Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring... and a young girl's fancy turns to love...

Today is the day I call officially the First Day of Spring... and oh, what a beautifully glorious, warm, sunny, fall~in~love with it kinda day it was!... Tessy couldn't wait to come outside with me and soak up some sunshine and blue skies... and some sugary~sweet Springtime smooches from her mama... c'mon Tessy... give mama a little sugar...

Tessy and I spent the day doing all sorts of wonderful Springtime things together ... She pointed out our resident Blue Jay out back... his name is B.J. (for Blue Jay, what else??? he is actually a Scrub Jay out here in the west)... and he sits in one of our flowering crabapple trees (which is not flowering yet!) and squawks at me to put more peanuts out for him... then, if I am not fast enough, he gives me the old stink~eye and squawks some more!... I just love him and his family!... he loves to hide peanuts everywhere... and somehow, always remembers where he put them!...

We checked on our pots of pansies on the front porch... purple and pink, my favorites!... lookin' good!...

The local deer had a party in our yard during the night... they ate about half of our tulips that were just starting to come up... well... as long as they had a good time!... there are still plenty left... and our yard IS a designated wildlife habitat!... (tulips really aren't on the menu though dear deer)...

Then we put our pretty ceramic birdbath out front after being inside all winter so it would not freeze and break... (the metal ones stay out year round so the birdies can drink anytime)... the Robins love to drink and bathe in it this time of year as they prepare to build their nests... I have posted before about how my great~grandmother told me when I was a little girl that there will always be something white in a Robin's nest... and through the years, I have always found it to be true... a piece of white yarn, a white paper towel, perhaps a white feather... look closely the next time you see a Robin's nest... it will be there... that small, something white... always... after putting the birdbath out, I hung the yellow jacket traps... yes, I know I always post how much I love all of God's creatures... but, I made an exception to that... two years ago, as I was working in my gardens, a yellow jacket somehow went up my pantleg and stung me seven times on my thigh... after the first sting, I knew what was happening and tried to swat through my pantleg to kill him... (unlike a bee, yellow jackets can just keep on stinging and stinging)... all that did was make him madder and he stung me six more times as I tried to run inside... by the time I got to my back stairs to go up to my back porch to get inside I pulled my jeans down around my ankles trying to get him (hello neighbors!)... as I ran screaming inside... once inside he flew out and Jack swatted him... needless to say he did not live to see another day... at that point, I didn't even care if the neighbors saw me that way, it hurt so bad and I had 7 huge welts on my swollen thigh... (I now own my own Epi~pen)...

After that, Tessy and I checked the birdhouses in our yard... did you know the birds actually scout out their Spring nesting sites in the middle of winter?... they do... then, come Spring, they like to do some "Spring cleaning" just like we do... I put wood shavings in the bottoms of all the birdhouses... then, when they are "rented" the birds will toss out the shavings and begin "feathering their nest", making it their own home tweet home to raise their babies in...

Soon... this one...

Will look like this... my beautiful Jackmanii Clematis clamboring up the pole and trellis behind it last Spring...

So, that is how Tessy and I spent this beautiful "real" First Day of Spring outdoors today... hope you had a fall~in~love with Spring kind of day too... xoxo... Moi and Tessy...


  1. That first picture of you and Tessy is priceless! Love reading about your day. Spring is here... yay! Last year a robin nested on the rainspout on the side of our house but then disappeared. I wish she'd come back! Glad you are enjoying spring Julie Marie!

  2. what a fun day! love how the clematis climbs up the pole. and how sweet to hear about the robin's nest. Tessie is just adorable! and you too, dear Julie! xoxo

  3. Beautiful photos Julie Marie. I am happy to hear that your spring has begun so that you will be enjoying all your plants and flowers and birds. I loved the picture of you and Tessy - precious!


  4. Look at that adorable face!
    love to see all the beautiful pictures, such fun birdhouses and beautiful flowers
    Thanks for sharing sweetie and happy spring

  5. You and Tessy both are just beautiful! I am so happy that spring is here. I wish I had your knowledge of plants, and your green thumb. As far as getting stung, my neighbors may have lost their lunch, but my pants would have been OFF the second I realized what was in them. Oh my, I bet that hurt!

  6. Can you even BELIEVE what time I'm leaving this comment? Can't sleep when my hubby is away. Miss K is here tho and sleeping in MY BED! No wonder I can't sleep! :)

    You are Tessy look sooo beautiful! Wish I were with you!


  7. Just the perfect day for you! Love all of your pretty photos. So sorry about getting stung like you did. Those are so nasty. May you have another lovely spring day. Raining here.

  8. Love all the birdhouses. The bluebird is beautiful. I always enjoy photos of them as I don't get any around here.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  9. What a lovely day you two had ! Beautiful photos. Sounds much like Miggy and my day yesterday . I have to get my pansy's still . The weather has been summer like here temps have reached mid 70s to low 80s and sunny just perfect ! Hope you have a good day !

  10. What a lovely post !!...spring kisses from dogggie !!

  11. Love your photos, especially the one with your adorable dog. Happy Spring to you. Thanks for this happy post. -Al

  12. What a pretty springy post Julie Marie! Love those pansies. I must get some soon!!

  13. great shot of the blue jay, and your dog looks positively regal. thanks for the reminder that spring is officially here. sometimes i think winder lasts until may.

  14. Your flowers are beautiful {have I ever told you how beautiful you are, inside and out?}. I can't believe you have blooms like this already as I know you are in a cold climate like I am. Just gorgeous, Julie Marie!

    The yellow jacket story made me shiver. I once attempted to pull an old bird's nest out of a bird house and bees came SWARMING out. Luckily I wasn't stung but it scared the daylights out of me. Hello neighbors!! Screams galore!

    Enjoy your weather and a big Hello to sweet Tessie from Milo and Layla! :)


  15. Precious picture of you and Tessy. This was such a wonderful post to read after a long and hectic day! Loved hearing about the birds. So glad Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. It was really nice Spring weather here today too. Oh, and how awful to have been stung so many times. Wishing you more beautiful Spring weather!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  16. I love seeing you and sweet Tessy!
    That BJ is too funny! He does seem to be giving you the stink eye!
    I'm so glad that spring has sprung and you are out and about to enjoy it all. How beautiful your flowers are! Those little wasps just can't help themselves!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my "darn" post! You are a hoot!
    Big hugs to you,

  17. Hi Julie-
    Tessy is so beautiful. I'm sure she is your very best buddy! What a sweet picture of you both!

    We have the same problem with Pansy's- pretty much had to give up on them- at our house they are the deer buffet!

    I'm so glad you are alright after your yellow jacket incident. It's a serious matter- I've been there-- last summer. Scared me to death too!

    Have a great weekend-- and thanks so much for your sweet comments. Love you for always being here for me!


  18. I love love love this post! Tessy is so precious. Love the pansies, they are some of my favorites. Your pictures make me really miss our home in Missouri. We had clematis climbing all over our white picket fence. Oh I miss it's beauty. Here in AZ, we really don't have much that you could call beautiful. I love the info about the birds. I remember in MO, seeing the first Cardinals each spring and loving them so. Gosh, this was great. Enjoy your spring!

  19. Hi Julie,
    It sounds like the perfect spring day spent with your sweet girl Tessy. I just love your pic together. Truly meant to be. Everything in your garden is already lovely and I so enjoy seeing the bird houses. Your spring is off to a wonderful start. Enjoy and blessings always.
    Hugs and kisses for Tessy too from Me and Miss B.
    XO Celestina Marie