Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Read Any Good Books Lately?...

I LOVE to read...  ever since I was a little girl, I have  devoured books... infact, I still have all of my books from my childhood, and cherish them and the memories they hold so much!...  nowadays, I read all sorts of books... I love a good mystery or love story, Nature and gardening... and am especially fond of reading true~life stories by or about inspiring women...  I also love all of the wonderful home and decorating books out there...

I bought a number of these when we had our little farm and the farmhouse that Jack and I built...  I even did a scrapbook of photos each step of the way when we built it called "The House That Jack Built"... cute huh?...he (along with his apprentice... ME) ... built it entirely...

Some are newer, but all of the styles seem to blend smoothly together... whether it is farmhouse, shabby chic, cottage or bungalow...  these books are truly timeless...

Here are Tessy's recommendations...

 What are you reading nowadays?...  I would love to hear...  xoxo...  Julie Marie  


  1. I would love to read those books you have there ! Right now I am reading Orchard Valley Grooms by DEBBIE MACOMBER ! Tessy you look lovely in your hat ! Have a good evening !

  2. You have a nice collection of decorating books! I love reading them, too, but mostly they are about furnishings and styles that I can only dream of. Lots of ideas though!

    I love my fiction...I have been reading a series of books under the title of Ladybug Creek Farm. In a nutshell, it's about three middle aged friends who give up the city life and buy a huge old house in the mountains of Virgina, that includes a farm. How they fix this house up, discover the many secrets of it, meet all sorts of characters in the small town, and learn that women can do ANYTHING they set their minds to makes it an interesting and fun read. The first book in the series is on my sidebar. Sorry to be so lengthy in my comment but once I start talking about reading, my favorite pastime, I get excited!


  3. Well....chalk up one MORE thing we have in common, Julie! I think I have every one of those books. :) I find myself going back to each one time and time again for inspiration. I recently purchased RA's book, "Shabby Chic Interiors - My Rooms, Treasures & Trinkets" and just LOVE it! That books is soooo what I want in my own home!

    xoxo laurie

  4. Hi Julie -- I love books too! I just started The SandCastle Girls . Too early to make a report on that yet. But -- I just finished The Language of Flowers -- and loved it.

    Ill check back here in a few days to see what all of your friends are reading -- I love these kind of posts!


  5. I love your decorating book collection (I have some of those). I usually can be found enjoying a decorating book or magazine when the weather turns colder and I can curl up next to a cozy fire with a cup of my favorite tea in hand. It won't be long.


  6. I love books too :) great choice of books you have, got some of these myself and love them. I am actually re-reading my own book that I wrote Diary of a house move as I need to remember what I wrote for interviews and book signings :) have a happy day sweetie

    Bee happy x

  7. Why, I thought decorating with books was mandatory? I confess, I am always looking for one more space for yet more books in my cottage. Like you, I also have all my childhood books.

    Some recent purchases have included various Victoria magazine (Hoffman Media) books that I have *finally* managed to secure here in the UK at some real bargain prices in a little second hand book shop in Hay on Wye. Right now, I am devouring Nigella Lawson's latest cook book, Nigellissima. I love Maeve Binchy and Ros Pilcher for light reading.

  8. Querida un placer saludarte dejame decirte que me encanta tu blog y todas las bellas cosas que presentas, me parece que vives en el paraíso es un lugar que algún día me gustará visitar, te espero en mi blog, me hice seguidora tuya.Besos.Olga.


  9. Gracias Olga por sus palabras bonitas!... Besos... Julie Marie

  10. I am reading "Unbroken" by Lauren Hillenbrand. It is about an Olympic runner who became a prisoner of war in WWII. It is heartbreaking. The Japanese did not break him. They were brutal captors.

  11. I just love, love, love home decorating books and magazines. I would snuggle up on my most comfy chair with a cup of coffee and read them all day if I could...Hee, Hee, Hee. Love that sweet picture of Tessy. Doggie kisses to her and a great big hug for you my dear friend.


  12. Hello, so nice to meet you and visit your lovely blog.'Loving all your books.I too love my books decor, cooking my fav! though as I get older I have enjoyed reading more often.I just read Heavn is Here by Stephanie Nielson very good.I also read her bloghttp://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/ she has an amazing story to tell if you do not know of her.
    I spy some French decor books I have on my list to buy as well.
    ~Cheers Kim

  13. Hi Julie,
    Oh I can so relate to your thoughts on the love of books and reading. I have just about every book you share here in your decor
    stash. I read them over and over and I still love my collection each and every book. I have so many books I am busting at the seams here. LOL Now I get a few on Kindle just to save some space in my house. LOL But I will always have real books in my life.

    Love the pics from Tessy. I can imagine your farmhouse was gorgeous.
    Today I am reading the decorating books, Pale and Interesting, Black and White and French Country along with a novel called The Arrivals.
    I always have several going at once along with devotionals. I too love to read inspirational stories written by real people.

    Hope you have a nice evening and great weekend ahead.
    Much Love, Celestina Marie

  14. Hello :) I came across your blog while I was on another blog. Your pictures are so beautiful and feminine - I love it! Reading is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I can't pass up the chance to curl up with a good book, a cup of coffee and some cookies :) Anyway, I am now following you and I look forward to your future posts. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings to you,

  15. Hi my friend, although I love to read, I have not read a good book :/ but for me I love the excitement of curly up on a long winters nites with a hot cup of coco and a good book ;)


  16. Thanks so much for your visit! I eat 3 at a time a few times a day. Lol I didn't share that~Cheers Kim