Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Petite Fairy Garden...

The word fairy derives from Middle English "Faierie", a direct borrowing of the Old French word Faerie, meaning land, realm or enchantment of legendary people of folklore and romance called Faie in Old French, Fee in Modern French... other derivatives are faery, fayerye, feire, and fairie... whatever you choose to call them, I am sure you are as enchanted by these elusive little sprites as I am... I have fairy gardens in my yard, which I will post soon, when more of their beautiful flowers are blooming... not that the fairies stay within the flowerbeds I have created for them... Heavens no... they flit and fly to and fro'... wherever the gentle Spring breeze may carry them... for the fairies are mischievous little creatures with minds of their own... but I love them so much that I let them do as they please... I step lightly along my garden paths as one never knows where a newborn flower fairy may be sleeping... I can hardly wait to take you with me along the stepping stones...past the towering purple Delphiniums and pink Foxgloves... showing you all of the secret spots where my elusive little fairies like to hide... soon... when the moon is almost full once more and the scent of roses fills the nighttime air... then, it shall be time... for the fairy dances will have begun... I may even share a special poem I wrote... many, many years ago... when I was but a little girl myself... about the fairies that lived amongst the old~fashioned flowers in my mama's gardens... she knew they were there too... and loved them as much as I did... but for now, I want to show you my petite little fairy garden I've created for inside...

I have seen so many delightful ones everywhere... on some of your blogs, and at all of my favorite garden centers... but the prices were quite overwhelming... so I decided it would be more fun to create my own anyway, with a little help from the flower fairies, of course!... I found this darling little planter that looks like a little picket fence surrounding what will become the little fairies indoor garden...

I filled the bottom with pea gravel for drainage... (fairies don't like soggy wet feet, but of course you already knew that... silly me)...

Then I added my favorite potting soil, Black Gold... not sure if you all have this brand available, but I have found it to be the best, indoors and out... it's light and airy and smells Heavenly... the fairies will thank me as it is oh~so~soft on their tiny fairy feet...

The fairies chose tender angel vine and baby tears for their little haven... so delicate and sweet... just like the little fairies themselves ...

Then the fun began!... a teeny little garden bench, just the right size for a pretty little fairy to daydream on while chatting with a sweet little bunny friend... of course God's precious little creatures inhabit this garden as well...

A teensie birdie watches over the garden from the picket fence... she calls out "good morning" to the little turtle in the cool damp soil below...

Another little fairy sits beside the butterfly arbor and the birdies house and makes a wish as she blows you gentle fairy kisses...

A precious little turtle watches over this side of the garden...

And another little bunny rests beside the little flower cart...

A pretty little butterfly rests her wings in the shade beneath the baby tears...

While her sister prefers the sunlight on her delicate wings...

Fairies love to tease!... so they have scattered "fools gold" amongst their garden... concocting tall tales of it being real gold they spirited away from across the meadow and down the lane... from the banks of the softly babbling creek they like to sit at and dangle their little toes in the cool, clear water... (I do that too!)... but then... whose to say... perhaps it is real gold... the fairies will never tell!...

Their tiny watering can sits by the garden path made of stones... an itty bitty flowerpot waiting to be planted... or perhaps it shall become a shady place to curl up in to keep cool when Summer comes in and the days become too hot...

Another little feathered friend watches over their fairy dust, which they keep a jar of on their garden table... just a sprinkle of this and the most magical things begin to appear!... but you must promise me one thing... you must BELIEVE... you don't have to see them to believe in them, you have to BELIEVE in them to see them... I believe... I believe... do you?...

A touch of warmth from the glorious morning sun...

A sprinkle of fairy dust, an angel's kiss and some daydreams... and my petite fairy garden is complete... and now, the winner of the pretty garden~inspired gifts and darling book "A Blessing of Toads" by Sharon Lovejoy in my Spring Lovin' Giveaway is Donna at Conghaile Cottage... Please email me your mailing address Donna and I will send your gifts right out to you... this was so much fun, thank you all for entering!... I want to do another one again real soon!... wishing you all a beautifully enchanted April day... xoxo...


  1. Your fairy garden is adorable. Nice job and nice choices for it.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. That is such a cute fairy garden , Wonderful post and photos. Have a fairytale of a day !

  3. This is so nice !!! i never seen it before....nice !! from

  4. What a magical post! I have seen a few fairy gardens but yours is by far the best! I love all the precious little critters! And the fairy dust! :)

    Hope you are having a marvelous weekend!


  5. Oh this is wonderful! I would loooooove to making something so precious. I will get right on it right after I finish cleaning up the entire glass (filled to the top) of coke I spilled next to my bed.


    Hope your day is GREAT!


  6. Oh this is wonderful! i love this idea of a fairy garden-it makes me feel so peaceful.
    I have never used this soil and I will have to find some for my inside herbs-I want soft soil in case the fairies decide to stop by.
    I LOVE,LOVE your header picture-it is stunning.
    Hugs my friend

  7. Your fairy garden is so sweet, Julie Marie. Love it!

  8. Oh Julie Marie...I have been looking forward to this post ever since you mentioned you had made a fairy garden. It is absolutely beautiful and magical just like I knew it would be! I adore you story so much. You are a gem!

  9. I love your petite fairy garden. It is just as precious as it can be. Your post was quite enchanting. I also wanted to tell you how much I love your header picture. It's so beautiful.

  10. That is just absolutely darling. I can't wait to get home and show this to the little girls. They are going to want to make one of these for sure. Thanks for the idea! xo Diana

  11. That is too sweet. I love the header too.

  12. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this! I REALLY must make one. You have inspired me to give it a try AND with herbs, "YUMMY"! I love the little critters in yours!
    Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN for "drawing my name"! I am SO EXCITED!!! "It's like Christmas!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Big Hugs to you,

  13. Oh how lovely! You did a great job! And I love the wonderful description that goes along with the how to. :) Kit

  14. CUTE fairy garden Julie Marie! One of these days I would like to make one.

  15. I LOVE your fairy garden Julie Marie. It's so whimsical and pretty. Congrats to Donna who's name was drawn for your giveaway.


  16. Oh how precious!! I am in love with your little faerie garden!!!

  17. Beautiful post Julie Marie-- what a sweet idea for a miniature garden love it !!!! Have a great week Sincerely,Jonny!

  18. Hi Julie Marie,
    I am in love with your gorgeous fairy garden. You are incredible by friend. Every detail is darling and how your share the process in story, is beautiful.

    Lovely, and as always you inspire me with your talents.

    Much love, Celestina Marie

  19. Hi again Julie, Forgot to say Congrats to Donna the winner of your giveaway. She is going to love everything.
    Had to also visit your fairy garden once more. Love it.
    XO Celestina Marie

  20. How adorable!!! Love it. What a beautiful creation!

  21. Oh your sweet little fairy garden is simply enchanting Julie Marie...I love, love, love it.

    Much love,

  22. Catching up on your previous posts. You amaze me. I shall begin searching for items for my fairy garden soon. Thanks for the inspiration!