Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spent Blooms and Promises...

This evening as I was deadheading my flowers in my garden, I looked at my old pail of spent blooms and thought how quickly these beautiful days in May are going... just like some of my flowers have already blossomed and I will miss them now until next Spring, so have the days flown by... May Day... Mothers Day and my birthday... all anxiously awaited... how quickly they all came and went... my Lilacs and Bleeding Hearts are putting on their final show... I hate letting go of these precious days of Spring... just like my spent blooms...

But then I am reminded of the promises to come... here is my gorgeous red rose's first bloom... this is from the little start I took several years ago from my "secret spot"... the one I started under a little fruit jar in my garden... now today, Tuesday May 15th... offering me this first precious bloom... and the promise of many more to come... the promise of warm leisure Summer days filled with sunshine and daydreams... and cool starlit Summer nights counting fireflies at dusk...

Since I do not know the name of my enchanted rose, I am calling it "The Promise" rose... a rose this beautiful certainly needs an equally beautiful name... don't you think?... xoxo... PS After reading sweet Nana Diana's comment, I am going to call it "Julie Marie's Promise" rose... thanks Diana... and I shall wish it holds beautiful promises not just for me... but for all of you as well...

PPS Here she is today, (above) Wednesday May 16th... I am in love...

PPPS And the photo above is what started this all... my little "secret spot"... xoxo...


  1. Your flowers are so spectacular, I always enjoy the beauty and amazing colors
    Thanks for sharing sweetie

  2. Hi Julie Marie, I have enjoyed reading your blog tonight. A belated Happy birthday and your red rose is absolutely beautiful. I got red roses from my hubby for Mother's Day. I enjoyed your post about your little red wagon and it brought back a lot of wonderful memories. There is one sitting in our basement that could stand some paint, but it was my hubbys when he was a child. Your flowers are so pretty. Have a wonderful week. Your Missouri Friend.

  3. Hi Julie Marie, I too feel that time is flying by way too quickly. Seems like the month has just begun, but yet it's almost over. I am always a bit sad to see one perennial's blossoms come to an end. But then a new one bursts forth to brighten my day. I must tell you that I deadhead using an old bucket also. Two peas in a pod are we!

  4. Just beautiful...love from me....xxx...

  5. Hi Julie Marie! I am sad to see spring so quickly pass as well. This is my favorite time of year. I am savoring each moment and I did get wildflowers from the farm that you recommended earlier in the year. They are beginning to come up and I am super-excited. I'm thinking another month and they will be beautiful. We have brand new baby robins in the back in our grape harbor and baby wrens soon to be in our front spouting... Oh, and speaking of your gorgeous rose... Gary had thrown out a champion rose bush (in back of our house) when we moved here in '06, and this year it has bloomed and is beautiful with the most wonderful scent... It was determined to live on! Love this post! Sorry I went on and on... It just brought a lot of things to mind. Hope you're having a great week. Give Tessy hugs for Gracie and me.

  6. A beautiful name for a beautiful rose that belongs to a beautiful lady. I think it should be Julie Marie's Promise!;>) Hope you have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  7. That is a gorgeous rose! Hope your birthday was as wonderful as you! I'm excited about your ruffled pillows! I'll be in touch. Hugs, Jeni

  8. Hi Julie Marie,
    What a perfect bloom from your Julie Marie's Promise. I love it and the name is perfect to give to such a special rose. I know you are enjoying the show and looking forward to many more buds to open.

    I also feel that the season moves along all too fast taking our precious springtime blooms with it. Thankfully we have summer for the next pretties to take their place. I use my old pail to dead head too and actually enjoy the process. It's like each plant enjoys the care and visit.

    So wonderful to catch up with you today. Have a nice evening and rest of the week.
    XO for Tessy from Miss B and me.

    XO Celestina Marie

  9. What a gorgeous flower. Do you deadhead roses too? I have double knockouts and have never done that... didn't know I needed to.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!

  10. What a gorgeous flower. Do you deadhead roses too? I have double knockouts and have never done that... didn't know I needed to.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!

  11. You know girly...I am 100% sure I dead-head the wrong way! :( What's the secret???? I know that something done is suppose to force new blooms, right?

    I've missed coming by being so busy with getting my new space ready. I'll catch up soon, promise!

    MISS YOU! Sending package today! :( Sorry so late....hope you love it!

    PS: You KNOW KNOW KNOW I love your secret spot. Takes my breath away each and every time I see it! xoxo

  12. Beautiful, Julie Marie - photos and words! Have I ever mentioned that your "secret spot" reminds me SOO much of my grandmother's old country store? She lived in the back and grew Sweet Williams, gladioli and roses....
    Thanks for the memories....