Friday, November 9, 2012

Hellooo Winter... Bye~bye Autumn!...

So...  I promised myself I was going to enjoy winter this year... I am not a winter person, but decided I would love all Seasons and the beauty they bring...  maybe I was crossing my fingers when I promised that, I'm not sure...  what I am sure of, is that we are getting pounded with snow right now!...remember the other day when I posted this sweet little birdhouse high up in one of my Royal Crabapple trees all dressed in her Autumn finery?...  well, here she is today... and baby... it's cold outside!...

The winds howled yesterday, letting us know that we were in for a big change in the weather...  it started as rain in the night...  torrents of it...  I got up and looked out at 0230, shivered, made myself a cup of hot chocolate and sat on my couch and watched it for a while...  the house was quiet inside, Jack and Tessy sleeping through the pounding of rain on the windows...  finally I drifted off to sleep...  then this morning... the rain had turned into snow... LOTS of it... and it is predicted all weekend long...  I must admit though, it DOES look beautiful...  as I went out to fill our birdfeeders for my feathered friends, I snapped some shots in our back yard...

Love how the snow and ice looks on the crabapples...

Our backyard is a certified wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation and I keep my feeders full year round, hanging up extra ones in the winter...  and we always provide fresh water for them as well... they have their choice of a number of delicious treats...  peanut butter suet is a favorite...  especially for the Chickadees and Downy Woodpeckers...  all of our winter birds are beginning to arrive and expect dinner waiting for them!...  they got it!...

Fruit and berrie mix in the tin roof for the Finches... and anyone else who sneaks inside...  our resident Blue Jay you have met often tries to get in there!...  he's a hoot!...  I'll try to capture a photo of him when he arrives later for his mid~day snack...

Mixed seeds and added sunflower seeds at the log cabin...  this is the Sparrows favorite diner...  they knock so much seed out onto the ground...  I think they made a deal with our resident Quail as the Quail quickly gather beneath the feeder and gobble up what fell out...  I think they are all waiting for the snow to let up a bit before they venture over here from the thicket down the lane...

Birdwatching is soo fascinating!...  a great Christmas gift for your little ones, or yourself would be Sharon Lovejoys new book "My First Bird Book"... you can click here to go to Sharon's blog or click on the photo of her book on my sidebar...

Niger (which is Thistle seed)  is probably the favorite seed of all out here...  I have counted at least seven birds on this feeder all at one time...  those naughty Blue Jays can't get anything out of this one... besides, they have their own peanuts and sunflower seedheads on the deck...

Well, feeders are all filled now...  and Tessy is ready for a walk down the trail... she doesn't like walking in rain, but she loves snow!...  here she is in her snugly leopard coat (faux fur, of COURSE!)... she likes to strut her stuff by the Sheltie Boys Boone and Nash who live down the trail...  well, I guess if you got it, flaunt it!...

 Wishing you all a beautiful day from my little winter wonderland...  xoxo...  Julie Marie
* Here's the dinner crowd arriving late this afternoon...  love these sweet little Lesser Goldfinches all puffed up to keep warm!...

Hey!...  no food fights!...


  1. Such an incredibly gorgeous post!!
    OOh all that Winter beauty (I LOVE Winter)and the first snowfall is always magical ♥
    Your garden is such a haven, how fabulous that it is certified as as such! I will look for Sharon Lovejoys new book for my grandbaby.
    And I can tell Tessy is feeling good in her faux leopard coat ~ just look at that expression :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend enjoying the snow xo

  2. It looks so pretty though ! I to am a bird watcher I love to photograph the birds as well ! Tessy you are a darling ! Stay cozy and have a good day !

  3. That is soooo beautiful, I wish I could look out my window and see snow! Your puppy looks so cute in his winter coat ; ).
    Have a cozy day
    Ciao for now, Mary

  4. Tessy is so glamorous in her coat, and I like your photos of the snow covered birdhouse and feeders. We are long time members of the National Wildlife Federation and their program for certified back yards is great, isn't it? That is neat you got your yard in the program.

  5. I love the first big snow! it must have been so peaceful last night, snuggled up with your cocoa, listening to the rain and wind. You've captured a wonderland with your pretty pictures. Send some our way! :)


  6. I can't believe you've got snow and ice already. Oh my gosh...

    Well girlgriend...your pics are MORE than beautiful. lovely. And Miss T...well, she's the bomb!

    Love you~R

  7. Your winter wonderland is gorgeous! We are currently enjoying 70 degree weather for the next several days until the colder weather sets in on Sunday when it is to be down in the 40's. Enjoy!

  8. Oh Julie Marie, I must admit I love the sight of first snowfalls of the season. Your pics are gorgeous and make me a little homesick too. Love all your feeders. We have our filled too and look forward to birdwatching this winter. My hubby is really into it and even can talk to the birds and they will answer. In the summer we sit on the back porch and the conversation begins. I love it as he clearly has a love of this communication.
    Tessy looks adorable for her walk down the trail. I love her little coat.
    We have a long way to seeing snow like yours so I will enjoy the pics of yours.

    Have a glorious and enjoyable weekend.
    Love you, Celestina Marie

  9. I don't think I'm ready for the snow and ice, yet. The older I become, the colder it seems to me. Nice photos, though. That's interesting that you are certified, I've considered applying for it. I provide for all the critters out back because they entertain me so.

  10. Wow. Just gorgeous. This just seems dreamy to me. We've had our first two cool days. The finches are just so sweet! Love the bird house in snow. I hope you really do enjoy it this year.

  11. The only way I get through Michigan's long, dark winters is by watching my little birds outside my windows, Julie Marie! We have so many different kinds and colors and sizes, and are a joy to feed and watch. :) Adored seeing your wintery photos today. Our snow is right around the corner!

    Hugs to you!

    xoxo laurie

  12. Beautiful pictures and I love the touch of snow on the feeders.
    Princess Tessy is wonderful in her coat,such a fashion statement

  13. OMGoodness! I can't believe you have so much snow already! We haven't had any yet. Your photos are beautiful. I love all your feeders! Blessings -xo Diana

  14. brrrr Julie, it's in the 70's here today. but the snow will be here soon enough. You're such a good birdie momma to keep everyone fed! love your photos, stay warm!!

  15. Gorgeous photos! Love that Tessy is keeping warm and super stylish. And she poses again. She was born a model.