Sunday, October 21, 2012

Capturing Autumn in the country... and treasures from the trail...

Come with me... let's walk... down the lane... and around the bend... yes, most of our little roads here are called "lane" rather than street, which I love...  Porter Lane, Walton Lane...  Jennings Lane...  lane sounds so much more quaint and old~fashioned than street...  don't you think?...

 Also, many are called "road" rather than an east~west or north~south only...  my favorite is Old Haul Road...  maybe it's because I love the country life so and my surrounding countryside and the heritage it holds...

Got your boots on?...  this time of year, I always wear boots of some kind down the trails and lanes...  we do have snakes around here... rattlesnakes too...  did you know rattlesnake's babies hatch in the Fall rather than the Spring?...  they do... so we must watch out for them... and mama rattlesnake... best we just let them be, should we come across any sunning themselves... aren't the Autumn colors just stunning right now...  I wish these luscious golden days would last forever...

First stop...  my beautiful barn...  I have posted it often, but Autumn is my favorite time to walk past it...  it's not really MY barn...  but I call it that... it should be my barn I love it so much...

 I thought it would be fun to gather some treasures from the trail today to take home and create an Autumn Nature jar...  capturing these blissful days with little finds from our walk...  here are some  jars I have made in previous years...  so many beautiful treasures just waiting to be gathered and placed in a pretty glass jar...  I get most of my jars from Home Goods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx...  any jar with a lid will do... or even with no lid... they are delightful!...

Here you can see some of my treasures from the trail from previous years  up close...

Pinecones and berries... an abandoned wasp nest...

Snail shells, acorn caps, seedpods, feathers, dried leaves...  so many gifts Nature has left for us to find...rose hips and teasel make for a beautiful arrangement...

Let's gather some cattails too...  they look gorgeous in a tall rustic bucket or jar...

Here is another treasure I brought home from the trail yesterday... only, I had to go back in my car to get it...  alot of the farmers have put out logs for the taking...  from felled trees resulting from our huge east wind episode earlier this year...  I was trying to lift it, saying to myself "this baby is heaaavy!" when a nice man came over and offered to lift it into the back of my CRV for me...  I love nice people!...  then Jack unloaded it at home for me and put it in my garden... a part of my gardens I call my "Prairie" garden...  full of purple coneflowers, black~eyes Susans and a variety of Prairie grasses and  flowers that just keep blooming all Autumn long...

Let's spread out our treasures on top of it and see what we found...  chestnuts and pods... berries and pinecones... cool shaped pieces of wood and twigs...

Oooh look...  the critters left me some twigs that look like "J"'s...  for Julie Marie and Jack...  hey!... where's my "M" for Marie?... maybe next time... LOVE the Honey Locust pods... and the special feather left just for me by one of my feathered friends...

Well, I am ready to find the perfect jar and go about making my new Nature jar...  capturing these beautiful treasures from the trail...  I shall toss in a handful of wishes...  and sprinkle in an abundance of Autumn memories of this blissful day...

 I hope you enjoyed capturing Autumn in the country with me...  can't wait to see what treasures you have gathered...  Autumn blessings to you...  xoxo... Julie Marie 


  1. Hi Julie. Just love all the "natural" foliage you have collected. I love going out and gathering up all the fall harvest elements from the country and using them in my home decor. Thanks for the great inspiration! xo's Pam

  2. Love your barn too :-)
    and those gorgeous apothacary jars filled with treasures from your nature walks ♥ On our hike with Archer this afternoon, I came home with tons of Acorns and leaves!

  3. Hi sweet friend, Love all your finds-I have tons of pine cones that you can have...if you come get them(just kidding). I haven't thought of gathering nuts and leaves to put in a jar-very creative. I love all the scenery too.
    Have a great night.

  4. Hi Julie Marie,
    What a wonderful walk with you on the trail. I really needed it too.
    Love all your pics, your treasures and the beauty of the changing colors.
    Today is always a sad time for me as it is the anniversary of my dear dad's passing 10-21-98. After a sad long cry, I am doing better tonight and thankful.

    Have a great week.
    XO CM
    p.s. love your boots below too. Gorgeous!!

  5. This is such a nice post...I so enjoyed the nature walk with you! Is this the walk you take everyday with Tessy and Jack? Or do you explore all sorts of trails? You really live in a beautiful area. It must be so peaceful, the perfect time to reflect and dream.

    Love your treasures and would love to see the bottle you fill with them.


  6. Beautiful photos Julie Marie! We are enjoying fall here as well.. :-)

  7. That first barn is quite an incredible structure. Love the foundation.

  8. LOVE this post, Julie, and those fun little "J"s are so cute! I love the idea for a nature jar, and your walking scenery is so gorgeous, lucky you! xoxo

  9. The wasp nest and cat tails are my favorites but are wonderful inspiration Julie.

  10. Hi Julie, Stopping back by to say hello and so enjoyed to view your beautiful pics again. We had some rain today for a few minutes. LOL We still have the AC on, can you believe it? OH well, it's Texas. It will be cold soon enough.
    Thank you for stopping by to see my witch hat. It was fun to create.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    XO Celestina Marie