Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Love Affair With Bauer Bowls...

I first fell in love with Bauer bowls over thirty years ago...

It all started with this beautiful green one my little squirrel is in front of... so innocently... but it really was love at first sight... the color was so soft and gorgeous... as I held the bowl in my hands a warm and nostalgic feeling came over me... I could just picture my precious little  great~grandmother carrying a similar bowl around with her...  stirring up a batch of her yummy chocolate chip cookies for when we went to visit... way back then, I paid $2.50 for it...  can you believe it?...  right then and there, I was hooked... from there... well...  I won't say any more...  I'll just let my photos tell the story...

These are just a few of my beautiful Bauer bowls...  I just put some of my Autumn colored ones in one of my hutches for Fall...  these gorgeous bowls are all from the 30's and 40's (my favorite era)... and truly some of my most prized possessions...    the photo below is of all of my bowls I posted about here some time back...  I had just washed them all and thought they looked so pretty sitting out, I took their picture...  one of Jack's friends wives, Jan,  who I had never even met actually gave me a number of the bowls...  she had them ready to donate to the D.I. (a local thrift shop here)... when she told me that one day on the phone I let out a gasp you probably all heard wherever you live...  they had  belonged to her mother (who is still alive and well into her nineties)... she no longer wanted them and asked if I did... her own daughters did not want them either... for the life of me, I can not understand how people can let precious family heirlooms go...  but, lucky for me, they did... she would not let me pay her for them even though I offered to...  (I did send her a thank you card and gift certificate to Michael's as she loves to craft)...

After all of my work getting my Bauer bowls set up in my hutch, the open doors to the hutch kept getting in our way... (you can see them in my third photo)...  if I closed them, you couldn't see everything...  then, Jack had a great idea... take the doors off!... wow!... he's gettin' into this decorating thing with me now!... so, he took the doors off, but first I had to empty the hutch so he could get into it to do so...  I just covered up where the old hinges were with some Old English, and Voila!...  so much better without the doors in the way!... xoxo...  Julie Marie  Linking this post to Fabulous Fall Fun Vintage Inspiration Friday with Debra at Common Ground


  1. What a wonderful collection! I, too, have several similar bowls that were my mother's. And, I have a friend who gave me some that were on the way to the Salvation Army. She also gave me some stoneware that matches stoneware I had bought years ago.

    I agree that I would have a hard time giving away kitchen (or other) items my mother had used. I continue to use many of these items and think of Mom every time I do.

    Thanks for a beautiful post.


  2. Those Bauer bowls are so pretty. Love all of the colors.


  3. What beautiful colors. You always display the loveliest things. Love the cookbook. Many, many thanks! El

  4. Such a gorgeous collection ~ I love the colours ♥

  5. I don't own any of those but some similar ones and Just Love ,Love them
    What a great collection

  6. I have to do a post on a couple of bowls I have that I received from a sweet little lady before she passed at age 102.I think they look a lot like yours.One I'm sure is Yellowware.Are some Bauer bowls Yellowware? I'll let you know hopefully if I do a post,then maybe you can tell Me more please :) Denise

  7. I can see why you are in love!! They are so pretty and look lovely in your hutch. :) Kit

  8. These look lovely. I think lots of us share your love.

  9. Hi Julie MArie
    I love your Bauer bowls they are beautiful. I need to start collecting dishes I see so many lovely collections on the blog. Have a wonderful week

  10. They are wonderful . I am like that with the cottage style tea pots . I love going to thrift stores and antique shops and search for things I know I cant get from the modern stores and besides things back then were made better ! Have a good day !

  11. Hi Julie,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi. I'm so glad to meet you!:)
    You have an amazing collection! How FUN. I love the colors. I hope you are having a wonderful Fall!


    P.S. Thanks for the Follow... I'm following back! :)

  12. I have never heard of Bauer bowls, but I am so pleased I know of them now. They are so tactile, colourful, and quite beautiful. I love things that are beautiful and functional. My 'bowl thing' are Mason & Cash. They are not as colourful as Bauer, but they are the same today as they were in my Great Grandmother's day, very traditional, and I love using them.
    off to Google Bauer bowls now . .
    Deborah C♥

  13. These are beautiful. Of course Jack is catching on and how could he not? These Bauer bowls would mingle with so many vignettes. xo, Olive

  14. Julie, Love that you incorporated the lovely bowls into a harvest theme. Love it alot! Vintage sets are always so special to mix and match with our holiday decor! xo's Pam

  15. What a great collection of bowls you have! I love the pretty colors. They look very pretty in your hutch, good way to display them. I am slowly getting all my old friends about my new blog. You visited Cozy Home Scenes many times so I want to let you know that I had to give it up ( domain dispute) and start over from scratch. You can find me at A COZY PLACE CALLED HOME. Stop by to see the new look.--------- Shannon

  16. That is a great collection you have. Very special...
    Ciao for now...

  17. Hi Julie Marie,
    I love the Bauer bowls all the colors are so pretty. I have a royal blue bowl that has the same shape as your Bauer bowls that belonged to my Grandma. I wonder if its a Bauer bowl.
    Your collection is wonderful and that you have a history that goes along with them is very special.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  18. What an amazing collection! I love seeing them all out on the table.

    p.s. Thank you so much for the surprise for Shane. He loved that you thought of him!

  19. Oh Julie Marie,
    Let me tell you about the range of emotions I felt when I saw the pictures on this post....first it was cheer happiness because these bowls bring back wonderful childhood memories, my mom had one...second, it was heartache because one day, when I was albout 14 or 15, I was doing the dishes and it accidentally slipped and broke. And third was sadness and tears... You see, I have always easily attached myself with items that hold sweet memories, especially of my childhood. This particular bowl had been my mom's ever since I can remember. It was always the one she pulled out first to fill with goodies for us. I know it might be silly to feel this way about a bowl but it just meant so much to me. I remember crying that day and my mom telling me it was okay, that it was just a bowl and I said it wasn't just a bowl, it was so much more...Anyway to this day I have been in search of one. I've come across a few but none are the exact color ours was...Maybe one day. Thank you for sharing them my sweet friend. They are all beautiful.

    Much love,