Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Bountiful Harvest Nest...

Yesterday, my beautiful "Harvest Nest" arrived that I ordered from my friend Vicki at 2bagsfull... I was soo excited!... I actually pre~ordered this little nest almost a year ago, as they are designer nests she knits and spends almost an entire year creating them... truly one of a kind treasures to be cherished always!... Since I grew up in the little town of Bountiful, Utah, right next to the town I live in today, I love that she calls her post about these beauties "A Bountiful Harvest"...

It is the most beautiful Harvest Nest... full of luscious Autumn colored yarns, only the softest, most delicate kinds... and knitted in amongst the nest are the most enchanting Autumn treasures from the trail... seeds, berries, flowers... leaves... truly a "Bountiful Harvest" as she calls them...

A darling little Harvest tag was attached to the pretty Autumn leaves tissue it came wrapped in... the tag is handmade by Vicki's friend Sue... (the photo below I snatched from Vicki's blog)...

As soon as I took mine outside to photograph on an old log, a sweet little pair of squirrels arrived... they were as excited as I was over this beautiful nest and set about making it their own... they knew the birds were heading South for the winter, and this would make a delightfully cozy place for them to settle in on a crisp Autumn's eve...

A stunning vintage brooch in luscious Autumn colors adorns this side...

One of the little squirrels jumped right in the middle of it... as inside Vicki had placed the most brilliant Autumn colored beaded acorns... how could a little squirrel resist!...

A teeny little tin heart, representing the love Vicki puts into each nest... the love she has for Nature... and all mankind... and the love and support she has received from fellow bloggers... (and so generously gives back to us!)...

Stunning glass Autumn leaves and flowers entwined throughout...

A pretty sunflower...

The secret acorns the little squirrels uncovered, resting on a soft mohair bed deep inside the nest...

Soon the other little squirrel took a turn inside... ahhh... so soft... just right!...

Beads and pearls and berries and such...

My little squirrels couldn't be happier with their Bountiful Harvest Nest, and neither could I!...

Vicki wanted her nests to capture the colors and feel of a sunny walk in the woods on a crisp, cool Autumn day... and she did just that... I own three other little nests created by Vicki... two of her Woodland Nests you can see here and one of her designer Shorebird Nests which you can see here... I also love that she donates much of her profits from these little nests to such worthwhile charities... the proceeds from the Harvest Nests will go to a local church by Vicki where ladies knit scarves and mufflers for the homeless and those in need for winter... if you have not met Vicki yet, please stop in at her blog, 2bagsfull and introduce yourself... please tell her Julie Marie sent you... you will be as enchanted with Vicki and her blog and sweet nests as I am... Thank you Vicki!... it is so amazing, and will be such a beautiful addition to my Autumn decorating... I will enjoy it so much!... xoxo Julie Marie (oh yes, and the little squirrels will enjoy it too!)... I am linking this post to Debra's fun parties at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday~Fall Fun...


  1. I think her nests are so beautiful, and have admired them for a long time. I hope one day to own one of them. Yours is so gorgeous, enjoy it! Hugs, Penny

  2. Very pretty. Well worth the long wait for it.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Those sweet little squirrels look pretty happy in that nest!! I'm thrilled that you love your nest--- I confess I choose this one just for you-

    Your pictures are lovely and I'm so appreciative that you love your nest enough to share it with all your friends. You make me feel so special---

    Love you back-

  4. these are just amazing! so unique and beautiful, what talent she has!

  5. What do you mean it's knitted? Is there a hard base that the knitting is attached to? I have never seen anything like it- it is just fascinating! What a beautiful piece. I am off to see more at her blog- Thanks for the link- xo Diana

  6. Very very pretty-I know this will be a treasure you love for many years to come.
    Hope you have a wonderful evening.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh they are so cute ! I do love your header photo as well ! That time of year is just around the corner where orange , red and yellow come into play ! It is cool now at night and in the mornings here and I love it so fresh and sweet the air is ! Lovely post and photos ! I shall have to pop over and give Miss Vicky a visit ! Have a wonderful day !

  8. Autumn is in the air . . what a sweet treasure you share today, full of autumn loveliness and colour.

  9. I love that you grew up in Bountiful. The nest is stunning and so fitting for you. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. hugs, olive

  10. Happy Fall to you my Dear Friend! Oh what a gorgeous nest! AND that little squirrel is so darn cute!
    I have so much to catch up with here in BLOGVILLE!!!
    Have a fun weekend,

  11. Oh how very lovely!! You must be so tickled to finally have it. Such a treasure for sure. Kit

  12. Hi Julie,
    Harvest Nest is incredible and I know she is very talented. I love this creation. So many details and so much goes into it. The little squirrels are darling too.

    Love, CM

  13. It's all so pretty! Thank you for sharing and inspiring. Visiting from Common Ground. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  14. I have seen Vicki's fantastic nests, quite something.
    I love your nest for I love everything fall.
    Thanks for sharing.