Saturday, May 19, 2012

Little Green Apples...

If you follow my blog at all (Merci!)... then you know I post often about fairytales and daydreams... nursery rhymes and happy things... cherished memories, old friends and new... blissful days and starlit nights... once~upon~a~time stories and happily~ever~afters...

I read a darling post this morning by one of my blogger friends and a particular comment left by a woman I do not know on my friends blog just hit me the wrong way... my friends post was about a cute little song her grandmother and mother had sung to her as a child and she now sings to her own children and grandchildren... the woman who commented stated that "she didn't like it and it must be from the time when nursery rhymes were nothing but disguised political commentary"... so... being... well, ME... I felt the need to write this post... I wonder what this crazy world would be like for me had I not been raised with a loving mama who read me fairytales and taught me nursery rhymes... cherished my daydreams and encouraged me to let my imagination flourish... too much sadness in the world today... all once~upon~a~times do not have happily~ever~after~endings... I know this firsthand... I've had my share of life's up and downs like most everyone has... but that's life... and I deal with it... there is also nothing the matter with escaping to my fairytale world at times... letting my daydreams take flight and my imagination soar... just like when I was a little girl... to say that a nursery rhyme was actually a "disguised political commentary" is absurd... why can't we let children be children these days... let them play make~believe and don't rush them to grow up so fast nowadays... read them a fairytale bedtime story and rock them to sleep with a lullabye... life is much too short not to enjoy these things... and I am so thankful my mama gave these precious childhood gifts to me... and if that's not lovin' me... then all I've got to say... is...

"God didn't make little green apples
and it don't rain in Indianapolis
in the Summertime...
And there's no such thing as Doctor Seuss
or Disneyland and Mother Goose...
No nursery rhymes"...

Thank you God... for making little green apples... and mamas... my mama passed away 30 years ago this Wednesday...suddenly and unexpectedly... much too young... I miss you mama... and I love you... xoxo...


  1. It constantly amazes me when people think there must be some hidden meaning or agenda behind everything. Let nursery rhymes be just that nursery rhymes. I agree Julie-Marie.

  2. Hi Julie Marie~I moved this comment to the right post. You were 100% RIGHT on what you wrote. I am in total agreement- It is just sad that we can't let kids be kids. I know that a lot of those rhymes were supposed to be political...but as kids we didn't GET it...nor did we CARE. We just loved the cadence of the words and sing-song quality a lot of those old nursery rhymes had.

    My grandkids, I am happy to say, are being raised as Bratz dolls for violent movies or video games...just kids being kids...and I read them all the old nursery rhymes! xo Diana

  3. I feel very sad that a woman just doesn't let the little girl in her out. She must be a very sad person. There is way too much sadness in this world. I am so happy to know you, Julie Marie and to be able to share the joys we see everyday with you. *HUGS*

  4. Goodness, Julie Marie, old stories and fairy tales are doors into our past and gates into our future and give us riches in imagination. You are right, lady.

  5. Hi Julie Marie, I totally agree with your post. My parents read nursery rhymes to us, and I read them to my children and grandchildren. I want them to enjoy their childhood. It only happens once. We never thought about what peoples motives are. I think it is ridiculous. Have a great day and I remember singing Little Green Apples. Have a great week. Your Missouri Friend.

  6. Amen Julie, You are so very right! I brought my boys up LOVING Nature and to this day I have to argue with them to SWAP a fly...My Youngest son(30) would rather catch it, open the door and Let it go! LOVE THAT!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Big Hugs to you,

  7. I am with you my friend!How sad that someone actually posted that comment
    Makes you feel sorry for her and how sad she must be.
    Love my nursery rhymes and fantasy

  8. Personally I wonder what happened to "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  9. Bravo! (Although, I don't really understand how someone could interpret that song to be political....)
    This world has definitely changed since my growing up years - it's even changed since my son's growing up years. And sadly, not all those changes are good....
    Excellent post. Especially the part about rocking children to sleep with a lullaby. That made me smile.

  10. So very well said Julie Marie!!! I have made that same statement from time to time: Let kids be kids!! They do grow up way too fast! I love fairytales know that because my fairy party planning is in full swing right now!!

  11. Hi Julie, I second all you wrote. I believe there is much to learn letting children have fun being kids and enjoying all the fun of make believe. I have special memories of playing house, singing songs and of course storytime.
    Beautifully written my friend.
    Love you, Celestina Marie