Thursday, October 18, 2012

Simply... beautiful...

Hope you are savoring every single...  simply beautiful moment...

and Nature's golden treasures...

 this enchanting Autumn has to offer...  xoxo...  Julie Marie 


  1. Autumn Blessing to you! We nearly blew away last night . . next week promises milder weather!

  2. Hi Julie Marie!
    Looks like you received your little leaf! Isn't it precious? Another one of those finds that was hard to part with, but I know it has a good home!! Love it with the little pine cone! Just darling!

    Have daughter #3's baby shower Saturday, so savoring will have to wait until after that. Now just busy getting it all together and cleaning!

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

  3. The cool crisp days are wonderful. I walked the puppy a while ago and was actually cold:}

  4. I really am Julie Marie! I imagine Utah is ablaze with color right now too. I really miss getting to come to UT once in awhile, especailly in the fall.
    We had a deluge of rain on Tues. and boy did we ever need it. I wish we would get much, much more.
    This is such a beautiful time of year and I know you must be loving it as well.

    I think that is great that you noticed the hydrangeas in my pics in the old house. We had so much fun that day. The old chair from my cabin was perfect for it.

    sending love your way...

  5. It is a beautiful Fall, isn't it. :) Just wonderful.

  6. I soak in the wonder of fall as long as possible. The beauty of fall is so amazing.


  7. Hi Julie! What sweet treasures fall bestows on us! It's the simple pleasures such as these that are so awe inspiring. Thanks for sharing! xo's Pam

  8. Hi Julie Marie,
    Yes, I take in every detail of Autumn. Our weather for fall is so pretty now. Cooler temps and sunny days with beauty all around.
    Love your sweet pics. Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend.
    XO Celestina Marie

  9. Hi Julie Marie, My favorite time of the year with all of the beautiful color. Hearing the acorns fall off our pin oak tree. Knowing that another season will be approaching as fast as the month is flying. I love the fall because you might need a jacket in the morning, but by afternoon it is beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs from Your Missouri Friend

  10. I am so jealous.
    Our leaves don't really turn colors til almost Christmas time, lol
    I miss orange leaves and pine cones, acorns and all the other things that come with fall....sigh