Saturday, August 25, 2012

Approaching Autumn...

Can you feel it?... that subtle change in the rhythm of the Seasons as Summer makes it's way into Fall... I can... the mornings are alot cooler here now, and it is darker later than it has been... Tessy and I take a flashlight now on our early morning walk down the trail... a raccoon scurries across the path in front of us... pausing for a moment to check us out as we do her... then she goes about her way, off into the thicket which is heavy with morning dew... Tessy is full of energy this morning and bounces down the trail... excited to see what early morning pleasures await us next...

As we approach the end of the trail, the sun is just beginning to peek it's head up above the foothills to the east of us... the outline of pines on the crest of the mountains is breathtaking in this early light... we stop to breathe in all of the beauty surrounding us... we pause for a few minutes... to say "thank you" to God for creating this lovely place in the countryside we call home... then Tessy is pulling on her leash, anxious to explore some more... like her, I am in no hurry to go back home... it is much too pleasant outside this morning... I glance once again at the hills and notice that many of the trees are already showing some signs of their stunning Autumn colors... soon, Mother Nature will have taken her paintbrush to the hillside and it will be a blazing kaleidoscope of brilliant colors... Autumn... my favorite time of year... the time of year I want the days to linger... and the nights to be cozy and enchanting... soon, it will be September... September sings her own beautiful song... such a gorgeous month as well... the last night of August is the second full moon of this month... did you know that it is called a blue moon when there are two full moons in one month?... 'tis so... reluctantly, we head back home... but our thoughts are full of a beautiful day ahead just waiting to be enjoyed... perhaps I shall pack my vintage picnic basket, like I did last year in the photo above... even if I just enjoy it in my own backyard today... and make plans for a day soon when I take my basket once more on a trail up the canyon from my home... and find a comfy spot under a tree full of russet colored leaves to eat my lunch, sip my coffee from my favorite vintage Thermos... and read a favorite book or magazine... or just laze away the afternoon... yes, Tessy thinks that sounds like a wonderful idea too... Autumn... the anticipation is such a delightful part of it... do you anticipate Autumn's arrival as much I do?... xoxo...


  1. Good Morning Julie Marie~
    Yes, we anticipate Fall as much as you do because it is the beginning of relief from this desert heat. I would love to take Tessy on an early morning walk. Sounds wonderful. Loved your previous post, too, about your desk and loved some of the photos you posted of Tessy too. I still think it's amazing that she lets you put hats on her and how she poses for photos. She sure is the perfect dog for you. Have a wonderful day. xoxo Amy

  2. What a beautiful post, I felt as I was walking along beside you and Tessy.......
    I to my friend look forward for the fall my very favorite time of year :) thanks for taking me along on your nature walk sure did enjoy myself....

    Big smiles~

  3. A beautifully worded post that paints the perfect picture of an early Autumn day. It is my very favorite time of year, too. It was my father's favorite and his father's favorite. I feel connected to my dad somehow this time of year. Blessings to you today, dear Julie Marie~ xo Diana

  4. You and Tessy have fun on your walks, and I take lots of walks too, and also give thanks to our Creator for all the beauty he has made.
    I guess autumn is on its way, but we will still have a BBQ at a birthday party tomorrow, at our home.

  5. Lovely post ! It is as hot and humid as heck here . The past week has been hot but the week before that gave us a tease of fall ! Have a good day !

  6. Beautifully written, Julie Marie...I was so caught up in your description of the hills and live in a gorgeous part of the world! I so love fall, too. We are in a heat wave and I really wish we had some of your cooler days. I would love to join you on a picnic...think of all the things we'd have to talk about!

    Happy Saturday, Sweet friend!


  7. You write so beautifully. Yes I am looking forward to cooler days and the leaves changing colors. Fall is a wonderful time of year.


  8. I just love your posts. It makes me earn for autumn as it is my favorite time of the year. Love your new blog banner. Have a great week!

  9. Hi Julie, My goodness, I can hardly keep up with all your lovely posts. I wish I could get this many posted.
    What an inspiration for fall. I sure needed this tonight.
    I am looking forward to cooler days and the change of the season.
    XO Celestina Marie