Friday, October 19, 2012

These boots are made for walkin'...

I love boots...  and I love walking...  put the two of these together, and for me it is pure bliss!...  I wanted some comfy, casual boots that I could tuck my jeans in...  found these yesterday at TJ Maxx for $49.99...  great price!... they are so comfy and zip all the way up the back, making them really easy to put on... they're soft... and smooshy... they are by  Dolce Vita... ahh...  "the sweet life"...

I walk and jog~walk so much every day...  Jack and I take a 2~3 mile walk together every morning...  plus I walk Tessy another mile or so plus shorter walks throughout the day with her...  just recently I have added a little jog~walk back into my daily routine...  I don't run though...  too hard on my toe I had the stress fracture in this past Summer...  besides these, I take a daily Nature walk...  where my pace is slower... and my thoughts  are only of taking in the beauty of my little countryside and all of God's precious little creatures that inhabit it...  clearing my mind... letting all my cares just drift away...  sounds like I spend a lot of time  walking, huh?...  well, besides loving to walk, I walk for my health...  there is nothing better for your heart than walking...  you don't need to do as much as I do...  or some of you probably do more... but I want to be as healthy as I can... I fix really healthy meals for Jack and I, and Tessy only eats organic doggie food and treats...  she gets Newman's Own, which I have found to be the very best and only natural, quality ingredients...  Tessy wants to be a healthy girl too!... and she loves our walks as well...  besides being so good for your heart, it is the best thing in the world for a feeling of peace and contentment...  after I walk, I feel like taking on whatever my day has in store for me...   obviously I will not jog~walk in my boots, but they will be perfect for the trail and my Nature walks...  got a little extra time today?...  if not...  make some...  take a walk...  your heart will love you for it!... xoxo...  Julie Marie


  1. What a deal! My kind of boot, my kind of price. I love to walk, and if I could I would be out all day every day, regardless of the weather. Almost always I have my camera with me, so there is a lot of stopping and starting. You be careful and mind your toe! Deborah C♥

  2. Thanks Debra... you live in such a beautiful place... I would love to walk there with you... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Your boots are perfect! Just the right color and the heel is not too high...comfort is more to me than fashion. Great price, too. I'm looking for brown boots this winter. I'll have to check out TJ Maxx.

    You definitely walk a lot! I used to walk about 2 miles everyday for exercise and then fell out of it. I know I felt so good afterward, it energizes you! I need to get my feet in motion again!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. I love your new boots Julie Marie. Walking is good for the soul too. I know that you notice all the gifts along the way. Happy weekend.


  5. Those are beautiful boots for walking. I love the style of them.

  6. Love love the boots Julie Marie
    they are so daling on you! Have a wonderful weekend my friend


  7. Love walking and I am just building up to walking a couple miles a day...I use to walk 10 miles a day! I love the boots, wish I could wear them, after all my stress fractures and broken toes I am still only in tennis shoes.
    I have earth shoes I love.
    My Pippie is also natural fed we get canned for her.
    I also try to eat as healthy as we can if I could drop these extra 30 pounds.
    I work at it each day
    Enjoy your boots sweetie

  8. LUV LUV LUV your sweet new boots, Julie! They're just awesome, girl - and look so fabulous on you!

    Good for you for keeping up with the walking! I was a tooottttall slacker this week. Had someplace to be every morning. UGH! So, it's back to the routine tomorrow morning. Gotta stay with it....!!!! Have a great weekend, my friend!

    xxo laurie

  9. Now girl...I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wear these boots.

    I walk everyday. It keeps the 40lbs I lost last year OFF and it's good for my heart. I take Miss Mollie most of the time because at almost 10 years of age she is FAT! She has to lose 1 pound. Imagine that! ONE POUND. :) Oh to have that problemo! I guess percentage wise it's a lot tho!

    Anyway...thinking of you!

    Oh...about what we chatted about privately? ELEVEN DOWN! Whoot! Whoot!

    Love you~Rebecca

  10. I am right with ya. O how I love boots.
    I too just purchase a pair of DV boots.
    I had a coupon at Nordstroms! boots for 46 bucks heck ya!!

    Your walks sound amazing. I wish we had a lovely surrounding for walks here. It is so blah to look at desert rock and dust, lol

  11. Great find! Love the boots. El

  12. Julie, I adore your boots... I don't blame you for not wearing them on the long walks, but they are adorable! Thanks for the inspiration and reminder to walk and eat right for our health. I have always felt invigorated each time I take a long walk and eat healthy. I don't do it often enough, but now I'm going to try harder. Thanks for all your great advice! xo's Pam

  13. Love your boots and love your deal at TJ's.

    Our weather has been too hot for boots. I wore my cowboy boots to work the other day, but had to switch to flip flops by 10:00 a.m. We finally had some cooler boot weather yesterday so I might just be able to wear some of my favs.