Monday, November 19, 2012

My Shimmery~White Winter Wonderland...

Today, I finished  up the last of my Christmas decorating and now our home is all festive... ready for the holiday season... and so am I!... for the past three years, since I began blogging in 2009, I have shown you all of my vintage Christmas which I have collected over my entire lifetime...  so, since most of you have seen it all already...  and it pretty much looks the same year to year as I place everything in the same spots, I decided in keeping with my promise to myself to "simplify" this year, I would not re~photograph and re~post all of it... if you would like to see any of my collection (and I have collected ALOT ever since I was a little girl!), you can either do a search on my sidebar for "vintage Christmas" or just bring up my November and December posts for those years...  I have alot of fun vintage if you have not seen it...   sooo... I am going to show you a peek at some of my other decorations this year... love this Mark Roberts Santa fairy all dressed in white with red boots and hat...

He sits in an all~white winter wonderland on my dresser in our bedroom...  Jack teases me that my village and Santas and all are "not to scale"...  small houses and BIG Santa...  oh well... it's my magical winter fairyland!...  Jack has a wonderful model train layout in his workshop~ hobby room that is all to scale and modeled after the 1940's...  my favorite era... I like my little villages just the way they are!...

These are all newer Putz houses and churches...  if you search my blog for "Vintage Putz Houses" you can see a bazillion of my old ones in previous posts...

I believe...  do you?...

I can hardly wait to turn on all of our lights  on Thanksgiving Day night...  so, I just had to turn the tree in our living room on tonight  and go outside for a look...  love this shot of my twinkly little lights on the tree through our little window panes  and sheers...  the bare tree reflected in the window is right outside of it in my front yard...

Thank goodness all of our snow has melted...  today was sunny and warm...  just perfect week of Thanksgiving weather!...  it can snow for Christmas!...  xoxo...  Julie Marie


  1. Beautiful wonderland...I love your MR Santa Fairy, he is too cute! Hugs, Penny

  2. Oh- That is so whitely wonderful and beautiful. I just love it, Julie Marie. What a magical spot you have created for yourself there.

    I gave my daughters and sons a lot of my Christmas collection this year...NOT my Mark Robert's fairies though--uh-uh...not gonna happen.

    It was bittersweet to part with my Santa collection but I felt like it was time to pass it along so that my kids could remember things from their childhood and their children could enjoy them, too.

    It is warm here. In the low 50's and we have broken records. We usually have a pile of snow by now...not this year. Works for me- xo Diana

  3. Stunning!
    I love the little birds on your sheer curtains ♥

  4. Hi Julie, Oh I just love your winter wonderland of white. So peaceful and calm. Your home is amazing and you have aleady decorated so beautiful. Yes, I am very busy, more the normal but trying to enjoy the season along the way too. Lar is off this week and he is helping me with so many projects before Thursday. We will begin decorating on Friday.

    Thank you for sharing your home and heart and a year of inspiration. Wishing you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving.
    Love to you, Celestina Marie

  5. All so beautiful, Julie Marie...definitely a winter wonderland at your house!

    Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving week, dear friend!


  6. What a beautiful snowy wonderland. Love your cute little Christmas elf.