Sunday, August 12, 2012

Looking Forward To Fall...

I love that we have all of the changing seasons here in Utah... although I must say Winter is my least favorite... our surrounding countryside is beautiful when the fields are all covered with snow, but just too darn cold... but Autumn... oooh... we have the most beautiful Autumns one could hope for... this time of year, when the lingering Summer's heat puts our temps at near or above 100 degrees, I start anxiously awaiting cooler weather and the first signs of Fall...

I wanted a beautiful new decoration for my front door that would welcome the season to come, perhaps sooner than usual... and hopefully stay well into a long Indian Summer... I found just what I had in mind at JoAnn's Crafts... the perfect sunflower swag, at 40 percent off even... are you anxious for Autumn too?... my very favorite time of year... xoxo...


  1. Hi Ju Ju

    I love this new decoration.. I think the Sunflower Swag is Perfect!! I bet it looks beautiful on your door and will look great now and in the months to come. Yes For me on Looking Forward to Fall... Have a good day Ju.
    Love Filly

  2. I just saw your photo and lovely hat on Rebecca's blog and thought I'd visit you. We're in Idaho and have many friends in Utah but don't get down there very often. I hate traveling! Anyway, I do like your blog. Serene and peaceful. Nice to meet you, sugar.

  3. Hi, I love all the seasons although I must admit the cold winter is my least favorite. I love autumn because it brings out sweet smelling candles, new quilt projects, more reading etc.
    I love your new swag. I got a autumn wreath last year that I love but birds nested in it so not sure I'll put it up again. Hopefully they are done nesting.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. ooooh, this is so pretty, Julie. you and I have the same idea!!

  5. And a very pretty swag it is ! I to love fall with all its colors fresh air and breezes and the smell of bond fires . The only season I do not like to much is winter for its icy cold winds but it is pretty when the snow has freshly fallen and sticks to the trees ! Have a wonderful day !

  6. I do love Fall- it is my favorite Season but I feel kind of like I got cheated out of Summer this I am gonna hold out for just a couple of weeks yet-However, I LOVE your swag!!!! Blessings to you- xo Diana

  7. I am looking forward to fall also. It has been a hot August and how nice the cool crisp air will feel. Hope you are enjoying a blessed day.


  8. Hi Julie Marie,
    Yes I too am anxious for Fall. I have pulled out a small of sunflower decor but have a bit of watermelon dishes out also. Kindof a Summer to Fall transaction. The other morning when I went out to water pots I definately felt a bit of Fall in the air. By afternoon it was hot, hot, hot. Looking forward to the cool down. I do love Fall in Utah! Your new swag is perfect to greet the season.

  9. My favourite season too although I agree with you, it is nice to live where you can enjoy all 4 Seasons (even though some we enjoy MORE)
    Pots of Mums are showing up at the grocery store so it's ok to start decorating for Fall :-) Love the door swag you found.