Sunday, August 26, 2012

Conghaile Cottage...

Have you been to Conghaile Cottage?... oooh, such a delightfully enchanted cottage... hidden deep within the woods... where magical things take place and every day is full of sweetness and bliss...

where a beautiful lady named Donna lives... a kinder lady one could not hope to meet... and she always welcomes one and all with something enticingly delicious from her kitchen...

where sparkly beads mysteriously pour from vintage teapots into lovely vintage Heisey cups...

and bears are most welcome to join her for tea... so long as they behave, mind you...

where you will dine on beautiful treasures from days~gone~by that are fit for a Queen...

and all of God's precious little creatures delight in this magic as well...

where mice come a' carolling at Christmas time, inside out of the cold... are you mesmerized yet?... I am... and I have been since the very first time I happened upon this most endearing cottage...

(Above photos courtesy of Conghaile Cottage)

Yesterday... as if brought by some of the same magic... a package arrived for me... from Conghaile Cottage!... inside, dear Donna had sent me the most wonderful surprises... "just because"... how fun to receive a surprise package full of gifts "just because"... a beautiful garden flag full of Delphiniums, birds and a birdhouse... I couldn't wait to put it right out in my garden (which has taken it's toll from our heat these past weeks)... but now, voila!... beautiful Delphiniums flourish once again!...

Donna knows how much I love and miss my grandmother whose name just happened to be "Delphine"... she also knows I plant beautiful Delphiniums in love and memory of my sweet grandma... besides the pretty garden flag, she sent me four gorgeous fine bone china plates from Crown Sterling in England, "Windsor Delphinium"... they are the most beautiful plates I have ever seen... and so very special to me... she also sent me the pretty vintage doily... my beautiful grandmother Delphine in the photograph below...

a precious card that she says is me, Tessy and her having tea... ooh!... too cute!...

"True Blueberry" tea bags... I can't wait to try some...

and a wonderful book called... "Julie"... can it be about Moi?... oooh how exciting... I shall sip my tea and begin reading it... Merci Donna!...

See... magic really does happen at Conghaile Cottage... and now a part of the magic has come to me... but how do you get there, you ask?... you must follow the brightest star in the nighttime sky... past the tallest towering pines 'till you come to a clearing... there you shall see the warm glow of a candle flickering through a shuttered windowpane in the distance... and the air will be filled with the Heavenly scent of raspberry scones... tread lightly on the ivy~covered stones... and... and... oooh... you are afraid you might lose you way?... then you can take my secret path here to this most beguiling cottage... please tell Donna Julie Marie sent you... but then... she will already know that... of course... since you arrived by way of my secret path... Believe in the magic that awaits you!... xoxo...


  1. Donna put so much thought into each little gift! What wonderful treasures you have to keep!! Hugs, Penny

  2. I am already enchanted and now I know I must head over there. What a dear, sweet package she sent you- I can't think of any better person to recieve those wonderful things-Blessings, Diana

  3. Such beautiful, thoughtful gifts for you. So perfect!

    I do wish you would write a book or two!

  4. Such a beautiful and enchanting fairy tale cottage . . with a kind and generous fairy godmother too!

  5. Hi Julie, I love Delphiniums too, had many in Ca. but they don't do too well here. What a special friend Donna is but that is also because you are quite giving and loving. Enjoy your new treasures, you deserve them.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. Wow, what a lovely surprise! Enjoy! Kit

  7. Catching up this morning on your beautiful posts ♥
    I love your new Autumn banner!

  8. Hi, Julie Marie,
    I do know Donna and always enjoy visiting her lovely cottage. You have been blessed with such beautiful treasures from her. She knows how much you will appreciate them for sure. Thank you for sharing your pretties with us today. Your autumn header is so pretty!! Love it!! I put out my autumn decor just yesterday. I know I am rushing the season just a bit I guess, but I couldn't wait!! Have a beautiful evening, sweet friend. Vicki

  9. What sweet and thoughtful treasures. What a delight it must of been unwrapping the package and seeing how each and every lovely item was hand picked just for you.


  10. Julie what a wonderful post and beautiful gifts just for you. I love all your pics and that cottage is so enchanting. I bet it was like Christmas to open your goodies. You are so deserving.

    Have a wonderful evening. We were cooling down, but now we are to see 100's for the weekend. Will it end???? Fall please come soon!!

    XO Celestina Marie

  11. Totally enthralled with your photos and this enchanted cottage. You should really write a book my friend because you plainly have the gift of words.

    Beautiful post!

    Love to you~


  12. "You are just So Sweet Julie"... I'll be sure to have tea set on the secret path just in case you stop by...
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Big Hugs to you,

  13. What an amazing cottage and a super sweet gift!!!