Monday, November 5, 2012

My Autumn Woodland~Christmas Nature Tree...

After seeing Debra's cute Autumn Nature tree over at Common Ground, which will become one of her Christmas trees after Thanksgiving, I decided to put my own woodland tree up a bit early, and add some touches of Autumn to it as well... I usually don't decorate this one until closer to Thanksgiving, but this way all the little critters can be out sooner and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having still...

I am SUCH a Nature lover and have been gathering these little cuties for years...  most all of them are hand~carved out of wood and were bought at a favorite shop of mine that is no longer here, called "The Nature Company"... Jack made me the cute little knothole like wood ornaments simply by cutting some large branches on his saw, then drilling a hole in them and I put twine through them... okay, here's a little of my critter lineup...

A little outhouse in the woods... oops!... someones inside!...

 What?...  you've never seen a white seal in the woods before???...

 The next two, the little skunk and squirrel are all hand carved by Native Americans and were a gift to me from my sister Jill...

Debra told me that knowing me and my love for all God's creatures, I would probably have real critters in my tree...  feeding them and petting them... and putting bows on them... if I thought for one minute they would all get along, I probably would!...

 So...  here I am...  dressed as little red riding hood...  with my sweet little friend the big bad wolf... hey!... he's not so bad...after all, he was there in those woods first...  and he and all of God's precious little creatures are always welcome in mine!...  hope you enjoyed seeing my little Autumn woodland tree...

 I don't know about you all, but a Christmas tree is the hardest thing in the world for me to photograph...  never can get the whole tree in...  I scattered a few Autumn leaves underneath it, and I love how it all came together...  I may just keep it this way for Christmas!... xoxo...  Julie Marie and "the woodland critters"...


  1. Sooo adorable Julie! Love all of the sweetie pies. Especially the pine cone bunny in the outhouse :) Too darn cute!

  2. ooooh Julie, they are all adorable. The owls and the chipmunk are my faves!! it's so much fun, glad you had time to put it all together!

  3. What a wonderful idea . I love it all soo cute . I love nature and all its critters . Thanks for sharing with us . Have a good day !

  4. Love your Woodland tree, is it a table tree or a full size large one? It sure is fun and full of wonderful animals. A good way to get a head start on Christmas too, just change out the ornies:)
    Hugs Marilou

  5. Hi Marilou... it is about a six foot Alpine tree... I just cannot ever get a good pic of a whole tree!... thanks for visiting... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. I love your idea for a critter tree, maybe I will do that this year with a small second tree. I have collected lots of cute critters over the years.

  7. It really is delightful, Julie Marie! You have such a sweet collection of woodland creatures. I would definitely leave it up for Christmas!


  8. Julie Marie- That is just lovely. I was surprised to see how big your tree is because as I was looking at the ornaments I was thinking they were really small-like about 1-1/2". They are just darling and what a cute idea. Love it- xo Diana

  9. Your woodland tree is adorable. What a cute idea to decorate with for fall as we wait for it to be closer to Christmas.


  10. How adorable! I couldn't pick a favorite because they are all so cute! :) Love it.


  11. Love your Woodland Tree!
    Never too early to start decorating for Christmas :-)