Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Nuts" About Autumn...

My little vintage Steiff squirrels are like me... we're all "nuts" about Autumn!... they couldn't wait any longer to come out...

The basket is actually a plate "charger" I have had, as well as the Autumn pumpkin and berry picks I added around my set of three natural beeswax candles... the candles are in birch~bark and I have had them forever... I love that they are unscented!... no allergies here with these!... I bought my little vintage Steiff squirrels off Ebay years ago, from two different sellers... I love them!... actually...

I am "nuts" about them too!...

It is almost 100 degrees here today... and I am hoping my little squirrels can hurry up Autumn's arrival and cooler weather... how about you?... are you "nuts" about Autumn, like me???... xoxo
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  1. Very pretty display. However, I am not ready to bid summer farewell.

  2. oh they're adorable!! I'm "squirrel-y" too! love them and chipmunks!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS Julie!!! "I'm going NUTS for your little squirrels". They made me forget all about my favorite season... TOOOO CUTE!!!
    Big Squishy Hugs to you Girl!

  4. Oh...the little squirrels are so charming! I have noticed the real ones out and about, acting crazy as usual! I like your arrangement. I have a few gold colored chargers and could do something similar! You've inspired me!

    I love fall, too...just trying to enjoy the last bit of summer. Cooler temps here helps!


  5. OMGOSH- I love those little squirrels!!!! My post tomorrow is about squirrels, too.....kinda...I have to get it put together but it is NOT as cute as your squirrels are! It is starting to cool off here already- xo Diana

  6. Hi Julie, Yes, I am nuts for fall and can't wait till it arrives here. I love your post and your sweet little guys are so cute with your candles. What a pretty and inspiring vignette.

    Thank you for stopping by while I was in Santa Fe. We had a wonderful time in the "Land of Enchantment" It has been one of our favorite spots since the 80's.
    So fun to read all about your daddy growing up there. The weather was perfect (80's) and we enjoyed a break from our 100 plus temps. The time just flew by.
    Thank you also for the birthday greeting to Ryan. He was touched by so many nice regards to him.

    Have a wonderful night my sweet friend and talk to you soon.
    It's back to reality for me. LOL!!
    I want to be back in Santa Fe!!

    XOXO, Celestina Marie
    hugs and kisses for Tessy too.

  7. So, so cute my friend. Makes me smile to see your little squirrels Julie Marie.
    It has been much cooler these days, thank goodness. I hope you cool off soon.

  8. Gads....Julie Marie.....I'm just trying to survive summer....I haven't even BEGUN to think about Autumn!



  9. Im Nuts about Fall Too... What a cute display and the squirrels are so cute I just love them. I saw candles like yours at Home goods Yesterday and thought they were pretty. I know you have had yours for a long time. I love how you decorate. Some of the mountain patches are already changing. Fall is around the corner. Love
    Filly xo

  10. Yep, I love Autumn too, but I am relishing the last days of our lovely Summer. Before long the cool breezes will blow and the snow will fly, and I will wish it was 90 again....LOL Love those squirrels! :) Kit

  11. How adorable are those little squirrels!!!