Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Summer in the Country...

The temperatures are climbing and we are at or near 100 degrees each day now... it's Summer here in the country!... and that means raspberries!... my neighbor down the lane and around the bend calls me when her raspberries are at their peak and ripe and ready for eating... I smile as I anticipate their sweet taste as I don my straw hat and walk to get these delicious treasures...

Plenty for jam... I have made three batches already... one batch of red raspberries and two batches of black raspberries... I love to make plenty to share with my sister and my nieces and their families... plus plenty for black raspberry shortcake... yum!... the pleasures of Summer in the country!... xoxo...


  1. I've got the heat too but none of those yummy berries! :)

  2. Oh does this make my heart sing-berries of any sort will do just fine for me! Have a wonderful week; we've got the same warm temps here so I'm staying inside.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Beautiful picture! I grew up and the country and loved picking raspberries and Blackberries. My all time favorite is blackberry pie. When we'd pick berries my great aunt Ida never came back with many....but her lips were always nice and pink! Enjoy all the berries! Sounds like you have nice neighbors!

  4. Oh- Yum! I am wondering if your black raspberries are what we called black caps in PA? They were not blackberries but they were a black raspberry that was just a red raspberries- xo Diana

  5. Hi Sweetie !! Gosh !! LoVe the beautiful hat !! I could soo see you wearing this on a sunny summer day !! LoVe straw hats !!

    And, about the berries !! LoVe LoVe LoVe ANY berry jam !! I'm jealous, makes my mouth water EvEn thinking about them !! I'll RuN over and bring some scones, put on a teapot, and some yummy jams .. Doesn't that sound PERFECT !!

    I sooo enjoy reading your sweet, happy posts my friend !! Enjoy each day, and wishing you an awesome 4th of July !! We are so blessed to live in America, and be FREE ~
    Love to you sweet one
    ~Tanza~ xo

  6. I'd love to have the space to grow some, unfortunately I don't.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Enjoy summer !!

  8. Save a jar with our name on it. We hopefully will be eating your Jam in no time. Love you Pretty Pic
    Love Filly xoxo

  9. Hi Julie, This is truly a country pleasure for sure. I know your jam must be so yummy good. I used to have plum trees in one of our homes years ago. It was so much fun to make plum jam for family and friends to enjoy year round.
    I always love your inspiring pics.
    Hope you have a special 4th of July and great week. With Love~
    Sending big hugs your way.
    XO CMD

  10. Julie--- I wish I was your neighbor ( or sister!!)-- I'd love to share some of that raspberry jam--- my favorite! It really is one of the best pleasures of summer--


    Ps- I bet you make a mean jam!!

  11. Of all things I've done in my life the one thing I've never done is pick fresh berries, make jam or jelly or anything of the like. Someday I want to learn.

    Beautiful picture, sweets...

    Hope your July 4th Remembrance day brings to you a time a rest and sweet reflection.

    Love, R

  12. We are experiencing the same heat wave here :-{
    Jam making is one of the joys of summer & I bet yours is delicious!
    Have a wonderful day xo

  13. Hi Julie, Wishing you a special 4th of July with your precious family.
    Thank you for stopping by and your wishes too.
    See you again soon.
    XO Celestina Marie