Oh your pictures are so delightful! My son and I enjoyed looking at them :) The squirrel is just too cute and the sunflower head was incredible! Loved the birds and pumpkin soup sounds just right for this time of the year. Have a sweet day!


  3. What a happy yummy post Julie! Love all the nature. The bird is so pretty with the sunflower! And I love the ladder on the tree too :) Pumpkin soup sounds so yummy! I cant wait for Thanksgiving dinner :) I have been thinking a lot about my holiday decor coming up. First time with the kids in three years!!! Cant wait :)
    Love you sweetie,

  4. A gorgeous post!
    The sunflower head will make for a wonderful feast for your feathered friends. We don't get many Jays in the garden anymore - maybe 3 or 4 this year. I put out peanuts all the time to try and attract them, but the squirrels get to them first :-)
    Your vintage Christmas collection of ornaments is fantastic ♥
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. What beautiful words and pictures. So many lovely things in that post, love them all, and that gorgeous bird, so sweet....
    Ciao for now...

  6. Oh sweets...I just love your pictures. You have turned into quite the amazing photographer and I'm so excited to see and read more. You bless us all. Love the blue bird snacking away. What I wouldn't have given to see her in person.

    About Steve graduating...

    Whew... Can't begin to tell you how happy we are it's over. So long in coming. A life-long dream that finally took wings. Too emotional to even THINK of our life returning to NORMAL. It's been crazy for 18 months. He was swamped with work and me, loneliness. Thanking God it's come to an end with SUCH a positive goal.

    Love you friend. Thanks for caring.


  7. The blue bird at the seed head is so wonderful. What a gorgeous image Julie.

  8. Julie Marie- I don't know which I like better-the wonderful pictures or the words that accompany them. Beautiful- You are just a lovely person-xo Diana

  9. Hi Julie, I adore your grounds and all the vintage looking surroundings. You have gathered precious natural elements into your keepsake jar. Love the pumpkin soup recipe, I think I may have to make this and be thinking I'm sitting alongside you reminiscing of things from long ago! What lovely things you bring to attention on what is truly important! xo's my friend! Pam

  10. Lovely photos Julie Marie. I love all the seasonal decorating that you do including the gifts from nature. I can hardly wait to see your vintage Christmas decorations come out to welcome the Christmas season.


  11. Hi Julie, What a wonderful autumn post with amazing pics. It is always so inpsiring to visit. Love every little detail. The birds having there yummy snack is just a special pic.
    I too will keep my fall decor around till Thanksgiving but begin with some lights that go on for Thanksgiving evening too.
    Yes, we are enjoying the fall season and today is glorious.

    So glad you stopped for a visit because my view in google has not worked in forever. Makes it hard to get around, but I am trying to see why this is not working for me. Just a bit frustrating. Makes me want to close my blog at times.
    Looking forward to your vintage Christmas decor once again this year.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    XO Celestina Marie

  12. I just found your wonderful blog and became your newest follower! Looking forward to getting to know you!

  13. Gorgeous photos, I especially love the one with the little bird eating the sunflower!