Monday, June 18, 2012

Hollyhock Days...

When the sky is the softest of blue and only the teeniest little wisp of a cloud dares to show his face...

And the cool morning breeze calls out to you... gently whispering to you... teasing you... to come outside... and don't let a single moment of this blissful day slip away from you...

For this is a most perfect day to daydream... or to do whatever your heart desires...

When the sun on your face feels so good... for these are not yet the scorching days of late Summer... these Hollyhock Days of mine are just perfect in every way... a leisurely walk seems in order...

For there are no plans today... Hollyhock Days are best spent living in the moment... taking in all of Summer's beauty... noticing every tiny detail of the day... and for counting your many blessings...

As I walk down the lane, I remember making Hollyhock dolls as a child... with Hollyhocks from great~grandmother's garden in Santa Fe where I spent cherished time each Summer... they flourished, standing tall and stately all along the old dirt driveway back to the garage...

Did you make Hollyhock dolls too?...

To me they are the most beautiful of the old~fashioned flowers...

They make me smile... do they you?...

How do you enjoy these blissful days I have named Hollyhock Days?... I would love to hear... xoxo...


  1. I love the old fashioned charm of hollyhocks. They stand so tall full of blooms and just make me want to smile. To some they are weeds, but to me they are beautiful cottage garden flowers.


  2. So Beautiful Julie! Are all these YOURS??? I must confess I do not have a single one "YET"! I will though. I have plans to redo my gardens and hollyhocks are on the top of the list! Is that a farm in the background? Your pictures are So Pretty. I want to sit there in the garden and we can have "Tea"!
    Big Hugs to you,

  3. I so love hollyhocks!One of my favorite flowers that always remind me of vintage moments.
    I miss commenting and visiting since starting to work more...I will be home for a few days since I broke my ankle today~ I visit the surgeon on Fri, hope no surgery is needed
    Hugs sweetie

  4. Hi, Julie Marie,
    Hollyhock Days are the best of all days I believe. I, too, am counting my many blessings as I enjoy our beautiful earth. Hollyhocks always remind me of my growing up days in NM. These flowers seem to really love the NM climate and grow beautifully there. Thank you for sharing the beauty of the earth and your lovely garden, sweet friend~Enjoy the end of your week~Vicki

  5. I love them! I made hollyhock dolls at my gramma's too when I was little. It is one of my fondest memories of time with my grandmother. She always had a huge stand of them out by her shed.
    I love every beautiful photo Julie Marie!
    sending hugs...

  6. They are lovely. It is a beautiful flower, but we have such a problem with powdery mildew here from them so I don't grow them. I get to enjoy others though.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Oh Julie Marie!
    I LOVE hollyhocks!

    When I was a child, my sister & I made hollyhock dolls, too!

    What a wonderful reminder of our childhood!


  8. Oh my goodness, they are stunning and you have so many. I have only two and they struggle to come up every year. Beautiful.

  9. Thank you all for your sweet comments about "Hollyhock Days"... no Donna, these are not mine... mine are just starting to bloom and I will post them soon... these are at a little farm, you can see the old silo in the background, just down the lane from me... and dear Vicki, yes, they certainly DO flourish in our beautiful Land of Enchantment New Mexico that you and I so love!... wishing you ALL blissful Hollyhock Days and happy memories as well!... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. They are beautiful flowers. I never made hollyhock dolls but my mom told us stories of her and her sister making them. I need to have her tell that story again so I can write it down...

    Wishing you beautiful days...

  11. Oh, yeah- At one point I blogged about making Hollyhock dolls when I was a kid. My Aunt Bessie had them growing all along the outbarn and I loved having Hollyhock Girls to play with. Those are great, great memories, aren't they?

    I love the silo in your background...beautiful images- xo Diana

  12. I remember making hollyhock dolls, too. I love them, they are so old-fashioned. My aunt had a huge weeping willow tree that was my "private" playhouse. I used to spend hours under there playing quietly with my dolls.

  13. My aunt had a huge weeping willow tree in her back yard. I spent hours and hours under there, quietly playing in my "private" playhouse with my hollyhock dollies.

  14. I love them too. My aunt had a huge weeping willow tree. It was my "private playhouse" where I spent hours and hours quietly playing with my dollies.

  15. I love hollyhocks and don't have any in my garden now, so it is great seeing yours. Nice to hear your Daddy served in the military, will think of him today when I bring my flag in. His service was really appreciated. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  16. Julie Marie, Hollyhocs are one of my most favorite old fashioned flowers. They too take me back to my sweet childhood. I have alot of them against the back of my fence on the top of my rock wall. The plants have gotten so large, but they are still just in bud. Can't wait until I have little skirts dancing in the sun. I hope mine are as lovely as yours.

  17. Hi Julie Marie, I do remember making hollyhock dolls when I was growing up. Your blog posts have brought back so many wonderful memories. We had so much fun. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

  18. Hi Julie Marie- beautiful pictures I love Hollyhocks- I wish I had some they are surely on my list to plant thier so gorgeous!Have a great weekend!!!Sincerely Jonny

  19. Beautiful flowers - and photos. Sadly, my mom nor grandma grew hollyhocks. For them, it was gladioli, sweet williams, irises, lilacs and hydrangeas.
    Perhaps you could "show and tell" a hollyhock doll...?

  20. Your hollyhocks are divine. My doggies would love the height of these and probably ruin them if I tried to grow them! I have to keep special things in the front yard. My pups are diggers! Your doggie is too cute!

  21. Ah, of my very favorite things! And of COURSE I've made sweet dollies with them, as my mother does, too...magic!

    Thank-you for taking us along on your enchanted stroll, my friend...absolutely blissful!

    Wishing you the loveliest weekend...


  22. Your Father's Day message is beautiful! I was SOOO glad to see a post from you here this morning- xo Diana

  23. Deaerst Julie,

    Your Dad, Colonel Jules A. Vicknair died when he was the age of my Dad (at present)... Sure it is never enough for those we love so dearly.
    But you have so many proud memories to go back to. We always will honor our veterans and your beloved Dad was one of them!
    Love to you,


  24. I always treasure the sunny days, specially when I am in the country with a loved one.

  25. I always treasure the sunny days, specially when I am in the country with a loved one.

  26. Hi Julie Marie,

    I love hollyhocks. I used to make dolls from them when I was a child about 100 years ago.

    Your blog is lovely. I am your newest follower.

    Beth Marie

  27. Oh Jill was absolutely right you have a wonderful blog. I love your photos. I must admit I never heard of Holly hock dolls but I certainly wish I had of. Your words are very descriptive and beautiful. B

  28. Dear Julie Marie,
    Oh what a beautiful post of Hollyhocks. I just love them too but did not make the dolls. These flowers are old fashion charmers and simply gorgeous in color and stature.
    Your pics are beautiful and I so enjoyed my visit here again as I begin a new season and back to creating.
    Give a special hug from me to Tessy.

    Love to you dear friend,

  29. Beautiful flowers. Here we have our big holiday Midsommar this weekend. We can only hope for some sunny days so that we can enjoy it outside.
    Have a great day.
    Love Elzie

  30. Hi Dear Julie,
    Happy first day of summer! That lovely butterfly is as beautiful and fleeting as summer itself. Hope you are enjoying yourself and soaking up the rays.
    Big hugs,
    LOVE your gorgeous new header!

  31. Gorgeous flowers! Love the pretty butterflies above too. I was going to leave a comment for you there but it looks like there isn't a button to click on. Hope you're enjoying the first day of summer!

  32. A beautiful name for a beautiful flower. Love this time of year!