Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A "Berry" Sweet Time of Year...

I grew up on a quiet little country road in Bountiful, Utah, five minutes away from where I live today... a little rural town known for it's fine fruits and berries, lush orchards and vineyards... thus, the name "Bountiful"... we were surrounded by the most wonderful orchards... Farmer Stringham owned the orchards and sold some of his land in the midst of them where our home and our neighbors homes were built... it was here that my happy childhood memories I post often about took place... we had Tartarian cherry trees on our own property and mama made the best cherry pies in the world!... most of us kids worked in the Summer for Farmer Stringham... picking cherries, apricots, strawberries... whatever odd job he would give us... at 50 cents a day, we thought we were rich!... he never cared if we played in his orchards... or even if we picked some fruit or berries, as long as we ate them and didn't waste them... we happily obliged, letting the sweet juices run all down our faces, savoring every last bite of a luscious apricot or sweet strawberry... that was the beginning of my love affair with these delights of Summer... in addition to loving eating them, I also love to collect anything that is berries or fruits... some are vintage... some are new... my kitchen is red and yellow... and they just make me happy!... one of Jack's friend's wives sent home this beautiful green vintage platter from the 40's (my favorite era!) for me several years ago... she is the same lady who gave me 9 Bauer bowls I posted about here!... they were all on their way to be donated to a thrift shop... yikes!... when she found out I collected them she graciously sent them with her husband for me... let me clarify that, tee hee hee... she was NOT getting rid of her husband, just the bowls!...

My sister Jill brought me the darling little ant in a strawberry airplane called "Berry Air" from Bear Lake several years back... she saw it and knew I would love it... she was right!... it reminds me of the darling anthropomorphic treasures I collect from the 40's and 50's...

I have been wanting a strawberry colander and today I found this darling one at Pier One...

Along with the matching berry measuring spoons...

and matching berry measuring cups...

Our local Farmers Market starts next week, and my sister Jill and I have already made plans to go... we can hardly wait for those first Spring greens and whatever else our local farmers bring to market... I love supporting local farms... and to me there is nothing better than FRESH!...

After all of this today, I got a real craving for strawberry shortcake... so... Voila!...

Nothing fancy... if you follow my posts at all you know I am no fancy Nancy... just plain and simple goodness... Berry Sweet!... xoxo...


  1. What a wonderful post and photos ! I love all the strawberry things very pretty ! Have a wonderful evening !

  2. Your berry bowls are so pretty! I can see why you love them so much. I have yet to get to my Farmer's Market this year. Maybe this Saturday. :) Kit

  3. DELICIOUS Julie! Don't you just """LOVE"""berry time! At the moment we have an abundance of RHUBARB(LOVE IT) and I've been keeping a jar or two stewed in the fridge. The addition of fresh strawberries is a PLUS! LOVE LOVE LOVE all your strawberry goodies on your table. I too have been wanting a little strawberry colander. That one is so darling AND those SPOONS and the Little Plane!!! "CUTE OVERLOAD"!
    Have a fun week,
    Big Hugs,

  4. Your strawberry things are fabulous and the shortcake looks delish. You grew up in a great rural place.

  5. What a wonderful collection you have, Julie Marie! I love the bright sweet kitchen items you own. Your new colander is just darling and I think would arm wrestle you for the measuring spoon set. Is that cute, or what?

    I love reading about your childhood and the fun you had. When you hear so many stories of abusive, unhappy childhood it is nice to hear the counterpart.

    Blessings to you- I had a super busy day and am just getting on the computer now- Blessings-xo Diana

  6. Your berry accessories are darling Julie Marie and that strawberry shortcake looks absolutely delicious!


  7. Like that service......happy sweet day....xxx...

  8. Your finds are delightful! I think the spoons and measuring cups are my favorites. This was so much fun!

  9. It's so great! The bowls are wonderful and that strawberry shortcake makes me hungry!

  10. Your strawberry themed collection is the cutest I've ever seen :-)
    Loved the childhood story ♥

  11. What an adorable post. Cute pictures. I love those little linens. The little ant is my favorite! Strawberry shortcake brings bake so many memories. We've been back from France for over 7 years now, and I don't I have ever made that for my husband. He as never had it...or my kids for that matter. Shame on me. Project for the summer! Thank you for your beautiful blog.

  12. What a fun post! And, a great collection! I think the ant is my favorite. . .

  13. Oh girl I love your sweet berry dishes. The measuring spoons and cups are so darling. I found my measuring cups at Pier 1 last year. Oh, and I love the colander. I think the little ant is so cute also. Sister knows you well. Thanks so much for sharing this with Share Your Cup.