Friday, October 26, 2012

A promise to myself... and a gift for you for Halloween...

So many things to do today... groceries to buy... all the ingredients to cook up some of my homemade chili... it's a tradition at my house...  we have it every Halloween... Jack loves it...  and I do too... and you know me...  I always keep traditions!... my secret is my New Mexico red dried chili powder my sister brings me back from Santa Fe...  it's the only kind I use...  makes the chili sooo yummy and the color is beautiful!... it certainly says "Autumn"!... then, there are pumpkin spice donuts to buy at our favorite bakery...  they only make them this time of year, and they sell out fast...  so I will buy a dozen and freeze them for Halloween night... (I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night and eat one out of the freezer...  yep, they thaw really quick and sometimes at midnight they just hit the spot!)... and I  must finish up and wrap the birthday gifts for my sweet niece Filly whose special day is tomorrow...  her photo is on my sidebar...  I love you Filly!...  Happy Birthday!...  I also want to wish you all a Happy Halloween, and give you one of my vintage Halloween Beistle die cuts, mine from when I was a little girl in the 50's... I have scanned in for you to print and use as you please...  it prints out  nicely on cardstock to hang in your window, make a card with it, whatever you choose...  yes, there is years worth of scotch tape on it from hanging in our windows sooo many years...  but if you just cut around it, it looks fine!...  I didn't want to cut it off and ruin any of the die cut...  besides, it's vintage scotch tape now you know!...  you can see more of my Beistle die cuts from my childhood in my previous post if you like...

I love making plans...  do you?...  I write lists and jot down notes... I put little Autumn stickers on my notes, and usually keep them tucked away to refer back to... I often sketch a little treasure from Nature on my notes...  I love sketching...  I paint a little...  but I really love to sketch...  nothing has to be perfect...  just capturing an acorn or an Autumn leaf as I see it... and today I made myself a promise...  to enjoy every single season to the fullest... I do that always with Spring, Summer and Fall...  but,  I am not a winter person at all...  yesterday we had our first snow storm...  a blizzard actually... and this morning with the wind chill it was 27 degrees...  brrr!...  but, I am warm inside with my little woodstove going and there is a cozy feeling that comes with getting  things ready for the winter that is inevitable... I promised myself to find the beauty in every single day of it this year... and our snow~covered fields and countryside really do look like something out of Currier and Ives... here is a photo I took of  "my" barn in winter a year or so ago...  it really is just gorgeous...  and our winter walks past it on the snow covered lane really are intoxicating...

Now, there are blankets to gather and  fold and have ready for the cold nights... and my pantry to stock... flannel shirts to bring out of drawers and wash... snow boots to gather up and put in our mudroom...  apples waiting to be baked into a pie... yes, I love Autumn... and hope it returns for the month of November...  at least through Thanksgiving... but winter...  I will enjoy you too this year... and all of the beautiful things you have in store for me...  I promise!...  xoxo...  Julie Marie


  1. I've been baking guava bread...Yay! It finally got cool enough here for me to bake. Winter is one of my favorite seasons. I am glad you have promised yourself to enjoy it to the fullest. Thank you for sharing your Halloween die cut with us. Sending you great big hug.

    Much Love,

  2. Oh! Your chili sounds wonderful! Are you going to share your secret recipe?! And thank you for the die cut, I think it would look pretty framed and propped up every Halloween! I love that you have snow already, I really do love when it snows, not too many do! The old barn in the snow is so picturesque!

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend!


  3. Lovely photo ! Our winters here in Ontario Canada used to be arctic like but the climate has changed soo much our winters have been mild the past few years and less snow now then it there used to be ! Your chili sounds yummy . I am making some tomorrow in my slow cooker .I like all the seasons as it gives me such variety to photograph ! Have a good day and stay warm !

  4. I love a bowl of chili on a cold day. It all sounds perfect. Enjoy the beauty of the freshly fallen snow.


  5. Hi, Julie Marie, my friend,
    I love hearing about all of your Autumn preparations. Wish I could sit down for a bowl of chili with you and Jack and have a pumpkin doughnut for dessert!! What fun!! I also enjoyed reading about all of your Halloween memories (last post) as it brought to mind so many of my own memories. I hope you have the best of weekends~Sending love and hugs to you~Vicki

  6. p.s. I will meet you at your house at dusk on Halloween night to trick or treat with you!!!

  7. Oooooh, what a beautiful barn in the snow!

  8. I just made a big pot of chili! Can't wait to enjoy it! I can't believe you already have snow. I am not quite ready for the flakes yet. Have a great day, dear friend.

  9. Oh thank you! I love the cutout. We used to have a bunch of them and I gave them to my daughter. Like you said, it is vintage scotch tape....LOL Kit

  10. Oh Julie, What a beautiful post and the thanksgiving that comes from each season. Yes, God gave it all for us to enjoy in many special ways.
    Blessings always,
    XO CM