Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Velvet Pumpkins...

Love my collection of velvet pumpkins!... can three be a collection?... I suppose it can... as these are the only ones I own...

Anyway, I am in love with these soft, velvety little beauties... I bought them three or four years ago at the shop up off the Mountain Road that I posted about awhile back, Secret Haven at The Rock Loft... they were quite expensive, even back then... so I only bought these three itty bitty ones...

But I am planning on adding a new one (or maybe two???)... if I can find some this year... I especially love their real pumpkin stems... all dried and twisty and enchanting... they remind me of a plump pumpkin Cinderella's Fairy Godmother waved her magic wand over and turned into a golden carriage...

Wishing you a delightfully enchanting Autumn day... xoxo...


  1. "Very Sweet"!!! I too love those little pumpkins, "ESPECIALLY" the littlest one with the LONG TWISTED Stem!!!
    I have seen lots and lots of ladies posting instructions on how to make them... Drop by a GOODWILL and grab something velvet, then cut "ROUNDS out of the material" and make some more.
    I (((LOVE))) the idea of using a REAL STEM...Hmmm, I think I'm going to make some...
    I don't have any of these CUTE LITTLE PUMPKINS..."YET"!!!hehe
    Yes, Fairy Tales DO COME TRUE! and I'm hoping some happen for you this week,
    Big Squishy Hugs,

  2. Oh I love them too!They look like they would be hard to find,I've never seen ones like that out shopping.Tiny sweet treasures.Denise

  3. The velvet pumpkins are elegant and with the real stems rustic too. I do not have one but might want one if I ran into one. Have a wonderful week Julie-Marie.

  4. I love these little velvet pumpkins too ~ they must be gorgeous with real stems attached ♥

  5. Hi, Julie Marie,
    Cinderella and her little mice friends would absolutely love those sweet velvet pumpkins! I have never seen any pumpkins like these. They are perfect for your sweet home. I hope you have the best of weeks, dear friend! Sending love and happy wishes to you~Vicki

  6. Hi Julie Marie,
    Oh velvet pumpkins how pretty. They look gorgeous in your home and I would love to create a few using velvet. Just a little touch of elegance.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Much Love, Celestina Marie

  7. The carriage is perfect with your beautiful velvet pumpkins. El

  8. anything more than 2 is a "collection" te he!! Love these, Julie, they're addictive!

  9. They are so pretty! What a great accent to your lovely home. :) Kit

  10. I have always had a thing for velvet. Your pumpkins are gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your new ones too. And they are perfect with a Cinderella carriage. Love your details.