Friday, May 11, 2012

My Little Red Wagon...

** May 29th, 2013... I first posted this last May, but wanted to post it again and link up to my sweet friend's party... "What's It Wednesdays" at Ivy and Elephants ...

For as far back as I can remember, I have had my little old red wagon... I received it when I was just a little girl back in the 50's... it was brand new then, and shiny red... a gift from Santa one year for Christmas... I took my wagon everywhere... sometimes, I hooked it onto the back of my bike and pulled it along with me... our little Chihuahua Tina often riding along in it... now Tessy thinks it is a wonderful place to lay and daydream while I am working in my gardens...

When my nephew was born years ago, I loaned it to my older sister so he could enjoy it as a little boy... then, along came my sister Jill's girls, my nieces Filly and Liz... they too borrowed it and enjoyed it for many years, carrying many of the same things I did in it... dogs, toys, dolls... now, they are all grown up and it is home with me... my little red wagon has come full circle...

It is wonderfully worn and loved... just the way I want it to be... many a Summers day was spent with my little red wagon... sometimes, riding head first in it down our hill, like you would a sled... despite the fact that my daddy told me not to... yes, I came home more than once with a split lip from crashing... and of course even though I had been a naughty girl, a kiss from my daddy made it all better... as I promised never to do it again... (he knew better! and I should have too...)... it is an original Radio Flyer, heavy metal, not plastic like toys nowadays... we had real toys back then... and yes, I survived my childhood... in spite of the way things were made back then... (I had a cap gun and Army jeeps too!)... so sad kids today cannot experience what we enjoyed as little girls... when times were innocent and kids could be kids... since I will be turning 63 on Sunday, my little red wagon is well over fifty years old and half of the way to becoming an antique!... I have had many offers from people wanting to buy it... but would never, ever sell it... it is a part of me... a part of my childhood... a part of who I am... and I love it... you cannot put a price on something like that...

Sometimes, I carry some of my teddy bears in it... on those days when I am pretending I am ten years old once more... yes... I do that often... you should too... remember what I always say... "you aren't just the age you are, you are all the ages you ever have been"... besides carrying bears, dolls, toys and dogs... it carries a lifetime of precious memories...

It is so handy for carrying my vintage gardening tools, which I still use as well... they just don't make them like these anymore either...

...and my favorite old watering can... a most~treasured gift from my sister Jo when we had our little farm I have posted about...

Perhaps one day, I shall hook my little red wagon onto the back of my bike and ride down the trail... (not head first this time though!)... But for now, Tessy is enjoying laying in it in the cool shade... relaxing... and taking time to smell the flowers... she thinks it is a perfectly delightful way to spend an afternoon... I think so too... don't you???... (by the way, those are not orbs in this photo, they are teeny little solar fairy lites so they can find their way along my garden path should the moon be hidden beneath the clouds at night)...

I would like to thank you all for my birthday cards, gifts, ecards, emails, phone calls, and birthday wishes... and especially for all of your heartfelt comments on my post just previous to this one for Mothers Day... I get really emotional at Mothers Day, especially when it falls on my birthday... you are all so sweet to understand... you have made my birthday week and upcoming birthday on Sunday so special in every way and I so appreciate everything and all of you!... Merci!... and once again, I wish you all a most beautiful Mothers Day... xoxo... Julie Marie


  1. Hi there, Love the wagon with the flowers and of course your furbaby looks so cute. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. This is the cutest post ever & Miss Tess - well she is so adorable!! I love the little red wagon - we have one too picked up at auction when our daughter was a newborn & both our children loved playing with it. Now it's ready to pull our grandson in :-)
    There must be something about wagons and dogs ... we haven't planted up our old wheelbarrow as Archer loves laying in it! Have a wonderful weekend &
    Happy Mother's Day ♥

  3. Owww so sweet the dog pictures....great

  4. I think they bring a lot of nice memories. You know my dogs love to keep their toys in mine (theirs).

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Dearest Heart,
    First of all I wish you the best Birthday and Mothers Day ever!!! You are one of the sweetest ladies I know.
    You are also a very gifted story teller. I love this post on you little red wagon.The pictures are fantastic.By the way please email Hobie a copy of Tessy in the wagon. She would love to put it with her other pictures.
    Keep writing your wonderful stories.
    Love you and keep an eye on the mail.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  6. It is amazing you have it and wonderful. Tessy is adorable in it. Shelley is eating my good shoe right now.

  7. Aaw what a beautiful sight - the bears, the flowers, the dog...all enjoying the wagon as much as you have done!

  8. Love the wagon & Tessy photos!
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  9. I love that you still have your red wagon Julie Marie. Tessy looks like she has claimed it for now : )
    I don't have my red wagon, but I have one that was part of someone else's childhood and I love planting it up every year.
    Have a Happy, Happy Birthday dear friend.

  10. This is wonderful! Love your little red wagon and the memories it carries. So cute with your tools and teddies and of course, Tessi looks adorable in it!

    Again...Happy Birthday, my sweet friend! And a Happy Mother's Day! *HUGS*

  11. Princess Tess looks adorable in the wagon!, and how special everyone got to use it through the years.
    I know your day is going to be special...a big hug to you

  12. That is amazing that you still have your childhood wagon. And it is in great condition still after all those time riding it downhill! I usually break my toys in a heartbeat when I was a kid. Nothing survived.

    Would you care to share your red wagon in my linky party?

    There is a link party going on in my blog today. I would LOVE for you to share this :)


  13. How wonderful that you have your very own wagon. I had one, too, but I don't know what happened to it once I left home. I bought one when my first granddaughter was born with the hopes of recreating some of the joy that I felt when I was little. Today, 13 years later it is well loved, and used, and dirty sometimes, and full of rocks or toys or kids themselves. So, I hope that these kids have memories like YOU do of owning a red Radio Flyer.

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you- You are such a blessing here that I only hope you feel blessed back! xo Diana

  14. I wish you the best birthday and mothers day on Sunday. I to find this day hard as I miss my mum very much . But I know she is always in my heart and memories . This is such a wonderful post about your red wagon and lovely photos and Tessy you are the sweetest . Have a great weekend !

  15. How cute is Tessy in the wagon! I love the flower around her neck too. Tell her she's a very stylish doggie! Isn't it fun to pull out your childhood toys? I mainly have some dolls and an old doll house I used to play with. Thanks for sharing your childhood memories with us, and also thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. What beautiful memories of your wagon! I just love coming here and soaking in your stories. Wishing you a beautiful and blessed birthday and Mother's Day.

  17. How wonderful that you still have that precious wagon! It has obviously had a well-loved life!

    Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day to you!


  18. What an adorable post! Each photograph is beyond awesome!

    Happy Mother's day sweet friend!


  19. Oh, how wonderful that you still have your childhood wagon, Julie Marie! I love that you use it and share it...that's what makes things even more wonderful!

    Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays and a beautiful Mother's Day, dear friend...


  20. The wagon brings back memories. I wish I had mine. My dogs would too, look adorable in it. thanks for sharing your lovely photos. happy Mother's day.

  21. Love Tess in the wagon, she seems like a great dog.

  22. Julie Marie,
    How wonderful that you still have your childhood red wagon. I am lucky enough to have mine still too. Your Tessy looks very cute in it. I know you will be thinking of your mother on Sunday. How special it is that your birthday and mother's day is the same day this year. Sending you hugs and blessings for a wonderful day.


  23. Dear Julie Marie, What a delightful story of your little red wagon. I just love it and I can just see you going head first down the hill in your wagon. Sounds like me when I was little. One time I split my eye open at the brow and had 6 stitches.

    Tessy looks so comfy in the wagon enjoying the day. She is so adorable. Love your little bear family, the watering can and your garden tools are fabulous.
    Once again you share the best pics.

    Sending all good wishes for the best day tomorrow celebrating your birthday and remembering your dear mother.
    Blessings to you and much love.
    Celestina Marie

  24. What a wonderful post! Thank You
    Happy Mother's day!

  25. Julie-
    I love my little red wagon too- we are all fascinated with them aren't we!! Tessy sure looks happy there! Our little 2 year old grand daughter just got her first wagon-- we love pulling her around in it! Your photos are so so lovely!

  26. Happy Birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday dear J.M,
    happy birthday to YOU!!!

    XOXO Sanne (from the Netherlands)

  27. What a beautiful post. Your wagon is so precious with so many wonderful memories. Tessy looks like she's enjoying just as much as you have all these years. Kids just don't know what they're missing these days. Thanks so much for sharing.

  28. Two words. Doggie model. Tessy is a natural and in that charming wagon it's perfection. Dog food companies will be calling.

  29. Julie Marie, Tessy is so cute just laying around in your precious wagon. Oh the stories your little red wagon could tell. So many tiny hands have held her handle. I have a small old wagon, but it was not mine as a child. I had a bike and roller skates, but don't remember a wagon. Thanks for sharing yours with Share Your Cup!

  30. I would love a little red wagon too! Love your blog!

  31. Hi Julie Marie! I have just discovered your charming blog through Fishtail Cottage's Garden Party Link. Your profile is so sweet and I love the post about your little red wagon. I purchased a similar, but unloved looking, wagon at a yard sale recently and painted it pink. It was filled with flowers and flowing sweet potato vine last year and I'm getting ready to plant it again. I love it! I still have my childhood sled, wooden with the metal runners. I remember all the hair-raising rides I took down snowy hills clinging to that sled! Like you said, childhood isn't like it used to be. I will be following your blog and looking forward to more wonderful posts and photos! Hugs, Leena

  32. Great memories in your radio flyer...mine too and now it's filled with cascading sedum.

  33. Julie, I love this photo of Tessy in your wagon, how perfect!!! She has such "soulful" eyes. Have fun!!

  34. Very cute, what a wonderful wagon and such a sweet dog !!!
    Have a great day.

  35. I love your story that your little red wagon has come full circle! Tessy looks quite comfortable she is so cute! Such lovely wagon vignettes,for when she lets you use it. :-) Visiting from Sharing Your Cup.

  36. i love your stories - i can visualize you dragging your pooch in the wagon when you were a little girl. I see you in a dress of course! I have a red wagon from when the kids were little and now that they no longer use it ~ i haul dirt & plants in it! Hope you had a fantastic birthday dear friend! xoox, tracie

  37. So many have great memories attached to those little red wagons - thanks for sharing yours. Looks like your sweet furbaby was waiting for a ride.:) Happy delayed Birthday !
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  38. Your red wagon brings back memories... I like Tess' s colour, very feminine.
    The teddies make a cute display; I guess you could put practically anything in it.