Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lavender Dreams...

In my post just previous to this one, I showed you my "messy bed"... I re~decorated my bedroom all in dusty lavenders and other gorgeous hues of purple, lilac and the oh~so~softest violet colors... and I am loving it... I have had these pretty purple roses, but they needed something more... so, yesterday I took them to my friend El, of Madeleine L'Amour and asked if she might do her magic with them... and she did!...

I knew I was going to buy one of her stunning handmade shabby~chic style pillows for my white wicker chair in my bedroom... LOVE this ruffly pillow!... and I wanted my flowers to sit in the chair beside it...

Look at all of the yummy silk ribbons and shabby vintage lace she added, along with more delicate blooms...

The look...

Lavender dreams... oh so pretty!... now I am fufu'ing up my lampshades and my bedroom will be complete... sweetest of dreams await me!... xoxo...


  1. What a lovely site; of course you had me at the white wicker chair.
    You have such a charming way of putting things together, you are very gifted.

  2. Having been absent from blogland for many months, what a delight to return and find a post from you topping my reading list! I adore lavender in all it's fragrant forms, colours, and tastes. Beautiful, soft focus images I love.

  3. Very pretty. Have to say you were right because it looks great with the white wicker.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Oh My!Lavender dreams!I was made for them.I love all shades of lavender.Beautiful My Dear.

  5. How beautiful! Love the shades of lavendar
    Hugs my friend

  6. Change is soooo good for the soul, don't you think? I love all my whites but when our kitchen remodel is done and I have $ again :) I hope to add a wee bit of color someplace. :)

    Soooo pretty my friend.

    Love, Rebecca

  7. All so lovely ! Lavender color is soo pretty and I love the smell of Lavender as well ! Wonderful photos !

  8. How very beautiful my friend, soooo romantic and totally feminine ;)
    I would definitely have sweet lavender dreams in such a pretty room....


  9. What a gorgeous floral piece and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pillow- xo Diana

  10. Oh my...all this is so pretty and delicate, indeed!
    Love this blog

    Thank you

  11. Hi Julie love your flowers they go so well with your pretty pillow I love those colors! Sincerely, Jonny

  12. Julie this is so inspiring. Changing things up is so good for the spirit. I have loved all the things we undated too and it gives such a feeling of renewed living.
    Your flowers and pillow are gorgeous my friend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie