Sunday, November 11, 2012

More of my farmhouse kitchen... and preparing for Thanksgiving...

After three full days and nights of snow, and almost three feet of the white stuff,  it has finally let up and my thoughts are turning back to our Thanksgiving dinner...  while I stayed inside most of those days, other than our walks and taking Tessy down the trail,  I decided to get my little farmhouse kitchen in better order to prepare our Thanksgiving meal...

I am posting alot of pics, so I won't say much...  (maybe???)... several posts back, I showed you my corner hutch in our kitchen that Jack took the doors off of for me, making it an open hutch that I love!...  I had always kept my blue and white china in it, but for Autumn put some of my Bauer bowls in it, then switched over to my white china with a touch of Fall...  but all white with no color is just not me...  and, I began missing my blue and white china...  so, I put much of it back in...  the Blue Willow belonged to my mama and it is the china we always used when I was a little girl...  a most precious heirloom... along with it, I put some of my other blue and white pieces I have gathered over the years... I will use my Blue Willow as always on Thanksgiving...

 I recently saw the twin of this sweet plate in Susan Branch's online shop...  I almost bought it too, but am happy enough with mine... I paid 25 cents for it years ago at a local thrift shop... don't you just love that little saying...

I love the look of it now with open shelves...  here are some pics of where I placed my white china and red and white pieces around my kitchen...  I love all of these colors together...  they make me smile every time I am in my kitchen...  which is alot of the time!... and to me, it just says "welcome" to my farmhouse kitchen... love my Lenox salt and pepper shakers and also my mix of cinnamon and sugar on top of my stove, ready to sprinkle on my  morning toast...

Now that my kitchen is all in order, I will make my lists of things I need and today go to the grocery store for Thanksgiving...  because of the terrible snow, I haven't been to a store in almost five days...  I love to plan our meal, making lists and being organized ahead of time so I can relax and enjoy the holiday... and all of the beautiful family traditions that go with it... are you getting ready for Thanksgiving too?... do you plan ahead like me... or do you wait until closer to the day?... I am craving my homemade pumpkin pie... and Jack's Nana's stuffing that I always make...  and... and... hmmmmm... I've always heard you shouldn't grocery shop when you are hungry because you buy too much stuff you don't need...  oh what the heck, it's the holidays!...  xoxo...  Julie Marie


  1. Your china looks beautiful in your farmhouse hutch! I love the history behind it. I'm sure you feel very sentimental when you sit down for holiday meals.

    I loved seeing pictures of your kitchen! Very sweet and cozy! I agree, don't go to the store when you are hungry! I bring a list and stick to it. Well, most of the time!

    It turned very cold and rainy here in Chicago and snow is predicted!


  2. Oh everything looks soo pretty ! I haven't seen those prints in years . My mum had prints like that on her china plates ! Love the history with it all as well ! It was spring like today which is very strange for this time of the year but will be getting back to it's normal temps by the end of the week ! Have a good evening !

  3. THREE FEET of snow???? Oh my gosh, Julie Marie! Incredible!!! And here I am whining because we're supposed to get some flurries tomorrow. lol! I loved seeing your sweet, cozy kitchen. I can imagine the warm Thanksgiving blessings that will be embraced next week. :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. Oh, I love all the blue and white!! I can't believe you've already gotten so much snow!! It might snow here tomorrow ... we'll see.

  5. Your hutch looks beautiful and so does ALL your china. I love the blue and white AND the red and white. I just talked to a friend of mine that is a constant thrifter and asked her to start looking for some red and white pieces for me. A few years ago it would not have turned my head at I love it.

    I am like you-planning way ahead and the kids laugh at me at just how much planning I do- It's the danged perfectionist in me! xo Diana ps. Could you PLEASE PLEASE keep that snow in your area?

  6. Love that last shot with the red and white china. I am starting to plan my menu for Thanksgiving. I will be excited to see my kiddo.

  7. Oh Julie, Your gorgeous collection is so very similar to mine that I love and adore. Love your red and white and I have a few like it too.
    Just love how you display your pretties. I could visit for hours.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie XO

  8. Looks like you are all ready. Love the blue in your hutch! Bring on the pumpkin pie!

  9. Hi Julie Marie, Im in love with your red vintage china, I love all the red and white vintage,if I ever changed my kitchen it would be that color -I love your blue willow display- Im the same I have my china in the open so I can see it too pretty to hide! Beautiful post- Sincerely,Jonny

  10. Hi Julie,Sorry for my english please.I´m from Argentina Patagonia.Your blog is beautiful and the post (all) gorgeous.Congratulation for your space.Your can visit me!.ADIOS!!