Sunday, June 10, 2012


So many beautiful things happening on these glorious days of Summer... my thoughts have drifted here and there... to and fro... and a little voice keeps telling me the same thing over and over...

It's very simple... really, ...there simply are not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do... along with everything I need to do... do you feel that way too?... I have so many interests and things I love to do, it's hard to fit everything in just twenty~four hours...

So, I took a stroll through my gardens... my sanctuary... down the little stone path... deep within where the flower~fairies dwell... amongst the Delphiniums and Foxgloves... surely they will tell me what to do... I caught sight of them beneath the Fairy Rose... their favorite place to frolic on these soft Summer days...

They invited me to sit a spell with them... gently telling me I need to slow down... to relax... one simply cannot do everything in the day that I attempt to do... the flower~fairies are wise... 'tis best to heed their loving advice...

So I found a soft spot beneath the roses... I sat for what seemed like hours... lost in thought... simply being... breathing in the sweet scent of the roses... it was peaceful and quiet... just the gentle humming of the bees quietly at work in the garden... going about their business slowly... no need to hurry... savoring each and every moment... every ray of sunshine... every song the birds were singing... every puffy white marshmallow cloud in the sky...

It became clear to me... I need to slow down... I simply cannot do it all... no woman can... but I try to ... I THINK I can... I want to do it all... to take care of everyone and every thing... but today, it feels so nice to do nothing... I never do "nothing"... but today I shall...

The flower~fairies whispered to me that time is a gift... a gift one must give to themselves sometimes... so, I shall heed their advice... starting now... right this minute... I shall slow down... something which is very hard for me to do... will you slow down with me... and just be... savor these luscious days of Summer... the world won't end if I don't dust the house every day... or keep the laundry all done and folded up... or keep each tiny weed pulled the minute it pokes it's little head up out of the ground... I want this feeling to last... no more hurrying for me... life is too short to hurry... or worry... did you ever see a flower~fairy that wasn't relaxed and happy?... see... they DO know what is best!... we all have the same amount of hours in the day... it's all about how we choose to use them... wishing you a relaxing... slow down kind of day as well... I can do it... can you?... xoxo...


  1. OMG, Julie Marie!!!!! That clock is making my heart go pitter patter. You know what an addict I am, and it's my absolute favorite style. Fabulous!!! I think you too have got the bug now.

    We just MUST get together, we have so much in common. I sometimes have so much to do and that I want to do, that I end up doing nothing at all, which is another favorite thing I like to do, too!
    Always listen to the fairies:)

  2. One thing the puppy has taught me dear Julie is that I do not have to have pristine clean floors. A sweet puppy in a house that has slighty messy floors is ever so much better. I cannot clean them and enjoy him too. It is our tendency to do too much and not relish the little moments. I am trying to let go of all the lists in my head and just enjoy as you have so well said here.

  3. Hi there, Sweet post; my day has been slow and relaxing as well with a bit of weeding thrown in.
    Have a great Monday.

  4. I will slow down with you anytime...any place. But I will be whispering in your ear "Please write a book."

  5. WOW ! What a perfect discription of simplicity in the gardens . I feel like this to in my gardens . To savor the sights , sounds and smells of nature is the best thing ever and your right I to cant find enough time to do all I want or need to but the gardens and the simplicity of it all put it all in perspective , to slow down and enjoy. Wonderful post and photos ! Have a great day !

  6. Oh Julie Marie, you are a gal after my own heart. I too often feel that I need to slow down. My kids say that I can work circles around them. I do take time to sit and relax if even for a minute under the pergola. It helps me reflect upon how blessed I am. I love your sweet garden fairy and she has such wise advice. I have to tell you that the way you write makes everything you post about come alive for me. Thanks for your sweetness!
    p.s. I was reading your post when I got a ding on my phone telling me I had a comment. I looked at it quickly and it was from you my dear friend! Twice in one day, how lucky am I?

  7. Hi Sweetie,
    Thanks for the note, and, can't wait to catch up with all of you !! I LOVE your header with the beautiful PiNk roses !! Soo Sweet !! I'm STILL a PiNk lover, and am sure will always be !! Something about it, just , calls my name !!
    Love this post, and yes, we could all soo slow down a bit I'm sure .. smell the roses !! LoVe it !! Hoping all is well with you sweet one, and your heart feeling warm !!
    Love to you ~TeA~ xo

  8. I know it will make me sick if I don't slow down...but sometimes it is so hard, there are just too many things to be done...But the faries are right, so today I will try to take their advice and slow down a bit. Beautiful post my sweet Julie Marie.

    Much love,

  9. I too need to slow down... To not worry about the laundry piles or the weeds that grew up in my garden since I have been away. Taking time for me now to catch up with my dear friends.

    Have a great week....