Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ms. Gertrude Jekyll Makes a Return Visit...

We have been at or near 100 degrees for days here now... and most of my Springtime~early Summer roses and flowers had pretty well pooped out from the heat... my Prairie flowers are loving it now...and have taken over and are blooming profusely... we have also had alot of wind which has added to our dry state and the many wildfires blazing here in Utah... this morning, I was delighted to wake up to a cooler day with a soft, gentle rain pattering down... thunderstorms are predicted for later today, which will help our firefighters with putting out the fires... and I am so grateful for that...

Usually, our roses do not make a return appearance in the gardens until later in August~September when it begins to cool down some and they begin blooming once again... but this morning, lovely Ms. Jekyll couldn't wait till then to show off her beautiful blooms... shall I pick this one and enjoy her inside?... or shall I let her be the star of my cottage garden right now?... either way, she is stunning!... xoxo...


  1. It's hard to decide whether to cut or not! Your rose is so beautiful! My climber stopped making buds and Alan and I are wondering if it will bloom again this summer. I have forgotten the name of it but I have it written down somewhere!

    I'm so glad you got some rain. Whenever the heat gets to me I'm thankful we don't have the wildfires. I am saying many prayers for your state (and Colorado, too).

    Stay cool...we have several more days of 100's. Whew!


  2. I love her, too.
    . I plan to exchange the rose I have now, with a G.J. next year. I want a rose that will smell wonderful.

  3. So beautiful! My favorite color. I keep praying for your state as well as the other suffering right now. *HUGS*

  4. What a gorgeous rose for you to enjoy inside or outside. I have only had a few roses bloom this year but am looking forward to many flowers that are to come. We had a little rain yesterday too. It was very welcome and cooled things off a bit. Hope you have a lovely day.


  5. Julie Marie- She is beautiful. I would probably let her rest in her home and enjoy her there- It is always hard to decide, isn't it? To pick or not to pick? (Well, we aren't talking noses here though!;>) Blessings to you- xo Diana

  6. Hi Julie Marie,
    What a gorgeous bloom and soft color of your rose. I pray your area's fires come to an end. The rain will help I hope.
    I bet your wild flowers are gorgeous now.

    Have a perfect weekend my friend and love to you with many blessings.
    Celestina Marie